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Guild Wars 2 is Awesome

13 September 2012 - 10:07 PM

I have never been so engaged by a game as I have been by GW2.  Even on my low end rig, this game is beautiful and runs well.  Dynamic events are fun.  From the zerg fests of the starting areas to the desperate last stands of wilderness areas.  The world feels alive.

My favorite area is Gendarran Fields.  The variety of terrain in this place is incredble.  There are swamps, plains, hills, caves, lakes, and mountains.

It's nice that the difference in play between the classes is nice also.  Necromancers do not play like engineers who do not play like rangers that do not play like mesmers.  I become obsessed looking for ingredients to make new recipes with.

Not everything is wonderful.  I am still getting used to the movement controls and some of the renown quests are a drag to get through.  Broken DEs have been minimal, but they do exist.  The Bad Blood mission has me exasperated.

Overall though, it's been a wonderfull experience.