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In Topic: Possible way to make condi damage viable in PvE?

29 July 2014 - 02:38 AM

As for how to fix conditions.

If you look at things that apply bleeds you will notice that almost all of them either apply very long duration bleeds & or multiple stacks of bleeding at once.
I would either nerf the amount of bleeds applied or their duration then boost the scaling to compensate. This would make it so each person applies less stacks but each stack does more damage per tick.

For confusion & torment I would leave them alone, nobody can really spam them like other conditions can be spammed.

For poison I would change it to scale in intensity instead of duration, then change how much each stack does in terms of damage & healing reduction. (makes sense really, if you ate some rat poison you might get sick but if you eat allot you die very fast.)

Vulnerability I would change by increasing the amount of bonus damage it allows to 2% per stack, but would nerf abilities that apply multiple stackor excessively long duration stacks.

Burning I would simply add an addendum to it. "Any time you would apply burning to a target that is already burning for more then X seconds you instead apply Y stacks of agony for the same duration. (think of it like trowing rock salt on someone's open wound)

This all may not make it so everyone in a zerg can apply every condition they want to on a target but it would make 5 man & slightly larger groups able to have more then 1 condition user which is currently the problem.

In Topic: Possible way to make condi damage viable in PvE?

29 July 2014 - 02:27 AM

View Postlalangamena, on 27 July 2014 - 08:14 AM, said:

condition damage is broken:
in 1 on 1 PVP condition damage is overpowered, in PVE condition damage is useless.
you cant even start to fix it before you remove the tie between each tick on the target and its source. which will never occur because that is the way the game core build

healing is broken:
basic healing is very strong for a skill which is not traited or invested,
full healing investment  is useless as it can never change the tide of battle .
because if you will make it little stronger, it will be extremely  strong in PVP, but it is again useless in PVE.

in order to fix healing,  you have to rework its coefficients (increase them around 50%), and reduce the base ratings for half...
i don't understand why this is not made as it has no serious effect on PVP  (bunkers will be the same, hybrids will be the new meta, while pure DPS will be easier to kill)

AOE is broken:
AOE as a concept should be weaker than single target attack, but affect all the enemies in radius.
in this game AOE is strongest than single target attack, but capped on five targets.
the AOE cap must be removed, but the basic damage reduced.
you cant even start to fix it before you remove the tie between each damage tick on the target and its source. which will never occur because that is the way the game core build.

dodging is broken:
dodging should remove you from harms way , not to make you invulnerable for the duration of dodge.
the invulnerability frames should be removed from dodge (it should be only fast movement to any direction)

active blocking should be introduced and given to shield wielders instead of one of the shield skills.
( skill 5 on every shield, when you press it you block all damage until your endurance is run out).

enemy AI is broken:
this is the "mother" of all what is failed in this game, the basic enemy AI is broken and the developers try to compensate it with more HP and more insta-kill attacks.

remove the insta-kill attacks. but make the AI to make a decision where to go, where to stand and whom to attack.
AI that allow itself to be "wall-tanked" in a corner while doing no damage is bad AI.

combo fields are broken:
combo fields are not equal, some of them stronger, some weaker and some useless.
all of them are not working as intended.
fire fields should grant only one stack of might instead of three.
light fields blast should remove conditions instead of giving retaliation. (what is the relation between "light" and retaliation?)
smoke fields very strong in PVP but useless against bosses due to defiant/unshakable.

CC is broken:
CC can be very strong in 1 on 1 PVP, and can be used tactically in GVG etc.
but it is broken in PVE, it is not long enough to affect trash mobs, and it is completely useless against bosses, it is just a waste of code and CPU.

Agree that conditions need some major fixes, this is especially true of poison & burning as they scale in time which means the second someone with more + condition damage then you applies them yours takes a back seat.
Though I don't thing it is broken in general terms in Spvp. Some specs just have too much of it & or some specs don't have enough ways to remove it.

Healing is not broken. They advertised that there are no real "healers" in this game. It is not meant to keep people alive indefinitely like in other games, it's just supposed to help.

Agree that AOE should not be as good for single target as actual single target attacks, that is something that should be fixed.

Active blocking could work well if done right, if done wrong it could screw up the game.

Agree the Ai in the game needs a major boost.

Dodging is as good as it can really get.

Agree that CC should be more of a thing in PVE, but its a delicate line for Spvp. Some specs may have to much others could use some more.

In Topic: Dragon's Reach: Part 1

22 July 2014 - 07:37 PM

[quote name='MCBiohazard' timestamp='1406056592' post='2333114']
That wouldn't be in their MO as of late

That hasn't been their MO for some time now. They'll announce new features when they're ready but otherwise will just keep mum to manage expectations, which has its own player relations issues but is better than promising big things and not delivering on schedule. They could be working on big stuff as we speak. Or not. We just don't know for now.

Sadly your right.

Not saying they should show any of the content, but it would be nice if they at least showed a few guys in a back room and said ya they are working on stuff, so it will eventually get there.

In Topic: Dragon's Reach: Part 1

22 July 2014 - 06:46 PM

Looks good.

I like S2 allot more then S1.

That being said I would like to see more then just story added.

Where are all the new weapons, spreading around existing weapons, new features etc.... that they have said will come "soon". It would be nice if they would at least show us that they are "working" on them.

In Topic: Help with Support Guardian?

19 July 2014 - 04:29 PM

First off I would say dump sword of justice. The only place spirit weapons are good is fractals & SPVP even then that's just the shield for projectile absorbs or when you fully trait them for damage.
They tend to die way too fast in pve due to AI being stupid.

Second, your relying on healing way too much. No matter how much + healing you stack it won't make up for stupid people.
That being said some + healing can help smart people survive longer.

Knowing this I always suggest a mix of celestial & beserker gear for people who want to do support. The damage loss is not as big as cleric's or zealot's but it doesn't provide as much + healing. So it fits in a good sweet spot.
Note also that it is almost always better to prevent damage from being done then it is to heal it up after due to how little you can heal others in this game.
So protection, blocks & blinds help allot.

Also I would suggest battle presence over writ of the merciful. The range is 600 and it stays active even after you activate virtue of resolve. (Absolute resolution will also boost its effectiveness by another 25% despite what the calculator says)

Taking this all into account I wouldn't really see a need to go beyond +600 healing power when you could easily instead prevent damage being done in the first place via protection, blocks & blinds.

would be my suggestion for a support build.
You still have plenty of healing between dodge heals, regeneration & battle presence, but you now also have permanent protection for everyone, VOJ spam, lots of retaliation (Should be near permanent for your entire group with hammer) and more overall damage.
You can alternate the 3rd utility out to whatever you want really.

Lastly you may be able to keep protection up permanently thanks to + boon duration without using Writ of persistence, if you find you can you can easily get another trait like writ of the merciful, two handed mastery or superior aria.