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Back after ~2 years

29 January 2015 - 06:20 PM

Hey guys,

So I recently heard about the new expansion coming to GW2, so i figured I would try and get back into the game. However, I am really lost after playing for about an hour. I am playing on a level 80 warrior but not sure what i should be doing.
What should i focus on to get back in the flow of things?

build advice

21 February 2013 - 04:28 PM

Hey, just hit fotm level 20 and am looking to go for a more defensive spec. I figured i would do this by going axe/shield. My equipment is knights, with 2 peice beserker aswell as full beserk jewlery.

Heres what i've come up with. Please give me some feedback.


Gearing help

24 January 2013 - 10:46 PM

Currently my armor consists of Head and shoulders (Pow, Tough, Vit) and the rest of my armor (Pow, Prec, Tough) all with ruby orbs. For accessories I use the ones with berserk stats and the ancient karka shell all with ruby jewels.

I am currently on fractals 10 and plan to continue to 20. I feel my survivability is fine except when i get hit with agony (about to have agony resist so should be good after that). However, I feel my damage is lacking. My thought was to then switch in some berserk pieces. Would this be worth it or would the loss of survivability end up hurting me more as I progress into high levels? If not which pieces should I swap out, i was thinking head, shoulders, and pants. Another thought I had was full berserk and then using very defense runes/orbs? So what would be the best route to go in increasing damage without dropping to much survivability?

Also if some rangers playing fractals 20+ could share what armor and upgrades they are using that would be great.

Warrior in fractals

21 January 2013 - 08:54 PM

So currently I only have a ranger with fractals experience, I just run level 10 for the daily. But with the upcoming change to fractals where I can do level 10 with my warrior (without having to do 1-9 again) I would like to. One question I have is how to deal with agony. With ranger I can stay max range and avoid it for the most part, but with warrior I will be up close and probably eat this condition a lot. Is it removable with "shake it off"? If not I guess dodge is my only option. Is there a guide with which attacks deal agony, so I can prepare?

I am in the process of saving up for infusion, so this is until i can get some agony resist


Mesmer vs. Necro

08 January 2013 - 02:56 PM

I recently got a second character to 80 and am now interested in starting to level another. My two main characters are a ranger and a warrior. So I would like to level a light armor class next. However, I am torn between mesmer and necro. I have both at low levels and think both are fun. Can someone give me a run down on what each profession can offer me solo and in group play. Also variability is a concern as I want to be able to switch up skills often to keep leveling interesting.