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#2033303 Just Wondering. . .

Posted TheGizzy on 21 October 2012 - 05:20 PM

View PostRickter, on 21 October 2012 - 03:47 PM, said:

wow. . .i had no idea. . . thank you for the heads up

I wouldn't necessarily go by what people are saying here... the smart move would be to check them out for yourself and make your own judgement.

I've had zero trouble with the official forums... though I'm not posting on either forum very often (too busy playing, usually).  People complaining about over-moderation aren't giving a complete picture... ANet isn't arbitrarily deleting/locking threads that are critical of the game... they're deleting/locking threads that violate the TOS.  Plenty of people have been able to write very critical, and constructive posts about the issues they have with the game or with decisions ANet has made for the game.  They just manage to do it without also devolving into doing stupid things like referring to the ANet staff as incompetent, idiots, morons, thieves, scammers, liars, etc.

People who can't keep a civil tongue and present their point without resorting to attacks on the company and staff, they find their threads being poofed.  As they should.

People who just want to whine and get a bunch of people to agree with them find their threads poofed.  As they should.

People who just want to spout wild conspiracy theories and rants find their threads poofed.  As they should.

Everyone else seems to manage posting without sanctions just fine.

#1815988 Warning: Do not create offensive names

Posted Eremite on 25 August 2012 - 11:49 AM

I'll never understand the part of the human brain (I must be lacking it) that tells people that it'd be cool or funny to try and use such names; it never ends well for them.

#1798348 Eir - Just how strong is this woman?! *EoD spoilers*

Posted Vejuz on 23 August 2012 - 05:47 PM

Eir doesn't lift statues, she pushes Tyria away from them.

The only known form of space travel in Tyria is being thrown by Eir.

Eir doesn't invoke the Bear spirit, the Bear spirit invokes Eir.

Eir cuts diamonds with her fingernails.

Eir doesn't carve stone, she glares at it until it breaks.


#1790812 Where is GW2 NCSOFT marketing team?

Posted XcmGT on 22 August 2012 - 10:36 PM

View PostHeroYouFear, on 22 August 2012 - 10:33 PM, said:

I have been to many games stores, and big retailers like MediaMarkt, Saturn, Fnac, Worten, RP.

I have never heard of these retailers...

#1790819 Where is GW2 NCSOFT marketing team?

Posted TakumiUsui on 22 August 2012 - 10:37 PM

Guild Wars 2 is really like the opposite of Blizzards Diablo 3... No advertisement and extremely good quality while Diablo 3 has Extremely good advertisement and no quality.

#1740368 Battle of Khylo: The Trebuchet. How to :)

Posted VitoSchwam on 15 August 2012 - 11:30 PM

Reference Map:
Posted Image
I SO rock face at this map. I'm a crack-shot with the trebuchet, and the "urban combat" environment plays completely to the advantage of my city upbringing.

That being said, if you guys ever find yourselves on either end of a trebuchet, remember these facts:  (scroll to the bottom for tl;dr)

Blast Radius and Timing
The blast radius on a trebuchet is about the size of a capture point.

A theoretical 0% shot from the trebuchet (I say theoretical because it's impossible to do - just tapping the button automatically makes it 5% - 10%.) takes about 3 seconds between tapping the button, and actual detonation of the ordinance. I think it takes about 4 seconds to fill the gauge up to 100% (holding down the button), and the shot will land about 5 seconds after firing.

To hit the clock tower repeatedly, you want to let the "power" gauge fill up to just about half. I can't exactly say the angle since there is no numeric value for it.

Add or remove some force depending on where you estimate your targets to be in relation to the clock tower capture point.

To hit the stairs just outside the clock tower building, fill the gauge to about one fourth of the meter.

Mansion / Windmill
These points are different distances apart.

For the windmill, from Blue's perspective, fill the gauge to anywhere between 75% to roughly 85%, again, depending on where your target is in relation to the capture point. 75% hits the boxes closest to the trebuchet firing, and 85% slightly overshoots the capture point. 100% of the gauge fires a round completely past the capture point, and hits the building behind the point.

For the mansion, again, from Blue's perspective, 75% will hit the wall and/or the mansion. 65% will hit the capture point, and around 55% will hit just before the capture point, using the trebuchet as a point of reference.

The Other Trebuchet
I have not yet been able to hit the other trebuchet with my own trebuchet, however, this is because the clock tower's "tip" is in the way, and a 100% shot fired from the trebuchet will always hit the tip of the clock tower, or, if aimed to its side, miss the other trebuchet. I've yet to see where those "missed" shots land.

Nearby the Trebuchet
If you notice, there are 2 paths through which the enemy can attack the trebuchet, and a zone in which it's no longer possible to attack an enemy. A theoretical 0% filled gauge firing a round will hit rougly at the walled area between the trebuchet and the clock tower. Filling the gauge to 10% shoots the area just beyond the wall, and a 25% gauge hits the area just outside the clock tower.

Regarding the two paths of accessibility, one can attack the trebuchets on both sides from the clock tower. One may also attack the red trebuchet from the windmill, approaching from the north, or attack the blue trebuchet from the mansion, approaching from the south. The windmill/Mansion routes of attack are usually safest, as the trebuchet can't turn fast enough from firing on the clock tower, or even from the windmill or mansion.

A player can cover the distance a lot sooner than a trebuchet can turn the adequate amount of degrees and fire a round, and wait for that round to hit. This plays out on the red team, for example, roughly as this: a player leaves the windmill, and the trebuchet immediately begins turning. to fire at the area just outside the entrance approaching the red base. By the time the trebuchet is properly aligned and ready to fire, the player has already reached the central road leading to the clock tower between the base and the clock tower. The round fired at that point, even at theoretical 0%, would hit the minimum distance of the area towards the red base from the windmill entry point. That blank area. Same thing for blue treb and mansion.

Regardless of not being able to fire on a target, ALL hostiles must approach the trebuchet from the same ramp that one used to climb it in the first place, thus allowing the technician to anticipate an attack. Furthermore, the elevated area on which the actual implement sits can serve as an escape route itself, since the falling damage is minimal - about 25% of the health bar if you fall off, 40% if you jump off. At that point, the fight is taking place between friendly frontlines and a friendly base. Very likely as well, the enemy won't chase the technician, and will, instead, concentrate on destroying the trebuchet, which brings me to...

Repair Kits
Red repair kit is located at that wooden shed looking thing just northeast of the clock tower on the map.

Blue repair kit is located at the wooden shed thing south west of the clock tower on the map.

The safest (from the enemy trebuchet) route  for red to use to bring back the repair kit is to go through the windmill, given the complexity of targeting that area. The fastest way is to just cut through the clock tower towards your own base.

For blue, flip the directions and replace windmill with mansion.

Each shot from the trebuchet (in addition to granting 3 glory per hit), does about 11,000 damage, on average. It also causes knock-back and interrupts foes. It takes 2 shots from a trebuchet to "down" a player, and about 2 more to "defeat" them from the downed state. That of course, isn't necessary if friendly forces are in the area. They are not affected by friendly trebuchet fire.

tl;dr =
Power meter levels:
Hit the danger zone: 15% - 25%
Hit the clock tower: 50%
Hit the Mansion / Windmill: 75% - 100%

0% lands in 2 seconds (between button push and detonation)
100% lands in 9 seconds (between button push and detonation)
Trebuchet hit = ~11,000 damage -> multiple targets + knock-back (no friendly fire)
Kill target = ~2 direct hits

Repair Kits
Look for a wooden shed on the enemy's side of the clock tower.
Safest path (red) = Windmill -> base -> trebuchet
Safest path (blue) = Mansion -> base -> trebuchet
Fastest path (both) = Clock tower -> trebuchet

And if you see an enemy coming, 1v1 them, or run away by jumping off the elevated area towards your home base, and immediately run to your repair kit, or just join the fight normally, since your wonderful treb work may have already messed up the enemy pretty bad by now :).

Enjoy the carnage!!! Also, please make any corrections - especially about the timing of the trebuchet fire. My timings are an approximation.

Edit: Sorry! The Mansion and Windmill are totally different distances apart! Guide is updated to reflect that.

#1741045 Hardcore pvp servers with no downed state

Posted Aitchkay on 16 August 2012 - 12:38 AM

View Postaokuang, on 16 August 2012 - 12:32 AM, said:

I am very sorry for saying this, but is is obvious that the people who die more are those who like downed state and people who die less don't like it. This is a very simple fact. I am not going personal. I watched my BWE1 videos and I was playing very bad. But everyone can improve.

The game has already so many possible builds that it is not the downed system what should you help to stay alive.

I am very sorry for saying this, but it is obvious the people who can't finish people in downed state are the those who hate downed state, and those can like lit.  This is a very simple fact.  I am going VERY personal.

The fact of the matter is, downed state adds more depth to PvP, and requires players to have more situational awareness.  Just because it seems too complicated to you doesn't mean it's a bad mechanic.  Anything that allows players more opportunities to outplay their opponents via skill is not bad.

#1740935 Hardcore pvp servers with no downed state

Posted Razer on 16 August 2012 - 12:24 AM

In my first experiences with the game in BWE 1 I hated the Downed State. But the more you play, and watch skillful teams the more you come to realize how much extra depth is there simply because of the Downed State. It does not in any way add to more zerging, not having a Downed State would mean more zerging and burst builds because you would just have to zerg one player and then hes out of the fight for good. With the Downed State, it allows you to use Weapon Skills, Utilities, and Elites for things other than just hurting your enemy.

I have seen so many intense fights and been involved in that came down to who utilized their skills better to revive or finish off a Downed player. I still remember watching a video from BWE1 or 2 of Team Paradigm's Elementalist. He was on the Henge and Teldo just got Downed by 2 enemy players. The Elementalist quickly ran in and popped his Tornado to knock them both back, quickly got out of the Tornado then used Mist Form to revive Teldo so that he couldnt be interupted. He was only in the Tornado for a split second but that play and usage of his Elite won them the fight because Teldo was able to get back up and fight. Its plays like that, that will be both exciting and entertaining to watch. ANd that is only one small example.

#1745344 GW2's story: Really weak.

Posted Natzmc on 16 August 2012 - 03:12 PM

In fairness, how many minutes to we spend looking at the name your character bit in character creation, I have wasted countless minutes of  my life and still I end up with the cheese factor names.

Lets look at it from another perspective. Look at some if the popular books of today Twilight (horrifying) Bella Swann and Edward Cullen, other characters like Renesmee and all that utter rubbish. Fifty Shades of Grey (my mother owns it, never been more ashamed in my life) Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.

Final Fantasy names- Cloud, Squall, Tifa, Barret, Vincent Valentine (loved the character but lets face it, kinda cheesy name to go with his dark, romantic character)

Sure some of the in gw2 and gw1 can be called cheesy but at least they keep culture in mind when making names. Rytlock Brimstone sounds exactly like an elite boss you find among the charr. Eir Stegalkin, very old norse sounding, infact Eir is the name in old norse is the form of a goddess/ valkyrie.

I think it is a bit early to be criticising the story cause you don't really know much about it, plus eventually you will need to take story progression into account through expansions and so on, before having a clear perspective of it.

#1710979 Character Face Class Planning

Posted RaoulDukeHST on 11 August 2012 - 07:24 AM

thief,not thife,your guardian looks like a centerfold,the mesmer looks like justin timberlake when he was in nsync,your engineer looks like a litlte funny looking big eyed creature,ohh wait,it's just an asura,your ranger has a "i'm drunk and i have this strange look" look,the warrior looks like a country singer,the necro has all the facial features cramped together,she looks like she has the down syndrome,and the ele looks like my ex-girlfriend,therefore she looks like a bitch.Except for that,everything else looks cool

#1690754 What happened to the other classes from GW1?

Posted Yui San on 07 August 2012 - 03:26 PM

Some time after all the great evils threatening the world of Tyria were stopped the former fighter and heros didn't have much to do anymore. Many of them went on with their lives but others had to endure a much harder fate.

The Assassin continued their dungeon SCs and many of them soon died from heart attacks while others were taken to mental hospitals because of the constant hits they had to endure. Those who haven't died yet now live (happily) in the locked ward of the Sardelac Sanitarium.

After all the great fights were over, the mortality rate of the people and creatues of Tyria significantly decreased. So the Ritualisrs ran out of Spirtis to summon from the netherworld. Most ritualists are now either unemployed or had to find other professions to make a living.

The Dervishes couldn't manage to stop spinning after the last battle has ended. They all vanished after they couldn't find anymore dervish recruits because people had seen too many dervished vomiting to death due to the endless spinning. Some are said to have spinned so fast that they took off, they are now drifting in space where their "skirts" reflect some of the sunbeams. This might have led to an age of darkness in Tyria but one day it might prevent some of the global warming caused by the heavy Charr industry.

Paragons were happy to see that many other professions became as useless as they always were (I apologize to all the Paragon players, I'm exaggerating ofc). They all went back to Vabbi where they make parties 24/7.

The monks were so fed up with the constant nagging and the aggression from W/Mo/Mending noobs that they went into exile in the former Asura caves. There they lived happily for many years creating a new profession of awesomness which is today known as the Guardian.