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#2183008 Best wishes to you PRX. /salute

Posted Laylyn on 23 March 2013 - 04:27 PM

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"We have a very daring and skillful opponent against us, and, may I say across the havoc of war, a great general" -Winston Churchill

"Anybody who came under the spell of his personality turned into a real soldier. However tough the strain he seemed inexhaustible. He seemed to know what the enemy were like and how they would react."  -Theodor Werner was an officer who, during World War I, who served under Rommel

"There exists a real danger that our friend Rommel is becoming a kind of magical or bogey-man to our troops, who are talking far too much about him. He is by no means a superman, although he is undoubtedly very energetic and able. Even if he were a superman, it would still be highly undesirable that our men should credit him with supernatural powers... [ending the memo with] I am not jealous of Rommel."  -British General Claude Auchinleck

Despite this last week's success for BG, we have learned some rather bittersweet news.  That news oddly hasn't been reported here yet.  

It is worth saying that one the grand advantages of playing GW2 is that you get to play with and against some of the greatest pvp guilds of the 21st century.  Be they friend or foe, this is the very engine that drives the world pvp game.

There are in truth too many guilds to mention briefly.  Many of these great guilds have left already without a justly earned goodbye.  This is true just as many of the great guilds that are here right without getting the praise they truly deserve.

I can't right every wrong in that regard.  However, I will take the time to correct this one for an honored enemy's retirement from this field.  

I will quote what PRX has said in their own words on their website:  http://prx-guild.com...ng-off-the-line

"This is our last official combat action in Guildwars 2.  [PRX] is going unofficial after a long and successful campaign.

We began in beta weekend 2 as an applicant to the Titan Alliance and have played hard for the past half year against many outstanding enemies and alongside many excellent friends and allies.  Guildwars 2 is a very well-made and run MMO and let me thank ArenaNet for such a great job.

As a member of Titan Alliance on Henge of Denravi we were a part of what is still the most successful alliance in Guildwars 2 winning 30 consecutive matches to become the undisputed champion.  We defeated all challengers including our chief rival The Ascension Alliance.  This alliance, on paper, had double Titan's numbers and yet we went 8-0 against them and caused them to disband.  We battled alongside such greatness as Condemned, Darkness is Everywhere, The Elite, DtD, Synapse, GIN, Yakisoba and RMA.

We next moved to the #10 server, Sea of Sorrows, and helped it rise to be #1 with a long undefeated streak.  We won against many solid opponents, most notably the very tenacious Sanctum of Rall, on our way up the ladder and dethroned the champs JQ and SB .  We were fortunate to join with such great allies such as MERC, Axis of Insurrection and Fist of the Empire.

We then loaded the Higgin's boats and hit the shores of Normandy by joining with Seafarer's Rest, a European server that was in Tier 2 and helped it rise to be #1 in Europe.  We battled alongside many international friends such as the Russians of Za Drots, VcY, OSC and Vengeance of the Fallen.  We battled hard against the beast of Europe, Vizunah Square, dethroning them and coming in first 3 times out of 5 weeks.

Finally, we moved to our last server, Jade Quarry.  After being their enemy for so long and gaining a world of respect for them, we joined JQ while they were in 2nd place and helped them dethrone our old home, Sea of Sorrows.  Thanks to the great guilds of EMP, SF, AoS, FIRE, HzH, FOO, BPA, and RG.  To be in NA tier 1 for so long is a testament to the superiority of the guilds and population of JQ.

Our current record is 72 wins, 55 tier 1 wins, never a third place finish and only 4 losses (1 to JQ, 1 to SoS, 2 to VS).

Nothing we accomplished was on our own.  We were fortunate enough to fight alongside some of the best of the best (as noted above) with regards to guilds and also hundreds of outstanding small guilds and individuals.  We do not forget that and say a heartfelt thank you to all those who fought hard alongside us.
We are not disbanding the [PRX] tag and in fact, there will still be [PRX] folks WvWing and playing the game on Jade Quarry.  We are not leaving and love it here.  However, we are standing down and being more casual as we fade into the next gaming adventures.

Finally, we have accomplished a lot in what is almost 14 years of gaming.  Having said that, I have never been prouder of the team than I am now.  Together we did amazing work and thank you for your excellence and dedication."

As the screenshot below will show, I was there on the field when you entered into Tier 1 for the first time PRX.  You were in fact the guild I originally recognized the Titan Alliance by, back on August 31, 2012.   http://ghost-pa.com/...hp?topic=1449.0

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After a long road, Blackgate is here in T1 again.  Sadly, it is when you have judged it is time for your guild to leave.  

I will not debate the wisdom of your commanders.  However, I will say this.  

Even Blackgate would not be the server it is today without the high level of competition you provided.  Further, the sportsmanship PRX and the rest of the Titan Alliance showed us in Blackgate's hour of need hasn't been forgotten.

In the fall of 2012, TA after all took the rare step of bumping up a fallen server's first cross server recruitment thread.  Their endorsement helped make it the most successful thread of its time.  http://www.guildwars...e/#entry1893154

My adversary of today has much to do with why I can be in Tier 1 at all on Blackgate.  It is an act of sportsmanship I shall not forget.

In my opinion, this was a far better game because your guild was in it.  May fortune smile on you in your next campaign.  Until we meet on the battlefield again, I wish you the best.


Laylyn of HAUNT

http://ghost-pa.com/ and eventually http://haunt-pa.enjin.com/
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#2183270 Best wishes to you PRX. /salute

Posted PRXKV on 24 March 2013 - 01:38 PM

Thank you for your kind words.  Guildwars 2 was a great game and a lot of fun and I have much respect for you and BG.  Congratulations on your victory last week.  See you next game.

#2182499 T1 WvW: Blood Bath

Posted Vihar on 22 March 2013 - 01:43 PM

This Ram builder is very dedicated, too.

  By the way, however this week turns out, mad props to BG for a Titanic effort this week!

  Very impressive, especially given how they started  the week.

  From JQ's perspective, no excuses for losing.

  I think the SEA, Oceanic, and EU did pretty well, but the North Americans were very, very weak in this matchup. I have never seen the outmanned buff so much since I arrived on JQ.

#2179680 T3 - Dragonbrand,Yak's Bend & SoS

Posted Shiren on 15 March 2013 - 05:32 PM

View Postst_clouds, on 15 March 2013 - 03:43 AM, said:

SoS is getting their ass royally handed to them even in T3. They're not just losing, they're losing spectacularly. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Hyperbole aside, the "Mighty" you refer to are still in tier one and two. When people talk about servers, they are literally talking about pieces of hardware. The communities that make up servers are transient. While there are many great guilds and players still on SoS, WvW is a huge game and coverage and numbers wins. Most of the coverage and numbers from SoS transferred to BG, SoR, FA and even JQ. Anyone who thinks the dropping in the ranks of the server is in any way the falling of the players who ruled tier one for months is outright deluding themselves. Those players are still in tier one and two, just a different server.

Look at the tier one thread, most of the posters are the same as they have been for the last four or five months despite two of the three servers being different. Why? Because tier one is full of transfers guilds like PRX, MERC, ND, SF, FoE and many others that I either don't know specifically of or can't remember. Blackgate is full of former SoS guilds that think they are too good for lower tiers, Jade Quarry is full of bandwagon guilds that saw the tide turning the servers favor like PRX and the other transfers who got in before the end of transfers, or Stormbluf Island refugees looking to transfer back into tier one. I suspect most of the well known guilds in tier one transferred there unless they were privileged to be on the server receiving the transfers. The "mighty" don't fall - they transfer (and ironically build notoriety, prestige and recruit off of reputations of transferring to the strongest servers).

Holding your own in tier three is no small feat, although atm it's very much a coverage game (Dragonbrand literally has free reign during euro hours, SoS does the same during oceanic).

View Postst_clouds, on 14 March 2013 - 04:55 PM, said:

On T3 now and SoS is still floundering ugh... :(
What is wrong with the server. It seems like the only time there're people is after office hours 7-9PM PST. Past that you'd be lucky to have 20 people in any map.
Dropping in tiers wasn't the only thing the server needed. Even if the people around aren't new to WvW, they are new to playing without a lot of the core WvW guilds and commanders which bandwagoned away. Too many chiefs and not enough indians was never really a problem on SoS, people recognised good commanders and followed them, few people made waves by popping up a commander tag when someone else around knew better than them. Unfortunately that comes at a price when many of the good commanders left with their guilds, leaving a vacuum of leadership during some time slots (one of the more harmful effects of a bandwagon WvW meta – pillaging local talent from servers and then moving on leaving a weakened server behind). Unlike some of the lower tier servers, SoS players have adapted to playing on maps that always had a commander. If you look at lower tier servers and how they play, often they are able to organise and collaborate to achieve goals without a commander. That's going to take some time to adjust to for the SoS people still around. To some extent the community needs to become better at collaborating and co-operating without a commander (that's not to say they aren't already able to do that, but it's becoming more important) but we also need to see the rise of new commanders in different time slots.

One of the biggest problems in WvW (and it's a design problem as much as it is a community problem) is there is vary little viability for getting onto a map when you have few numbers, and when people have little success they get pushed off and lose numbers. People who want to WvW log in and see no allies on the map, no tower being controlled and nothing for them to contribute to and they head back to PvE or another game like LoL. If you can build a solid presence in your corner of the map, that encourages people to stick around. They see something being accomplished, something being established. They see opportunity and most importantly, allies. In time zones with incredibly unbalanced numbers (such as the euro slot in favour of Dragonbrand or the oceanic slot in favour of SoS) it's very hard for people on the underpopulated servers to compete at all (unless a dedicated guild is around) and it's too easy for superior numbers to crush them, push them off the map and kill the participation of a server. If the server can start building a reliable presence (even if it's small) that can be found on at least one map during all time zones, that will go a long way to helping to build a bigger and stronger community. One of the biggest disincentives to WvW atm is logging in and seeing the entire map being controlled by one server or another and no allies to help you out.

The problem the developers created is that most people don't enjoy PvP when they are at a significant disadvantage. The design of WvW favours the people with greater numbers and it's very easy to completely push people off of a map, which is not favourable to any party involved (you score more points but your allies log off from boredom or hop around maps crushing five man rebellions with your 20 man float team). They created an arena which allows numbers to beat everything else (and it's 24/7 so the numbers fluctuate dramatically between servers) but they didn't design a safety net to the most predictable problem – most players who get crushed by superior numbers don't want to play any more and without allies player who do want to play can't play.

Another problem is the rise of bad commanders. I saw one dude who had his tag up, was completely unknown to everyone else and was completely ignoring the advice, information, scouting reports and requests of the more experienced people on the map - he was doing his own thing without a care to what everyone else on the map was doing (and unfortunately he came when the previous commander was taking a dinner break). He dragged people to his location via his tag and his location was absolutely the wrong place to be. As a result, he managed to kill off a couple hours worth of work trying to establish a strong presence on the map by trading an upgraded tower at spawn (the only one on any of the four maps) for a tower at the enemy's spawn, by ignoring the calls for help to defend the spawn tower (the prior commander spent an hour defending, taking out trebs and upgrading), he managed to capture the enemy tower (and lose it 10 minutes later) at the cost of our spawn tower. Once the tower he captured was lost, we held no towers on the map and people logged out of WvW.

Long story short, SoS is still rebuilding. It's still a very strong server (the strength of our early lead this week showed we can compete and I'm confident even win in tier three) but there is a lot of rebuilding to be done. New commanders, new collaboration and co-operation skill sets, new strategies for different time zones and probably even new guilds (a lot of refugees that didn't want to move servers are joining new guilds to play with). People need to get used to playing without commanders and big guilds carrying the maps. Unlike Dragonbrand and Yak's Bend, SoS is a very different community from what they have been in the past. The way the server has to play is different as a result of these changes. It's going to take some time to get used to it and grow from it.

I don't think it has anything to do with not wanting to go to tier two.

#2171152 Tier 1 NA: Jade Quarry vs Sanctum of Rall vs sos ~ No tears No whining

Posted Sulking on 26 February 2013 - 07:43 PM

View PostEvilSinzGW2, on 26 February 2013 - 02:34 PM, said:

Merc seemed to me like they would never leave the server so this was more of a shock to many that remain. Difficult for me to throw out my respect for them.  For now, I wish them luck.

Well, I'm gonna give them full respect. All jokes aside, it's freakin' hard to leave your home server. I'm sure there will be some Black Lion tears, but I guess at the end of the day you gotta wish them luck.

SoS is content, more or less happy, I guess to be shifting out of t1 for the time being. But that doesn't mean saying goodbye to these guilds forever. If they can transfer now, what's wrong with transferring later -- it's the wiser decision in a way.

Scoping out what happens to tier one, what the WvW update does.

You could say these guilds will go out of practice and that may be right -- but what's so hard about running into a lagfest and pressing 1, amirite?

There is a lot of bravado in WvW and it'd be good to have a break from it. I've been too scared to do my fractals these past few weeks, but I'm easing back into them :)

I won't be part of the tier one battles for the time being, but I'm going to be rooting for the boys over in BG as that is where the majority of SoS's competitive spirit lives on! Go get 'em!

#2169091 T1 - Sea of Sanctum Quarry

Posted turtleykins on 23 February 2013 - 06:59 AM

View PostMrZero, on 23 February 2013 - 05:55 AM, said:

That's being classy?

If that is being classy, no wonder you guys left. What a tool.

I don't remember if you were ever on SBI (JQ essentially cannibalised most of SBI so it's hard to tell who was always JQ and who used to be SBI) but if you weren't you might want to talk to some of your fellow JQ members who transferred. Being in a competitive guild on a server that is bleeding guilds and possibly seeing a drop in the tiers as a result can be very stressful. The excuses you are given, the lowball moves when the leaving guilds try to poach the remaining guilds, the ultimatums, it can turn what was once a fun and competitive game into something more stressful than a high pressure job. A lot of people take for granted what it takes to be a commander or run a big guild or contribute heavily to server organisation. The people that do this for players invest a part of themselves into the game and the community. When things like this happen, it's not weird to see it take a heavy toll on the people involved. It's one of the reasons why people quit the game or transfer servers, because dealing with the fall out caused by bandwagoners who only care about winning and can't just enjoy the game because it's a game, they've gotta be tier one no matter who they have to trample to stay there. People play games to escape this kind of stuff but the way the WvW community is at the moment, the game will often not be an escape.

View PostMrZero, on 23 February 2013 - 06:02 AM, said:

On the other hand, maybe they should have all kept it out of a public chat where there would be no screenshot. There is more than one person talking there and multiple mouths could have been kept shut.

Also, don't act like people running a website are the only people that are going to "move to the next big thing". How many people playing this very game came from TOR and Diablo 3?

Everyone involved and most people who care about server communities would agree it should have been kept private. It didn't work out that way. Someone using the shoutbox in bad faith to screen cap and post it on a garbage website that couldn't give two craps about the health of the WvW community (but does care about page views and exploiting server problems to create controversies and tear down servers) certainly doesn't help.

It's fine to move onto other games, but while your with GW2 you don't have to exploit the community for as much destructive drama as you can facilitate.

View PostJ E R I C O, on 23 February 2013 - 05:53 AM, said:

One thing i've always admired about Coron was his ability to keep things classy, glad things havent changed.

I'm not a fan of Coron (nor am I a member of his guild), but it's ironic seeing someone call someone out for class when they are not even in this tier but decided to post anyway just to kick the man when he's down. Are we supposed to think it's classy of you to come into this thread to insult the guy for cracking under the pressure of a shitty situation you helped create with the bandwagon wrecking ball that has plagued WvW since launch?

As far as TSYM goes, it's members are made up of so many people from the SoS community. Like all big guilds, TSYM has attrition and has to constantly recruit, so the TSYM of today isn't the TSYM of four months ago. There are members in the guild who are also members of several other guilds (including MERC and even Agg and FoE when they were on the server). Agg, MERC and FoE aren't leaving TSYM, they are leaving SoS.

I've fed this drama more than I should have, but I didn't want to let this pass by without giving the WvW some perspective on the players involved and how this kind of thing, from all sides, isn't good for any of us. It might help the leaving guild tear the server down so that they can get as many other guilds to transfer with them, it might make it easier for BG to take the third spot in tier one, but it will continue to be the cancer that plagues servers and WvW guilds. Both the transfer dramas and that terrible website that exploits it for cheap gossip.

#2162009 T1 - Jade Sanctum’s Sorrow

Posted Shiren on 11 February 2013 - 01:10 AM

View PostRawNG, on 10 February 2013 - 08:18 PM, said:

And this is why you guys no longer belong in T1, you lose the fighting spirit now that your server isn't a sure win every week.  Hopefully SoR steps it up and stops playing friendly with SoS and realizes so long as they do, they will place 3rd and will eventually be pushed out of T1 because SoS is able to push slight leads on SoR.  So my question is, how bad does SoR want to stay in T1? I personally like fighting SoR in T1 and hope they get their heads out of their asses and fight to stay in T1.

I don't know why I continue to read this thread.

I really don't care if SoS drops from tier one, but to think it's healthy or normal for there to even be a concept of overtime in a game, let alone to expect players to constantly do it to remain competitive in a PvP arena is insane. Losing your fighting spirit (in a computer game?) is not the same as deciding not to pull overtime (in a computer game). Overtime is something you do to feed your children or help save up for their college tuition, it's something you do to pay the bills or save up for a holiday, it's not something you do to be competitive and enjoy PvP.

SoS didn't lose many players during or after the end of transfers (some fair weather players moved over to JQ to enjoy the easy wins that everyone knew was coming) and a few got burnt out from the stress caused by all the drama on the forums and in game (this is a particularly unpleasant thread to read, and that's saying something given how trolltastic GW/GW2Guru are) and in real life, but for the most part the server is the same as before, just with less overtime. The WvW guilds still WvW on a daily basis (they always did, there may have been less overtime towards the end of the week, but the idea that SoS would just "stop playing" is ludicrous).

Of course there are other factors. Coming in first for several weeks burnt people out (especially those who pulled overtime. Some people got bored of WvW. Some guilds just want it more. After so many weeks in the shadow, even if it's with a population advantage, this is JQs time to be the strongest server. For SoS, it's a place they were for a long time, and they paid to be there, even if they were helped by a coverage advantage. We might see Kaineng put up more of a fight, they've never been first so they could want it bad enough to pull the overtime needed to win it.

Now if tier one is going to be reserved for people who have such great coverage that they will  fill more than one or two maps for most of the day, I don't think there are three servers out there that could do it. It appears as though JQ got enough transfers to do it, SoS never really did it and padded what they did do with overtime, BG certainly didn't do it, neither did SBI. Kaineng probably doesn't have the Euro numbers and their NA presence is pretty much entirely made up of WvW transfers, so a native population isn't going to help out much there (they also aren't facerolling in tier two yet, we haven't seen the whole week, but if it stays like this Kaineng doesn't appear to be much stronger than the other candidates for tier one). I'm not too sure what's going on with SoR, I suspect SoS is very close to them even with the transfers SoR got (it's worth noting that SoR was probably the best competition SoS faced outside of tier one and the competition we had with them before tier one was better than a lot of weeks in tier one, so even before their transfers they were competitive to SoS).

At the end of the day WvW is going to be won by population. Players who think they have a chance of winning the week (and all the glory, gold, ascended items, the big loot chest, the charr hookers, free precursors and a sparkle pony that you get for coming in first place), players who think they have a shot at that are going to fight harder, they are going to play longer to win. Players who know that no matter what they do, outside of everyone pulling overtime, they are going to come in second or third, those players are going to play WvW for as long as they enjoy it that day. They might stay on a little longer to hold a key point, fight for that keep they've spent 38 silver in repairs over (whether it's defending or attacking), but they aren't going to fight for the PPT, at least not for the end of the week tally, not for first place. If players don't have something other than fun to fight for, they won't fight once it stops being fun. In my opinion, that's the healthiest attitude you can have towards WvW and a computer game. In the post-transfer JQ you might have the luxury of an active WvW population so great you can have a considerable presence on most maps for most of the day (or at least more presence for more of the day than the other servers) without having to pull overtime, but it's not the case for other servers (and it never was). I honestly don't know what you expect to happen, do you think the other servers are going to fight with inferior numbers and inferior coverage and still come out top? I don't think any server has the WvW population to beat JQ in a straight up fight, maybe if a PvE event or holidays affected JQ numbers, maybe with a full time 2v1 or everyone pulling overtime, but straight up I think JQ has the considerable numbers advantage. If you want a server with the same WvW population as JQ, I think you'll find it doesn't exist. I suspect the most even match up at the moment would be a tier two with BG, Kaineng and SoR or SoS. This is part of the reason why I think tier two is more competitive than tier one.

Without the ability to transfer off for free, or transfer to another server for free (and create threatening competition) I don't think we are going to see any servers threaten the lead. Until JQ players burn out, get bored or transfer off, or somehow another server receives enough paid transfers to be threatening, I think this is going to be the WvW scene for a while yet. It's possible we will see some upsets, but the numbers as they currently lie don't favour that possibility. Until then, you can redefine what you consider a "fighting spirit" because I think most underdogs wouldn't consider losing the same as having no "fighting spirit". When you stop seeing WvW about the PPT and start seeing it about playing during the time you are on, for the points you can take when you are on, defeating the opponents when you are on, you can clearly see that no matter what place you come in the PPT, you fought hard for it. Be proud of your first place win, enjoy it for all the effort it took to win and all the aforementioned rewards you get for it, but don't disparage the efforts of others because they didn't compete with your numbers.

#2152589 T1 (1/25 - 2/1) JQ, SoS, BG

Posted Waage83 on 28 January 2013 - 06:34 PM

Well let's keep this clean then.

103439 JQ
77953 BG
69823 SoS

430 JQ
180 BG
80 SoS

#2138128 T1 Thread: JQ, SBI, SS

Posted Kreen on 08 January 2013 - 06:02 PM

I really don't understand this whining about folks running away.

People avoid a particular fight for many good reasons. Sometimes it is a tactical retreat so they can type some scouting intel which often takes priority anyway if you are actually trying to work as a team to get points on the board rather than just pk'ing. Or maybe they leading you to an ambush or a host of other solid tactical reasons.

Maybe they are just trying to do map completion and don't really want to fight, WvW is not the total GW2 experience even if some of us would prefer it that way :)

I often pull back if I am out scouting solo. If I am small manning or with a zerg they we make judgement calls based on the intel and situation we find ourselves in and ultimately you are trying to take control of the fight rather than let the other side dictate the dance.

Often I stop chasing someone who is also choosing to run away if I think it doesn't make tactical sense to pursue.

I also often throw myself or the team I am running with into impossible odds situations if we feel the its the right course of action.

Now, if you mean some of your team running away while the rest stay to die, then yes, that frustrates me in a zerg situation but sometimes in a small man that's all working as intended for obvious reasons.

This was an amusing example, well for me anyway, Sunday my night time around 11pm I think.
We got the call that the Tsym zerg had finally settled on taking Crag, I was out solo scouting at the time on my ranger trying to provide intel on movements and so ported into Garry and run  there to see if I could help, as I approached it was obvious we were not going to hold it, there were several defeated allies around the gate and I could see the Tsym zerg heading up the ramp to the lord, By that point I was too far gone so ran thru the broken door past the Tsym stragglers streaming in and dodged my way up the ramp managing to find a moment to knock off one poor soul off the cliff with my longbow and then launched myself into the bulk of the zerg now exiting the lord area and died rather quickly on the bridge. Pretty sure the Tsym voice channel must have went WTF? Anyway was an amusing diversion in a rather smacked about night.

As an aside, I respeced my level 62 ranger last night into a melee beast and successfully managed my first three on 1. Well, in their defence they were still working on the camp supervisor and only one of them was level 80 I think but it sure felt good :)

View PostGlobal_GW2, on 08 January 2013 - 05:54 PM, said:

It's hard to say. I'm cautious about over reaching with my expectations of how well BG will do in the current incarnation of T1. BG still has average NA participation, especially during the EST time zone, which I think will be a big challenge for the server on the scoreboard. I'm very interested in seeing how our Oceanic/SEA coverage stacks up though, as well as if we still have the advantage during the EU time slot.

I've read a few places that some think BG will flop in T1 again. I'm not so sure about that, but I certainly don't think we'll be stomping the place either. I guess by this time next week we'll have our answers,

I am interested to see how they do. From following their progress they have come a long way from their last visit into T1 so I am sure they will be competitive.

#2136344 T1 Thread: JQ, SBI, SS

Posted Jedbacca on 06 January 2013 - 09:49 AM

So tired, retaking all of SBI map was quite a chore.  Next shift of SoS coming in...can't stay awake...

#2135372 T1 Thread: JQ, SBI, SS

Posted Xsesshoumaru on 04 January 2013 - 06:06 PM

from what i've seen BG has changed a little since their last trip to t1 and i think they could compete here and win(just my opinion).
"My prediction is another T1 second place finish for SoS, followed by a lot of transfers off the server to some other server."
I predict SoS coming out strong next week, feeling like they have to prove they belong here.

"But I think the SoS people wanting a new server in the match, haven't thought past the consequences of that, because JQ isn't going anywhere"
i think you're falling into that mindset of everyone is playing for score :)
I don't see any consequences to it, fresh faces and new opponents. if we lose we lose it happens. but i think we all like to face a new challenge and see other servers step there game up. i stopped caring about rank and tiers awhile ago, like i think a lot of us have its just about the fights now.. well until they actually add some rewards for winning.
"Yeah Xsess, don't feed the trolls it makes them feel "special" and also fills the thread with fluff"
lol this thread already has so much fluff though, but its the good kinda of fluff that makes you laugh and enjoy it. and not the evil kind that makes you want to punch babies, well for the most part

#2135370 T1 Thread: JQ, SBI, SS

Posted Cirus on 04 January 2013 - 06:02 PM

View PostQuietnine, on 04 January 2013 - 05:09 PM, said:

i think youre getting caught up in semantics. it doesnt matter if its his fact or an opinion, its at least a logical prediction. people came to SoS because PRX promised visions of easy wins and solid coordination. they left, the coordination wanes, now SoS is left with guys like Aggression sending nasty messages to guys in WM, you are down by 77k.

server transfers are free. you can, right now, go be on the winning team and act like it was all you if thats your thing. for a lot of people, its their thing. "if" you guys perform next week like you performed this week, it is highly probable that the fairweather guilds that came with PRX and carried you to the top will leave. hell, had PRX not gone to PvDoor some euroserver, they probably wouldve left you already.

then again, if SBI plays next week like it did this week, we will probably see you a bit on the way down. or maybe WM will come back and save us once your gone?

PRX didn't promise anything to anyone, they came on their own in secrecy. They left on their own in secrecy. They didn't bring anyone with them either. They don't like bandwagoners to follow them and ruin servers like what the bandwagoners did to HoD.

A call was made out to the Americans of Guild Wars 2 to join Sea of Sorrows, it was a low tier server, with a friendly and strongly based Oceanian community. It was the only American server in Guild Wars 2 that lacked an American population. The call was answered from various American guilds, a large chunk of them were Alliance of Insurrection from Dragonband, PRX plus various others, and they all joined at around a similar time, having no idea who was also transferring with them.

The new influx of transfers started coming over at the end of the Fort Aspenwood vs Maguuma matchup, where Sea of Sorrows had narrowly lost to Fort Aspenwood in tier 4. Everyone that has transferred over to this server has absolutely loved it, and has been blown away by it's community and have been proud to call it their home. They are welcomed with open arms. Be it 13 weeks ago or 2 weeks ago.

PRX in my opinion are the best and most highly organized guild to have played in America. They were the star guild of Sea of Sorrows and they did immense work to help bring up those around them and lead by example. However everything that was achieved on our server was solely credited to PRX by the opposition. PRX were frequently getting accolades and credit on maps that by their own admittance, they weren't even present on. The GW2 public has put PRX on a status where as if they are some mythical God, that are perfect in every way and are the cause of everything good. PRX themselves however have never been ones to blow their own trumpet and have always been nothing but humble and have acknowledged those that put in the hard work and effort.

As for the match up, you're right. Any one of those things can happen. The scoreline right now is terrible,SoS has been defeated for the first time in 13 weeks, this is what giving up looks like :(, full credit must go to Jade Quarry for achieving this victory, they've been amazing these last few weeks. Imo it's when a server is losing that it's truly tested, it will be interesting to see if SBI and SoS can bounce back next week. I'm confident that we can :)

#2135301 Sea of Sorrows - An Organized Community for WvW

Posted Magikarp on 04 January 2013 - 04:50 PM

Oh my god yawn, JQ and SBI both we did not troll your recruitment threads when you guys have been recruiting for 6 weeks straight, also MERC is originally SoS and I'm sure many more are.

Bored with the trolls already, everyone is quiet for weeks, then finally when you win you decide to troll the threads over and over? Bad Winners / Sore losers.

Edit: Come join us on SoS it's a fun server filled with great people looking to help you out and share their knowledge / tactics. We've already had the interest of quite a few guilds so come grab your slot on SoS before they take it! :)

#2129432 T1 Thread: JQ, SBI, SS

Posted Jedbacca on 27 December 2012 - 08:42 PM

View Postchuckles79, on 27 December 2012 - 07:09 PM, said:

The thousand dollar question, that will determine T1 from  now on, is who on SBI is going with WM?  I'm sure SF and their founding die-hards are going to stick it out (after making so many public statements about transfers, I'd think they'd be to ashamed to do so).  What about WMI though?  Not to mention fairweather folks like Beastgate, who's noticeably silent all of the sudden.

As much as I'd like a shot at Blackgate, it would be a crying shame to lose SBI's presence in T1.

Yeah, we got quite a few die hards that are left from the founding team.  At this time we don't intend on going anywhere.  We actually did have an ongoing discussion about the logic and logistics about this or even if it was a possibility of changing servers.  We will never rule it out, but at this time we will continue to stay on SBI.  We figured it would just be same shit different server.  Sooo, if we drop down in tier I'll finally get to fight against my CDS brethren and throw down with Miasmic, which I think should be really fun!  In any case, I prefer to do whatever is going to be the most entertaining to the team, which is why we all play a video game right?  Entertainment.

Yet, let this be a side note, who says we are willing to let go of being in Tier 1 yet ;)  To those of us in the fight as usual, the exiting of one guild that was slowly deteriorating in coverage for us in the past month or so should not be such a huge hit.  Our goal now is to see if we can fill a slot a little better and work on our coverage maps, which all of our servers do.  Since we are not the only server with coverage issues, I think we are still on close to the same ground in average coverage.  I don't have factual data, I'm seriously talking out of my ass with that, it's more of a feeling than anything.

To me trolling, bashing, tea bagging, snide remarks about ones mother about how she is so fat she uses diet soap, complimenting skill level, zerging, forcing team splits, doing themed nights, the list goes on and on...etc etc etc...  is all part of the game.  As for the harassment of players, I would only suggest doing it to those players that you know if you are going to do it cross server.  I myself and Jerico from Agg are still on a level that I can call him a cum guzzling queen and expect a retort about how I screw dogs for quarters, or the witty excuse after I wipe his team over and over :P  Yet, if I were to message the commander/gm of MERC the sentiments won't be taken as likely.  Then on the flip side with Tsym, Coron and I are very mature in most of our convo's and show respect to one another.  I can act like a 12 year old, I don't mind, hell just being in any one of our voice comms in any guild no matter what the age bracket we're all kids :)

#2129127 From War Machine

Posted CalmLittleBuddy on 27 December 2012 - 01:31 PM

Hey. It's been 2 days since WM left and SBI hasn't imploded! No harm there. AND WM gets a new server to play on and takes a well deserved stress free break down in Kanine.

Personally, I don't blame them for leaving. There'd been a lot of things building up over the past month or two for them. They've always fought hard and dropped a ton of gold and time into WvW. I'm sure all of them could use a vacation.

So, it's a win for SBI, for WM, for JQ and SoS, a win for everyone.

But why just shake hands and say good luck when you can start an argument on the internet about it, right? Am I right folks? Especially a good old fringe argument that has nothing to do with anything by two poster who are just guessing at motives and feelings.

Maybe we should ALL move to Kanine with WM, pound everyone into submission as one super server, then quit after 30 days and drop the microphone! We could be kings!