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A Few Fun Yet Balanced Utility Skill Ideas

17 January 2013 - 06:18 PM

Here are a couple Ideas I had for fun/useful utility skills that could be introduced to the game for that little extra strategic depth without permanently unbalancing the game.


Surveillance Cam: 30 Recharge, 1/2 activation time
Deploy a turret that can be activated to remotely view its surroundings

Skill Chain: Surveillance Cam -> Glass Blast (causes 3 second cripple, no damage)
Tool Belt Skill: Observe (self explanatory)

Why this is cool: In WvW, remotely scout roadways and defensive structures while you actually do something constructive. Use in jumping puzzles to make sure a bunch of players are not sneaking up behind you. In PvE keep tabs on your friends, pick up a turret someone else has placed and redeploy it in hilarious locations for them to discover later! Precariously on the side of a cliff - up a tree - on top of a stray cat!! Its up to you!


Eyes of the Beast: 45 Recharge, 2 second activation
Enter a trance and take manual control of your pet. The ranger remains stationary during this skill.

Why this is cool: In PvE use your pet to lure mobs away while your ally's sneak behind them, use it to safely pull said mobs, defeat easy NPC's in pet mode for the lols. In WvW scout enemy territory with little risk to yourself, check for zergs right around the bend, Engage in "Pokemon battles" with other rangers.


Mirror Recall: 60 Recharge, Instant activation
Mark the ground with temporal magic. When this skill is activated again you will teleport to this location

Why this is cool: Like portal but just for you! use it to confuse people while not actually harming them (Mirror recall is more subtle because it does not leave a portal behind) Use in conjunction with portal to zip across the map like an ADHD ferret on stimulants!

Do you think these would be welcome additions to the game? Or would they cause too many problems?

Any other creative uses or ideas?


Does GW2 seem overly "Mathy" to you

15 January 2013 - 09:39 PM

Just as the title suggests. Is it just me or is GW2 really "mathy" for no reason. I may be bias because I was never a fan of those "spreadsheet wars" games where you have to painstakingly plan every attribute allocation to assure maximum effectiveness. I played WoW but hated it for exactly this reason.

In GW1 I could judge every build effectively just by looking at it... Numbers were low, usually you only had only one "put points here for dps" attributes. All of the complexity was clearly displayed right there on your skill bar. The game even did the majority of the number crunching for you in the tooltips.

Now in GW2 its like "30% chance to gain might on a critical bla bla bla" and you have to ask

Is it worth it to invest more points into precision so that this triggers more often?
Will I get my damage back if I lower my power to put more points in precision
What about "X" rune that makes me deal more damage while under might
If I use that other rune with a 30% chance of lightning bolts
Or that other one that's 5% more damage then I don't need to put points into precision to get the maximum effect
Wait! What if I put too many points into precision so that it procs might too often ala 10 second internal cooldown

How is anyone suppose to decipher this mess without pulling out the dreaded calculator or preforming rigorous scientific tests on a dummy! Then people complain about all the FoTM builds running amok! More people would experiment if it was not such a headache to compare builds

It's really sad but 99% of the time I just follow KISS (keep it simple stupid) take my +5% damage and 5% crit and be done with it. I would use divinity runes on all my characters too if they were not so expensive (probably why they cost so much in the first place)

TLDR Math sucks, there is a reason why accountants are paid so well. No on wants to do this in a game.

Advanced Professions - Dual Professions GW2 Style

15 January 2013 - 04:49 PM

Incoming crazy long post

So this topic has come up a number of times and it is becoming quite obvious that players think that dual professions should make their triumphant return in GW2. The main argument against dual professions is that it would make the game too hard to balance because it opens up too many possible skill combinations that may be broken. This system does not have any of these problems, in fact I even call it MORE engaging than the GW1 system. This is...

Advanced Professions

Q: What is it, how is it different than dual professions?

an Advanced Profession is a modifier to your current profession rather than an addition like dual professions. Essentially they unlock a line of utility skills and alter your profession mechanic and weapon skills to solidify a particular play-style unique to your current profession. Here is an example

Advanced Profession: Arcane Archer
Formally: Ranger/Elementalist

Play Style: You are the "Sniper" you love to use the rangers longbow to rack up kills from extreme distances while utilizing the terrain to make you untouchable. Unfortunately as a regular ranger your pet destroys this play style by the AI getting stuck on the same terrain that is protecting you... Oh why must pets be so stupid.

Profession Adjustments: The Arcane Archer has forgone the ways of nature, you no longer have a pet. Instead your profession mechanic is replaced by three skills

Fire Arrows: Max DPS Burning
Frost Arrows: Defensive Slows to keep them at arms length
Arcane Arrows: Supportive Buffing Arrows

You gain new utility skills to help to retreat and keep that desired range on your opponent

I like my pet! Its why I became a ranger in the fist place!

then how about this Advanced Profession...


Advanced Profession: Hunter
Formally: Ranger/Assassin (AKA Thief)

Play Style: You are a true ranger the genuine article; you and your pet are one. But still you think to yourself "I wish my pet was just a bit more useful" you may also think to yourself "Darn I wish we had a nitch like portal mesmers"

Profession Adjustments: The Hunter plays much like a regular Ranger with two exceptions.

You now have access to stealth utility's which let you to open a fight in pvp with your pet just like in pve (pet attacks break stealth) as well as do ambushes.

Your Pet gains powerful passive ability's like

Moa Inspiration: Ally's near your Moa gain one stack of might, refreshing
Blood Hound: Canines gain the ability to see through stealth, they will continue to attack if their target enters stealth and will growl if an enemy is in stealth nearby and you are out of combat


Q: What if I hate my new advanced profession?

You can switch it on a whim at your profession trainer, similar to gw1

Q: This seems like way too much work for the devs, don't you think

Yes it would be, but it may be possible for an expansion, and would IMO be better than just adding new classes

Q: You only provided Ranger examples what about the other professions, there is not enough creativity for every class to get multiple Advanced professions.

Watch me. Just off the top of my head.

Samurai: Canthan themed slayer of other melee
Berserker: Protection destroying anti bunker build brute

True Lich: Even larger lifeforce pool
Necrolord: Go all out minion master. A true dark lord never gets his own hands dirty

Alchemist: Less blast more flask
Mechknight: For those melee loving engineers

Paladin: Less support and more divine themed pew pew
Cleric: Better long range weapons so you can damage while you support

Pure Mage: Specialize in that single element just like you wanted; oh and weapon switching
Battle Mage: Traits that don't make you feel like you should specialize in one element when everyone knows that's a bad idea.

Assassin: Trade Steal for a stealth while not moving skill. Because ganking is more fun if done from out of nowhere
Rogue: A less fragile thief with less stealth and more powerful venom for those "I wish I could play this class without looking like a jerk" people

Chaos Wizard: You like phantasms? Now they look badass and are separate from your shatters. Also they do not disappear when you kill someone
Mind Mage: Less dumb illusions more mind-bending domination magic and confusion

Hope you enjoyed reading

TLDR: Sorry I attempted to cut out the unnecessary but really, its a complex idea you will need to at least read the fist part.

Edit: I know of the one idea/thread rule and would just like to elaborate, this suggestion is for advanced professions as a mechanic. Any profession ideas are simply examples and are not very well thought out.

/discuss, If you have ideas for more Advanced Professions feel free to post them

Hard Mode 2.0 - The Way MF Gear Should Have Been

11 January 2013 - 11:10 PM

MF or Magic Find gear is the source of many headaches in the GW community and is absolutely despised by some. This suggestion aims to address this while also not causing problems to people who enjoy the concept.

The problems associated with MF Gear include:
  • having no control of it in PUG's
  • additional grind to acquire it
  • it uses valuable inventory space to hold as an extra set of equipment
  • It only comes in a set amount of attribute distributions

Now enter Hard Mode 2.0

Q: What is hard mode:

Hard Mode is exactly what it sounds like: A toggle-able option unlocked when your character reaches level 80. It increases the games difficulty while increasing drop quality.

Q: How does it work:

When turned on your attributes are significantly reduced even when down-scaled, in turn your magic find and gold find is significantly increased. This effect is less significant in the open world than it is in an instance.

Q: What about party's:

The mode is only controllable by the party leader and is displayed to every member that "This is Hard Mode!" When turned on it will effect the whole party.

Q: What about my old MF gear:

The MF buff will be removed. you can still use the gear but it will be inferior. You can trade your gear in for fair market value (Determined by TP historical average before being removed) by destroying it in the mystic forge. All MF recipes will be removed from the game, as will be random drops (this includes food).

Any more questions or comments?

Shadow Strike - Why do I use this now?

18 August 2012 - 05:14 PM

I don't mean to QQ, if anet thought it was necessary to nerf it then I believe them. But when exactly would you use Shadow Strike as opposed to cloak and dagger?

Shadow Strike:
  • Requires Melee now
  • Hits for less than Cloak and Dagger
  • Have less control over your movement (always a shadow-step backwards)
  • Does not stealth you so you are immediately open to ranged attacks
  • cannot chain into Sneak Attack
  • Costs 1 less initiative untraited
Cloak and Dagger:
  • Always required Melee
  • Hits for more than Shadow Strike
  • Vulnerability
  • Stealth (Limited invulnerability)
  • Chain into sneak attack for even more damage + bleeding
  • More control over movement (more confusing to your opponents in PvP)
  • Costs 1 less than Shadow Strike with the trait "Infusion of Shadow"
IMO the only time I see Shadow Strike > Cloak and Dagger is in PvE when you do not want to reset a mob