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In Topic: Engineer patch notes, February 26th

27 February 2013 - 02:24 AM

View PostBZeeB, on 27 February 2013 - 01:13 AM, said:

Um is Flame Blast supposed to hit 2x on detonation?  If I let the ball pass through a pvp dummy, ball hits (does dmg) -> then I Detonate for another 1.5k a piece O_O

Seems to be sparratic, of course when I try to take a pic of it I can't seem to get it to happen =/.  Might just be crazy lol

I'm pretty sure that's intended. I've been noticing that before this patch. The ball itself does damage (less than detonate) and then detonation does damage. So if you time right, then you can hit 2x total (not 1x ball and then 2x detonate). It's the same theory as Coated Bullets with #1 pistol. Bullet pierce does dmg and if you are at the right distance, the explosion also does dmg.

In Topic: Viable build for PVE?

26 January 2013 - 10:04 PM

IMO, Turrets are currently not usable. They don't do enough damage and are easily destroyed in addition to having long cooldowns even if you pick them up.

30/10/0/30/0 is the Grenadier/HGH spec I believe. It's probably best used in Rampager's gear as previous guru posters have shown that grenades are good for conditions.

10/30/0/30/0 is the dual pistol elixir build that can easily be switched to a Flamethrower spec (switch coated bullets with juggernaut) if you get bored.

0/30/0/30/10 is my personal favorite build, but it requires a lot of work. Kind of a jack of all trades build where you have average dmg, average support. Relies on HGH and might stacking with juggernaut for the direct and condition dmg. You dance btwn FT and pistols allowing might to stack up, while doing all sorts of condition dmg. The 10 pts in Tools allows you Kit Refinement which works well with FT (kit refined FT has a condition removal on switch) and Elixir Gun (2 super elixirs)

In Topic: Viable Grenadier?

14 January 2013 - 09:59 PM

I've actually just switched back to FT from grenades. It's kind of a funky build and probably not well optimized, but I would love your opinions. It's mainly for PvE (who in their right mind would actually use FT as a primary source of dmg for PvP). My dungeon team has a lot of glass cannons and more fragile classes that don't bring too much utility, so it's kind of my role, which is fine b/c we don't really excel at DPS anymore anyways.

0/30/0/30/10 --> Running with Dual Pistols (Superior Sigil of Earth, Superior Sigil of Battle), Elixir H for heal, Elixir B, FT, EG, Supply Crate and 2 Runes of Fire, 2 runes of monk, 2 runes of water.
Pistol CD reduction, FT/EG CD Reduction and Juggernaut
Elixirs CD, Cleansing 409/Potent Elixir, HGH
Kit Refinement

I chose to forgo the 15% extra dmg on EG and FT b/c I never use EG for dmg anyways (mainly for super elixir and very rarely fumigate) and 15% on the FT was negligible compared to getting conditon removal or 20% more boon duration on B and H elixir effects.

Despite only running 2 elixirs, combined with boon duration and juggernaut, I can easily hold on to 17-18 stacks of might alone along with really good uptime of the other boons. FT1 does average dmg (if nothing crits 1650, if lots of crits 2.6-2.7k) but notably, it stacks bleed from superior sigil of earth and sharpshooter very well. FT2 hits for decent dmg too. However, I bring a ton of utility and support to the team with 2 super elixirs, 3 condition cleanse (if running 409 + fumigate) - not counting super elixir's cleanse, and some boon support (kinda random boons though). It's a lot of work to optimize the damage. I stay in FT for juggernaut, go thru my rotation, swap to pistols, use 3, 4, 2 and then swap back into the FT to maintain might stacks. With CD reduction of both pistols and FT, it's quite a bit of rotating. I have >3.1k power with >1000 condition dmg when stacking might alone along with 2.6k armor w/FT and 21k hp (mix of soldier and knight gear w/berserker amulet and exquisite ruby jewels). Works for me.

However, I have to put this out there. We do A LOT of work just to be on par with other classes in terms of dmg. The APM when playing engi is like double than when I play my guardian. Also I think a DD aurashare build actually does all of this, but better and with a bit less work. A might stacking hybrid necromancer (scepter and axe) actually does way more dmg than this build with more survivability due to DS (no support though).

In Topic: Getting game, eng my first choice is it worth it?

04 January 2013 - 10:59 PM

If you're looking to the engineer for its variety and complexity, I would actually take a look at the elementalist. I have a geared lvl 80 engineer and it just seems that the Elementalists (DD and Staff builds) are superior to us in most regards. Take a look at a DD Auramancer Elementalist and see if that fits your playstyle.

I'm not trying to completely dissuade you from creating an engi, but rather just take a look at ele. When I was looking for a class that offered lots of boon support with decent damage and variety (class depth and versatility), I made a grenadier engi without taking a look at the ele and atm, I regret leveling an engi over an ele.

In Topic: A Comprehensive Look at the Flamethrower (And Elixir Gun)

17 December 2012 - 08:18 PM

Altruism Runes are something that I've been looking at to replace my Dwayna runes. I really like that you get both Might x3 and Fury with a simple switch to the medkit along with the nice +15% boon duration which is overall a nice stat for us. Unfortunately, I don't know the durations of the 3 stacks of Might and Fury. If they were sufficiently long enough, I think they might be worth it. We could also use Sigil of Battle (for a slightly cheaper alternative) while we are at it since we are switching kits pretty often.

Phineas, are you still using FT/EG? I've been using the build for quite some time b/c Grenade #1 spam is bad for my keyboard and wrists, but I just feel like a weaker Staff Ele. I rarely find use for any of the Elixir Gun skills aside from 4 and 5. The FT dmg skills are pretty weak, aside from 2, but it's pretty buggy.