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Want to buy a new desktop Need Suggestion

06 November 2013 - 11:09 PM

I want to buy a new desktop recently. I have been using my laptop for a long time and its spec is not very good. Therefore, i have been using the lowest settings. I mostly do WVW, and when there is a zerg fight my fps go down a lot and it is not interesting. Thats why i want to buy a desktop.
My budget is around 1000-1400 USD. I think i can get a steady and relatively high fps with a high setting in WVW while zergs are fighting. Is that right?
As i am not very familiar with PC, i hope you guys can give me some suggestions or PC list.
Thank you very much

My Guardian's WvW setup Need Advices!

05 November 2012 - 05:06 PM

I just leveled up my guardian to 80. I think i screwed up my guardian because of a not very suitbale  build, runes, sigils and armor setup. That's why i hope someone here can give me some useful advices to make my guardian better.

As i am in Blackgate where wvw is in T1, enemies are always stick together. Its hard for me to get into enemies position and fight. Maybe i didnt go with a good timing and i always die. I think i should first improve my combat skill and then change my armor or build to achieve a better result.

Here is my build:http://gw2skills.net...GEMgVFiH2DMC/MC

The stats of the build are this:
  • Power - 1,968
  • Precision - 1,650
  • Toughness - 1,367
  • Vitality - 1,478
  • Attack - 3,068
  • Crit Chance - 39%
  • Crit Damage - 44
  • Armor - 2,578
  • Health - 16,425
Amor Set:  
  • 4 Exotic Head, Shoulder, Gloves, Boots (Power/Toughness/Vitality)
  • 2 Exotic Chest, Legging (Power/Toughness/Precision)
  • 6 Superior Runes Of the Dolyak (+165 toughness, +50 vitality, gain health regeneration)
  • Exotic Berzerker GreatSword no sigil (Power/Precision/Crit Damage) (sigil need your advice)
  • Exotic Hamme no sigil (Power/Vitality/Toughness) (sigil need your advice)
  • Guild Backpack (Power/Toughness/Vitality) /w Beryl Jewel (Power/Vitality/Crit Damage)
  • Amulet:  Exotic Beryl Amulet/w Beryl Jewel (Power/Vitality/Crit Damage)
  • Ear :  2 Exotic Ruby Earring /w Ruby Jewel (Power/Precision/Crit Damage)
  • Ring : 2 Exotic Ruby Ring /w Ruby Jewel (Power/Precision/Crit Damage)
I know this setup is a little bit weired and there are a lot of places to improve and adjust. Please feel free to leave your thought and comment to help me improve my guardian.

[Answered]Region Restriction

30 July 2012 - 07:10 PM

Hi guys. I come from Hong Kong. I pre-purchased GW2 when i was studying in UK and i am having summer holiday in HK now. Is that mean i cannot play guild wars 2 on 8-25 because mine is a EU version?

I also want to ask about the data centre. As i pre-purchased GW2 in UK. Is that all my information will automatically stored in EU data centre? It will be more laggy if i connect to EU data centre rather than NA data centre because it is futher away from HK.

Log in region promblem

08 July 2012 - 12:07 PM

Hi, i come from Hong Kong but i study in UK. I pre-purchased GW2 when i was studying in UK. I am having summer holiday in HK now. Can i log in in HK? Or i can only log in in european country ? Is there any way i can contact Areanet?