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#2088409 How Much Real Money Did You Spend On Gems?

Posted AureliusRex on 19 November 2012 - 10:25 PM

I haven't spent any money on gems in this game.  I'm not opposed to it, Anet needs to have income, I understand that.

But first off, the Gem Store is a joke!  There's hardly anything there, and most of it is horrid garbage.  RNG is just bad.  I don't go to Macys to bid on a grab bag full of cr#p, I won't do it here either.

Second,  I feel that Anet sold me an unfinished game.  I'm not bitter or sore about it since they have been working to finish, but I don't feel they are deserving of a "tip" from me yet.  Since this last patch has now introduced some unwanted elements into their game, I can't say I'll be supporting that direction with my money either.

#2025063 What does Anet's behavior say to you

Posted Constantino on 17 October 2012 - 12:34 PM

Their behavior says that infracting people for forum snarkiness is more important than class balance or a viable end-game.  Priorities, I guess *shrug*

#1902583 If not in WvWvW What to do?

Posted Razip on 08 September 2012 - 03:33 PM

I love the game, it's the first game I've ever really got to the max level considerable fast, especially when it's 80 levels, but I was hoping for more of the end game, I loved rvr in WaR and the WvWvW is like it but on a grander scale, it's just a pit I can never get in to experience it.

#1902356 If not in WvWvW What to do?

Posted Syorac on 08 September 2012 - 02:24 PM

I don't really get this overflow system. I thought, at start, that it would be something to simply circumvent queues at login. That is a fine idea.

But once you're in, why do they keep putting you back into overflow every time you use a waypoint that's not in your immediate vicinity? Changing zones = basically getting booted from the server. That is stupid, considering that WvWvW is a major selling point, queues are looooong and you can't get into it from the overflow servers...

What is the benefit to this exceedingly weird system?

#1898225 Do you reckon Arenanet has damaged their reputation?

Posted UssjTrunks on 07 September 2012 - 04:13 PM

View PostBloodtau, on 07 September 2012 - 12:17 AM, said:

Between the thousands of hacked accounts, downtime, lots of major bugs that should have been fixed before launch and major exploits slipping through, do you think this has damaged gw2/arenanet in anyway?

I used to be a staunch support of Anet (you can look through my post history pre-launch).

However, the mass bannings over "funny" non-offensive names and "exploiting" gltiches (while usually not even notifying the user why they were banned) have definitely changed my view on them as a company. I would never expect a company to ban paying customers for simple "infractions" (if you can even call them that). That's just poor customer service.

I was not banned, but I feel very strongly about the topic of customer care.

#1514528 How much will you spend on GW2 micro transactions?

Posted inublue on 13 June 2012 - 04:05 AM

Just a question of what kind of value I get for my dollar.  Is GW2 worth the purchase price?  So far signs are good, I've payed for games that ended up being crap or losing my interest pretty quick before, logging fewer hours and having less fun than I did with these beta weekends.

So are the individual cash shop items worth the cost?  Well, some of them no.  I don't really care about xp boosts, or dye packs(with 400 dyes currently, rather just farm them in game, I don't like gambling.  I would buy an individual series of dyes though, or if they were account wide), or res stones, or bank/AH summons, merchant summons, etc.

For other things, like character slots and bank slots...  Well, yeah.  I'm not paying a monthly sub, so buying quality of life stuff is pretty easy to justify for me.  Kind of like League of Legends - I buy skins and character sometimes with money, because I've played for hours and hours.  In the end they've made more than a box copy off of me, and I've gotten more than a box copy worth of value because they are incentivized to make their game GOOD.

Everyone is free to make their own judgement here obviously - some people are certain to never spend any money, and if they get gem store items it is with ingame conversions.  Some people will buy a few things.  Some will buy a lot.  So long as you admit that you are doing what you want for your own reasons.  Arenanet has been pretty good about being careful with making the items in the cash shop not granting a gameplay advantage, it is all cosmetic and quality of life stuff.  Furthermore, with the ability to buy gems with ingame currency...  You can just play the game to get those items too.  Might be a poor time to money conversion, but everyone is free to decide what their time is worth, and playing GW2 is bound to be more fun most of the time than getting overtime/selling plasma/second job/whatever.

Arguing about personal preference is a terrible idea though.  If someone likes chocolate ice cream, let them.  If someone likes strawberry, whatever.  If they like AmeriCone Dream, good for them.  So, whatever.  I like that Arenanet has made a game that accommodates a lot of flavors of ice cream, and not just 'you get what you are served".

#1514325 How much will you spend on GW2 micro transactions?

Posted eisberg on 13 June 2012 - 02:26 AM

View PostDarkWalker, on 13 June 2012 - 02:17 AM, said:

I was planning on spending $10-$15 per month on the game shop, as long as I stay happy with the game - i.e., I would treat it as a subscription game, and would "cancel my subscription" by completely stopping my store purchases if I became unhappy with it.

This would depend on the store having things I want to purchase, though.

Just for reference, the things I won't purchase, ever:

- Server transfers. In other MMOs, no matter how much time or effort I've spent on a character, or how cheap the server transfers are, I would rather re-roll than pay for something I feel should be free. In GW2, though, thanks to the account-wide home server, if I ever feel like the server I'm in isn't worth playing anymore, I will just leave the game.

- Character re-customization: changing name, appearance, sex, etc. Again, I feel that those options should either be offered for a modest amount of in-game gold, or not offered at all. I would rather re-roll than spend real money on them - though, given the care I have when creating my characters, I've never desired to re-customize any of my characters in over 7 years playing MMOs.

- Items that grant character power. If I ever feel like spending money is required to have the most powerful character possible, I just leave the game.

- Consumables. I don't feel like they are worth spending real money on.

BTW, I also won't "cheat" my convictions by using gold to purchase gems, to then purchase those things; I don't want any game publisher to have any revenue from me by offering those kinds of things for real money, and if I used gold to purchase the gems, someone would still have paid the real money used to provide those things for me.

Honestly I always felt that if the game has a subscription, all the services should be free, no money for transfers and re-customizations.  But for game that do not charge a monthly fee, I am fine with them charging for transfers and re-customizations.

#1515303 How much will you spend on GW2 micro transactions?

Posted Ualtar on 13 June 2012 - 12:14 PM

Cash shops are to much like a drug to the game developers in my mind.  First it is just a little taste, then once they get that taste they want more and more.  Eventually, they become addicts that just can't control themselves and they hurt the people that love them.

I played LOTRO from betas until soon after F2P.  When Turbine made DDO F2P, they swore that LOTRO would never suffer that fate.  However, when they got a taste for the F2P money they changed their mind.  Then they increasingly broke promises concerning store items.  See?  Its like a drug, a little taste, then a little more, then they are stealing from friends.

I know Anet didn't have this problem in GW1, but they also had a limited game.  There was only so much they could do with a non MMO.  Now they have an MMO and the are also under NCSoft for the creating of the game.  The more people buy silly things like crafting XP potions the more likely that Anet will want more.  Then the game gets broken to make more money in the store.

View PostMcSumo, on 13 June 2012 - 10:58 AM, said:

Also so many of the complaints I see here are idiotic. Did you see how many dyes dropped this weekend? :o I had 15-20 easily, once I clicked to identify I could choose to use them, or give them to alts, or (I guess) put them on the trading post. They have also said they are implementing other ways to get dyes and even specific colours, probably from the mystic forge. If people want to spend money in the cash shop to unlock lots of dye colours that is fine, doesn't bother me at all, but it certainly is not necessary.

As for experience, I got from level 17-32 this weekend without even trying. I found no trouble getting experience, I explored, I helped my son and friends, I gathered, crafted, checked out WvW.....basically just had an awesome time. Both weekends and stress test felt like some weird time warp thing happened to me and I just desperately want to get in and play more. Why would I care if someone is higher level than me? I will get there in my time and have a blast doing so. The exp scrolls are certainly not necessary.

I had 0 dyes as did my wife in limited play.  XP scrolls lead to other stuff.  When Anet controls the game, the XP given for stuff, the leveling speed, then they can make it to where XP scrolls are needed.  That is what happens in F2P games.

#1382373 What are your impressions of the beta?

Posted Shamadamun on 28 April 2012 - 05:58 AM

To be honest I really do enjoy everything, it's just the horrible lagg and terrible FPS that is irritating me to no end. I'm usually not too critical of games I just start playing because when you're new you tend to think games are bad when really it's just your inexperience. It's fun, I'm just dissapointed I can't be an allstar because of the lagg.