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In Topic: What's the point of extended leveling for PvE

30 August 2009 - 02:31 PM

Thanks, I've just remembered, they said: much higher level cap or no level cap at all.

I don't like what I read about the sidekick system, because in GW1, you dont need it because you dont have to grind to be max level. Does it mean that in GW2 will be much work get to "max" level?
By "max" I mean the level when your power stops growing.
I want a game where most areas are a challenge all the time, not just the first days of each character.
The higher the "max" level is, the fewer max-level areas there will be :S

In Topic: What's the point of extended leveling for PvE

30 August 2009 - 01:56 PM

ArlanKels said:

Why have a level cap when you can have a system in place so that people at level 1,000 aren't much better off than people at level 100, but if they want to get that slight edge they can spend all their time grinding away like nutso..?

See, the level cap system is pointless, it merely exists because people were too lazy to code up a simple formula for figuring out EXP requirements, and then putting in diminishing returns as the level got higher(For instance, going from level 1 -> 2 will give say +20 HP, but Level 100 -> 101 gives you +1).

Maybe I dreamed it, but Arenanet told they would do something like that in the announcement. No level cap but you can be the "standard" level cap easily, like 20 for example, and after that you level up but gain very little power. This way you can balance all the game for standard level, and it will be balanced for hardcores that will have higher levels.

In Topic: Very Action-Oriented Combat?

30 August 2009 - 01:35 PM

No one seems to have thought that they said there would be destructible/interactive elements.
In my opinion this confirms that you will have to aim some spells/abilities, because the other option would be all trees/interactive elements(like each segment of a destructible wall) are selectable objects so you can cast something on them.
I think combat will be very GW1-like but with aiming of spells/arrows + some other minor things.