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Luck in GW2

15 October 2012 - 04:19 PM

Note: This thread is not a QQ about magic find. It actually isn't about magic find at all.

Ever since GW2 was released, I've seen topics which have something to do with luck but as far as I've seen, the actual topic hasn't been  brought up.

I come from games where everything depended on luck. Winning pvp required luck as it was all about who got crits and who didn't. Earning money was totally based on very rare drops, since mostly you edend up running dungeons at a loss when you didn't find anything rare. In this system I learnt that luck-based system was the most terrible thing that a developer can put into the game. It drove unlucky people into madness and got them to hate the game and the lucky players.

Originally I thought that this problem is non-existant in GW2 due to the karma system and many other things that offer you a steady flow of items/currency until you can get to your target. This system is friendly both to casual and hard core players, since you always know how much more you have to farm, how much more gold you need and etc. You can calculate approximately how long it would take you to get the items that you desire.

However, things turned out a bit differently. I don't care about the drop rates that much, since you can eventually get a set amount of gold by doing various of things. It will happen sooner or later. The thing that bothers me is the useless variables in legendary weapon craft. The crafting of mystic clovers is the most annoying part. The success rate for creatign them is 1/3, for no apparent reason. I'd rather have them cost 10x more to create than have to gamble for them not knowing how much more karma and gold you need to make them.

Another thing, that is the most annoying thing for casuals who want legendary weapons (or so I could imagine) are the pre-cursor weapons. It would be great if they had recipes, even though they would be very hard (or time consuming) to create. In the current system where you need to combine random exotics/rares in hope of getting the pre-cursor weapon. This is incredibly unlikely, so most of us need to have hundreds, if not thousands of weapons combined to create the desired weapon. Yes, we can just buy them, but if you're a casual player, the inflation seems to catch up with your income so you can never really reach the goal. Eventually the price will plateau, I guess, but that doesn't really remove the problem of creating the pre-cursors. I'd much prefer crafting the legendary weapons to be a journey that you can do just by yourself without buying anything from others. With the pre-cursors, this isn't really worth it so I will just end up buying mine if I can ever get the gold required.

Somebody could imagine that I've wasted lots of gold on the pre-cursor weapon/mystic clover hunt and am thus whining about these luck based things. However, I haven't done either, but I am still very annoyed by the fact that eventually I'll have to hop in there and start gambling. I don't mind if something is introduced for gamblers, such as a lottery system. Just don't make it mandatory for everybody.

Tl;dr: The small luck-based systems in GW2 have to go. They aren't fun, in my opinion, and adding an alternative option of crafting them with huge amount of materials should be fair for everybody even if the gambling mechanics would still stay for the gamblers.

The WvW - its problems and how to fix them

26 September 2012 - 04:21 AM

Lately I've been doing WvW mainly to explore the zone's maps and I've noticed a few things that would make this massive battle feel much more pleasant than it currently is. The system itself is interesting, but the way I see it there are a few problems.

1) The massive zerg fights that go on on the same position for hours.

2) Meelee is useless in the bigger fights.

3) The waste of time that is caused by having to finish people from downed state - as you can't use the "finish them!" in zergs, you just have to hit your way through the " second hp bar", which is simply frustrating.

4) The fact that you need to explore all the WvW maps in order to get 100% world completition.

In my opinion there are easy ways of fixing these problems. Here they are:

1) Disable armour being damaged on death, perhaps with the cost of lowering the money rewards from events. I think that this would help because currently people are avoiding death as much as possible, which causes the zerg fests to become longer and longer, which causes the meelee to be useless. People are trying to stay away from range as much as possible and thus the two zergs move back and forth all the time. I think that people would become more courageous in doing suicide attacks if there was no penalties for dying.

2) Disable downed state in WvW (and in sPvP). I don't really see how it benefits anybody in the zergs.

3) Make the exploration of WvW maps a separate achievement from the PvE world completition. I know that exploring the WvW maps is totally doable in time or by changing your server, but still some people (sometimes me included) are just taking space from the WvW maps as they're going through the POIs, vistas and skill points insteads of fighting. This prolongs the queues and forces people who dislike WvW or who have too laggy computers to handle the fights to participate as well if they're interested in legendary weapons.

What are your thoughts?

Is the dungeon bug still in the game?

10 September 2012 - 04:37 PM

So, I tried to enter the Caudecus' manor with my friends and we had immense amount of problems. First we all entered into the instance separately, then none of us could get in and then we got in there separately again. I read in some patch notes that this bug should have already been fixed, but it seems that it still exists. Has anybody else experienced this?

The monthly achievement

05 September 2012 - 07:59 PM

As the game has been out for almost two weeks now, I've started to consider the monthly achievement more and more. I think that the daily and monthly achievements are a good add to the game and the idea of completing them is good. However, I do question the actual content that is required for you to get the achievement.

Let's start from the best part: monthly event participation. To me this seems completely rational. Completing 100 events is doable for anyone in a month. The same goes for monthly WvW kills as the kills are rather easy to get and you can use multiple characters to achieve them. Monthly salvage kit usages are pretty good as well, even though I'd perhaps preferred a monthly crafting achievement or monthly gatherer achievement.

Then we get to the part that screams for a change to me. The sole experience survivor. Now, I am not complaining about it being impossible to get. It is hard for low levels, yes, but it is certainly doable when you're level 60 or so, or even earlier. However, it seems weird to me that the monthly achievement requires you to do something without dying once (which means you have to focus on pve and avoid falls and huge zergs of mobs) and doesn't tolerate logging out or even changing zone or doing a personal story quest. Perhaps even waypointing breaks it (haven't tested  really, but I think that it does).

I acknowledge that most of this is probably not unintended. The way I see it, it seems that the feature was meant to be doable even if you log out or change zones. Either way, the sole experience survivor seems unfun to me and at least it doesn't fit to my playstyle (at level 53) that I would go and focus on one PvE zone non stop to get this achievement done, which can take hours and hours. I would at least fix it so that you could log out but an even better solution would be to change it to monthly experience/karma collector. Then you could collect experience without worrying about PvP deaths or fall damage and still get the monthly achievement.

I also know that the achievement is not a must-to-have but so far I haven't met anybody who actually likes pursuing this goal. What do you guys think about it?

Huntsman/weaponsmith - the appearance of the crafted items

31 August 2012 - 06:25 PM

First of all, I would like to say that I love crafting in this game. Getting the materials all by yourself is easy enough for me to be interested in leveling my crafts. This has not been the case in previous MMOs, so I am very happy about this and at the moment I am leveling huntsman (~136), weaponsmith (101), chef (~5 + tons of mats) and jeweler (~125).

However, there always has to be some flaw to a system that I enjoy, it seems. This time it is the appearance of the crafted weapons. It annoys me to death that all the weapons that I craft look exactly similar (aka boring wooden sticks) while in armour crafting you get different kinds of armour every 25 levels (or so). Why can't this be the case for weapon crafting? If all the weapons that I've created for levels 0-35 look the same, when does the appearance change or does it stay the same until 80?

Now, I know that there are transmutation stones. However, I dislike the idea of wasting them on something that I use only for a couple of days and it is a bit odd that you need them for weapons but that you don't need them for armour.

What are your thoughts on this?