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#1940885 "Casual" PvP in GW2 feels godawful to me.

Posted ph2001 on 17 September 2012 - 05:15 PM

How dare I say such a thing. Kinda long rant here.

But really, there are 2 forms of PvP for a non-hardcore player like me: random sPvP and WvW.

Both of them, both of them feel like zergfests. And I'm saying this coming from GW1 with Alliance Battles being among my favorite PvP forms. Even AB didn't feel so zergy.

-sPvP just feels bad, I can't put my finger on it. It feels infinitely zergy and like your individual player skill matters hardly at all. Those with the numbers advantage always win.
2v1s...Oh you're winning you say? You still have 60% HP after "defeating a player"? Well here, his ally comes, blows his cooldowns and with the help of the downed other guy's spam downs you, kills you off while you're helpless and rezzes his teammate. It's impossible to win even if you're better than both. I hate every single thing about this down-mechanic and their related "hey I'm gonna annoy you by jumping away or knocking you down" prolonging skills. Also the down-camera, horribly zoomed-in and makes me nauseous. In most cases "down" adds nothing but frustration to the PvP aspect of the game.

Then there's also the numbers issue again, especially at late hours. Ever tried playing a round at 4am?
If the enemy team is 4 and you're 3 it MATTERS. But the dev team didn't seem to care much. They let anyone join unrestricted. Doesn't matter if one team has a numbers advantage for 3 minutes straight, winning them the round.
If I were in charge I'd have made it that way that only 2 people can join at once and then one gets put on red and the other on blue. (aka a mini-queue)

Before you slap me across the mouth with an angry "stop playing randoms and play tournaments" - Like I said, I'm a casual pvper, I don't want to deal with finding a dedicated PvP guild just to be able to enjoy pvp. I loved RA, JQ, FA and AB in Guild Wars 1. Very rarely even TA. But I stayed the hell away from HA and GvG.

-WvW I don't even need to go there: Individual player skill is so unimportant, you're just part of a herd, a small slice in the pie of damage. Meleeing is also impossible, taking a further cut out of the already extremely small pool of skills and variety. It's all about range. All about spamming AoEs as a defender, and watching the battlefronts shifting and retreating early enough in a zerg-vs-zerg. Not to mention oftentimes, the enemy zerg doesn't load on your screen until it's too late (servers seem unable to actually handle WvW fluently).


More of a general rant following: I miss the variety of GW1, all the possible builds and variants and whacky stuff you could do with duo classes. Of course GW2 can't offer this, but even these few skills would be good if they were properly executed, there are sooo so so so many things in this game that just feel bad. Examples:

-All of these "deal 5% more damage with weapon type X" major traits. Useless and SO very boring. How is that supposed to be "major"? It doesn't feel "major" at all. Major traits should change how a character plays at least in SOME way.
-All of these "1% chance on [a critical/being hit] to do something amazing and broken (2000 second cooldown)" traits and runes (yes, that was a hyperbole).
-On the opposite side things like "40% chance to cause vulnerability for 5 seconds on a critical hit (1-second cooldown)." - 1% more damage for 5 seconds? On a chance on a chance? Woah. Feels so good. Not.
-Also Might (35 power per stack) and regeneration (~80 regen per sec with 18000 HP) being/feeling negligible. "If you use your 30 second CD heal skill, gain 1 stack of might for 15 seconds" - feels BAD!
-The entirety of everything to do with "haste" (100% frenzy, really?).
-Constant server lag+missable attacks+dodging mechanic+CCs = melee even more unviable
-Hexes missing completely from the game (Necro without real hexes, feels so bad, and I say this as a necro hater in GW1)
-Weakness being RNG-based (50/50 chance, why??? makes no sense)
-Not seeing what your opponent's doing (no little cast bar below their name)
-GW2 Mesmers. Everything about them, utterly broken. Not OP, not UP, but broken. Mesmers in GW1 were annoying in a good, skillful way. Mesmers in GW2 are annoying in an annoying and bad way with the illusions. Also adds a ton to the harmful "zerg-feeling".
-Effects. EFFECTS EVERYWHERE. I often can't even see what the hell is going on with 6+ people spamming each other and spamming flashy ground-AoE effects.
-Too many knockbacks and forceful position-changers, you sometimes feel like a pinball.
-Long cooldowns on everything, especially elites. Some elites are way too strong too (e.g. Thieves Guild if it's up you win any 1v1 easily).
-Combat mode movement speed slowdown.

so yeah, this was my not-so-short rant on how PvP feels to me in GW2, and I'm just wondering if I'm "totally wrong about everything you rabid gw1 fanboy!!1!1" or if any other people out there feel the same way. To me it doesn't even have anything to do with GW1 in particular, more that in GW2, many numbers even feel "off" (one excellent and rare example for a good, balanced trait is the "Stealth skills last 1 second longer" minor trait for thief, that just feels RIGHT), and most of the mechanics things aren't innovative but boring.

#1851342 Permanently Banned

Posted Yasuhiro on 30 August 2012 - 10:50 PM

Cool I wish they would ban all the exploiters. Glad to see A-Net is on top of these things.

#1674476 Should we get rid of racial skills?

Posted Shriketalon on 03 August 2012 - 10:01 PM

Said it before, will say it again.  Should be cosmetic options for skill animation changes.

You're a sylvari engineer?  You can choose to grow seed turrets instead of constructing metal and dead wood contraptions.  You're a Norn Warrior?  You can decide to equip Rampage in its standard form, or Become The Bear with identical mechanics but an awesome bear form.  You're a human guardian?  You can summon normal spirit weapons, or click the option that turns them into Balthazar's Eternals instead.

Why choose when you can have your cake AND eat it too?