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Anime characters in GW2

26 May 2012 - 07:28 PM

I was sat today watching One Piece and I found myself wondering what Race and profession the straw hat crew would be if they were Lion Arch Pirates. So I was wondering what you guys think,

I wasn't thinkinking just the playable races I was also considering Tengu and such

So the Point of the thread, character name, proposed race and profession

Luffy = Norn = Guardian (for example)

I gave the thread a generic title incase anyone else has a similar thought from another Anime

Console Controller compatible

14 April 2012 - 08:36 AM

I pc game however prefer using an Xbox controller for windows as I find movement a lot smoother and easier to coordinate, what is the likelihood Guild wars 2 with be compatible with this type of controller with out the use of an additional program (like I did for guildwars 1, but it was still never as smooth as those games which supported the controller).

Thank you for your guidance with this matter

Summoner 2

01 March 2011 - 08:28 PM

okay, did anyone ever play summoner 2, I loved that game as a kid, and on an ebay session, I bought it again and have been playing it this week, It's a real shame noone remade it with today's graphics and the ability to jump because on today's platform that game could kick the proverbial bottom. do we think that there is ever a possibility of people going back to old games and revamping them with the similar story, or are these excellent games just lost in the bowels of gaming history,

What do you think?
Did you like summoner 2?
Any other games you wish were remade?
Is there any likelihoods gaming companies will bring back ancient titles for a new audience?

Race The Oanne - Fanfic Race

23 January 2011 - 11:50 PM

This thread has just been moved from the of Library whispers forum, Please feel free to ask any questions, and add anything from stories epic or characters if you would like to be involved with this race design. I would like to avoid "WE DON'T NEED MORE RACES" posts as much as possible please, however constructive critisism is welcome


“With grace and generosity we will regain our place in this world, for that is the way of the Oanne”

The Oanne (O'ann (suggested spelling by tmakinen)) are an ancient race of humanoid reptilians currently inhabiting the eastern fringes of Crystal Desert at the source of the River Elon. The noble and disciplined Oanne do not sleep, instead preferring a form of meditation known as, Thal-Ja’har. With knowledge of the Elder Dragons and Arcane magics, the Oanne will undoubtably make powerful allies.


Origin - Story of Creation



1325 AE Present day during Guild Wars 2.
1321 AE Oanne ‘scouts’ enter Tyria to assess dragon threat and determine which Races to align with. Some Oanne forsake Oannarb and Join the Ranks of Joko
1320 AE Kralkatorrik, the Elder Crystal Dragon, awakens.
1270 AE The "Deep Sea dragon" awakens. (approx.)
1219 AE Zhaitan, the Elder Undead Dragon, awakens. Orr rises from the sea.
1165 AE Jormag, the Elder Ice Dragon, awakens.
1135 AE Battles with undead unrelated to dragons begin on the fringes of Oanne Territory
1120 AE Primordus awakens in the Depths of Tyria. Development of settlements surrounding Lake Anoat as space required to practice warfare increases.
1078 AE Scrying Device in the chamber of the Loya Jirga activates, Mandatory development of offensive abilities established.
0 AE Essence of Magic altered, establishment of the three main disciplines
250 BE War in Tyria began once more, Retreat to Habylos
900 BE Bra’tac’s last acts, foundation of Habylos and creation of Loya Jirga
930 BE Chaos put to rest, Tyrias surface Terraformed, Heroes Born
975 BE Establishment of the Great Council, of the sapient Races of Tyria
1000 BE Bra’tac, The first Oanne Steps to the Shores of Lake Anoat
10,000 BE Last of the Giganticus Lupicus, the Great Giants, disappear from the Tyrian continent.

Notable Oanne

Bra’tac – The first Oanne, and most important Teacher. Bra’tac was believed to have been given the responsibility to end war within Tyria and put an end to Abzul’s rage, he established the Great Council amongst the Races of Tyria, teaching them the common tongue allowing successful communication and ultimately succeeded in bringing Peace to Tyria. It was Bra’tac who taught all other Oanne of peace through following the Oannarb (way of the Oanne). Towards the end of his life, he formed a governmental body to lead his people once he was gone, this High Council (or Loya Jirga) was made up his 3 closest friends each representing different aspects of the Oannarb, and these were responsible for day to day issues. The forth member however was a Younger Oanne whom Bra’tac had seen great potential, this member (or Aftal as the position is called) was responsible for maintaining the Oanne as a Race, upholding the way of the Oannarb, and leading there people if Abzul became angry once more.

Before his death something unknown, caused Bra’tac to become sceptical that peace amongst the races would endure, and as a pre-emptive measure the construction of a hidden city began (this City would eventually become the Oanne Capital known as Habylos). He left one prophecy that he who could fuse their gemstones through the art of meditation, and thus have gained knowledge of the essence of all things will lead the Oanne to a great destiny.

Aftal Rak’nor – Rak’nor was the the apprentice of Bra’tac and the first Aftal, it is he whom the completion of Habylos took place. Rak’nor also established a voting system to replace the other members of the Loya Jirga following the death (or in unlikely case of Banishment) allowing Loya Jirga members to be selected by the Oanne people themselves, (this system did not alter the way the Title of Aftal is gained however)

Aftal Se’tak – Se’tak was responsible for the Oanne when the essence of magic was altered, as a result she divided the Oanne into discplines represented by the gemstones, Jinn, Badan, and Ard. This was met by conflict, as many believed it made fulfilling Bra’tac’s prophecy even more difficult, and these were dark times for the Oanne. As a result of this divide the manner of which the members of the Loya Jirga came into power altered slightly, the members now represented their chosen discipline and were voted by those who followed the same discipline. The death of Se’tak was untimely and mysterious; many believe she ended her own existence, other believe more sinister powers were at work, either way her successor was able to inspire the Oanne aiding them to adapt to this huge change in lifestyle.

Del’nor, ex-Loya Jirga member of Badan – Del’nor is an old and somewhat stubborn warrior, believing that the preservation of the Oanne is more important than the Oannarb, he believes along with a small cult that the only way to ensure their survival is to destroy all other races upon the planet, thus ended war more permanently. Del’nor attempted to form an uprising against the current Aftal when it was decided to form the Great Council as Bra’tac did. Del’nor, however was met by fierce opposition by most Oanne, and thus was banished, he and his followers have joined the Ranks of Joko, whilst a more permanent plan is established.

Aftal Ka’lel – Current Aftal, the Oanne follow her strongly, and the current council members void of Del’nor, believe she is right in her actions. In her own right she is a powerful elementalist, and is inspiring often making points in rather a theatrical manner, but she has been trained since she was a child to take the responsibility of her people in these troubling times, and with their support she may indeed succeed where Bra’tac did. Before any action can be taken however, feedback from Oanne sent to assess Tyria and its people is required, For a Great Council, Needs those willing to fight a common enemy in the name of Peace



Eyes - Eyes are always black with white pupils, with ducts present on the inner side of the eye (these vary in size and are not always present), two sets of eyelids are present, standard eyelids and swimming eyelids, these eyelids are white but become transparent when in contact with water (these eyelids also close during mediation and use of strenuous magic). An Oanne Eyebrow Ridges are very animated during speech and are a good indicator of an Oannes mood

Nose - two nasal splits are present, these are highly sensitive particularly to hormones, making an Oanne aware when they are being lied to. these nasal splits close when an Oanne is swimming

Mouth - the bottom jaw of all Oanne is hard and strong, like a snapping turtle, there are no lips on the bottom jaw and thus is not used for speech and expression (the jaw can only be moved up and down) the upper jaw however does have lips and thus is used for pronunciation and expression. the bottom jaw is further forward than the top, however lacks teeth and is designed for strength, the upper jaw does have fine backward facing teeth appropriate for catching fish. Their tongues are not forked as some believe, and are in fact quite large and often blue in colouration. They do not chew food rather swallow most items whole. The Onnae have only one language the Common tongue of Tyria, believing they themselves founded this language when it was their role to unite the races (as mentioned in Origin)

Stature - straight backed with large muscular necks give the Oanne an air of superiority (however this in most cases is not the intention) Males are shorter and bulkier than females with a height just taller than a large human. Their tail is thick and muscular with ridges which follow from their back, this is predominately used for swimming and balance. (they swim very similar to crocodiles using mainly the tail, tucking other limbs in)

Hands - their hands are rather unique with very mobile claws deriving from the underside of the'hand' the hand itself is large and resistant, when their fist is clenched and the claws remain entirely on the underside of the hand, the hand fits neatly by the Oanne sides, this is particularly important whilst swimming. the claws can easily gut and de-bone a fish.

Colouration - They vary a large degree in colour, from dusty grey to a pale blue, with the near white shade. and are usually two tonal with their underbelly, neck and lower jaw being of a different shade (usually lighter)

Gender Variation - Males 6'0" to 6'4" in height (on average). Thick muscular necks, wide bottom jaw end either flat or with two spike like protrusion, upper edge of lower jaw is heavily jagged with atleast two prominent 'fangs'. Very thin upper lip. Thick scaly 'eyebrow' with the occasional narrow line of thin 'feathery' scales above (usually a different colour). Two tonal colouration of the neck continues onto the chest. Top of the head often has thicker scales of a slightly darker shade.

Female - 6'3" - 6'7" in height (on average). more slender neck (and are less muscular in general), slightly narrower bottom jaw always ending in a single point, Upper edge of lower jaw is relatively smooth with just 2 small 'fangs'. Upper lip is full and usually darker in colour, Eyebrow are thinner with highly decorative feathered ends (this can vary quite allot however). Two tonal colouration of the neck does not continue onto the chest. Frills are present which lay when at rest on the back of the neck but are very ornate when 'in bloom'. These decorative appendage present on females are likely attributed to some sort of mating ritual, however as note below, the Oanne are unaware of this

Attire usually consists of cotton robes with armoured plating if required. pearls and shells often adorn armours and weapons, some Oanne even incorporate their gemtstones within weaponry are armour.

spoilers represent other peoples artistic representations which encapsulate the feel I am trying to get across

The Oanne live in the eastern Crystal Desert, at the source of the River Elon can be find, Lake Anoat at the foothills of the Sorgaz Mountains

Most Oanne Settlements are located around Lake Anoat, however the capital, The Hidden City (as refereed to in dwarvern legends), Habylos can only be accessed through the Lake itself (and later by an Asura gate outside of the city walls), in an underground cavern. Upon surfacing a great city guarded by a giant wall and crystal encrusted doorway is met (this doorway prevents dragon spawn ever entering the city) the city is lit by a large gemstone, located upon what can only be described as a light house,, this building infact houses a scrying device sensitive to dragon activity, and is the meeting place for the Loya Jirga (High counsel) the city itself is made of an intricate canal network (similar to those of Venice) allowing supplies to be transported throughout the city.

Way of life


The Oanne are trained at a young age all basic skills required for their civilisation to function, including farming, fishing, fighting, making bricks, herbal medicine and many others. Families are rare within Oanne society, as mating occurs once every three years, the Oanne themselves are unaware of their mating rituals, as upon mating seasons, they are overcome, with a high fever which forces them all into the water, it is here where mating takes place, but the Oanne themselves are overtaken by primal instincts and do not remember such encounters. As a result eggs once laid are removed from their 'mothers' to the hatchery, upon hatching children enter education immediately. Meditation is the first discipline taught, the Oanne do not sleep, instead performing mediation known as Thal-Ja'har, it is more efficient then sleep so gives the Oanne greater time to perform tasks and more importantly consider existence. They are a very philosophical people and upon reaching maturity, all Oanne must choose 3 gem stones, these stones represent the three important aspects of existence, Mist (Jinn), Body (Badan), and Earth (Ard), it is said that if an individual can fuse these gems whilst mediating, they will have reached 'enlightenment' and lead their people on a great journey, however many believe this to be just myth. It is aspected that following this coming off age that an individual selects to follow a particular path, focusing on one particular aspect of existence, in an attempt to further the knowledge of the race.

Jinn - Those who follow this path in life, spend time improving knowledge of the immaterial, such as magic and the mind. These Oanne often spend time deep in thought, using magical abilities and searching for areas of magical and spiritual significance, to gain a greater understanding of their place in the universe (these Oanne often take a keen interest in other races belief systems). Professions usually associated with this discipline are, Elementalists, Mesmers, and Guardians

Badan - Those who follow this path in life, spend time improving knowledge of the Oanne as physical entities. These Oanne often spend time pushing their bodies to the limit, under extreme conditions in an attempt to understand their form and its limitations. Sparring is common practice amongst Oanne, and 'friendly' battle with member of other races are performed, to determine strategies which make use of the Oanne unique qualities, all this is in an attempt to understand what makes and Oanne, an Oanne, and what separates them from others around them. Professions usually associated with this discipline are, Warriors and 'Assassins'

Ard - Those who follow this path in life, spend time improving knowledge of the physical world around them believing that the Oanne will only ever find their place in Tyria if they understand Tyria itself. Many of these Oanne construct things from the earth itself, and often have a deeper connection with the wild and the worlds natural cycles, often keeping companions (whether they be pets or animated). This is the most diverse discipline and those who study it are often highly resourceful. Professions usually associated with this discipline are, Rangers, Necromancers and (more than likely) 'Unknown Adventure class'


All Oanne follow an unwritten code, developed by Bra'tac the first Oanne and founder of Habylos, this code is referred to simply as the Oannarb.

Mana'a (hospitality) - Showing hospitality and profound respect to all visitors, regardless of distinctions of race or religion, and doing so without any hope of remuneration or favour. Oanne are widely considered to be the most hospitable race in Tyria and a Oanne will go to great extents to show his hospitality.

Zuhub (asylum) - protection given to a person who requests protection against his/her enemies. The people are protected at all costs,

Aswas (bravery) - A n Oanne must defend Oanne and their way of life from incursions wherever he or she might reside. An Oanne should always stand brave against tyranny and he should always be able to defend Life and all the Oanne stand for.

Jama'a (loyalty) - Loyalty must be paid to one's friends, and tribe members. Loyalty is a must and an Oanne can never become disloyal as this would be utterly shameful towards themselves.

Yamin (righteousness) - An Oanne must always strive towards thinking good thoughts, speaking good words and doing other good deeds. Oanne must behave respectfully towards all creations including outsiders, animals and the environment around them.

Ijlal (self honour or dignity) - Oanne must maintain their dignity. Honour has great importance in Oanne society and most other codes of life are aimed towards the preservation of one's honour. They must respect themselves and others in order to be able to do so, especially those they do not know.


Their names may appear odd, but this can more than likely to attributed to the fact they have remained isolated for over 1500 years, naming does however have simple rules depending on gender

Males- Usually consisting of two 3 letter syllables separated by an apostrophe
Females - Usually consisting of two syllables separated by an apostrophe, first syllable containing only two letters and the second containing 3


The Oanne's main diet is fish, this is attributed to their semi aquatic nature, like crocodiles their tails are powerful propellents and rudders, allowing swimming with ease. Bi monthly fishing ventures supply food for Habylos and the surrounding settlements, like dolphins the Oanne 'herd' fish to the surface where, nets and water elemental abilities are used to move fish onto land, fish is usually consumed following being sun/air dried.

The Oanne are also large producers of cotton, cotton is grown within the city walls of Habylos where water which infiltrates through the rocks provided nutrients and large dragonflies are imperative in the crops survival, these insects are responsible for pollinating the crop and eating pests (these dragonflies are also common ranger pets amongst the Oanne due to their hunting capabilities and mild paralytic toxins). the dragonflies also have a dual purpose, as their larvae, live with in the canals of the city and ensure that the water remains pure.

Silt and clay is also farmed from the bottom of the lake for building purposes. An extensive variety of herbs are also grown for remedies, most of which grow happily on the the side of the clay built buildings


The Oanne have no currency among the Oanne people and to some extent guests, due to the rich supply of resources, so all get an equal share, and do an equal share of work, however with increased interactions with outsiders, trade in technologies have become more common. the Oanne follow a democratic mode of government, where 3 members of the high council (Loya Jirga) are voted upon by indivudals on the three main pathways based on insight into their chosen disciple. The forth member however is selected by his/her predecessor and has been performed since the time of Bra'tac, this individual is chosen at a very young age based upon the ability to grasp all three elements of existence to a degree higher than their piers. This individual main duty is preserving the Oannarb and ensuring preparation are considered in case a threat similar to those mentioned within Origin occur once more. Meeting in the high council may be overseen by any Oanne who so wishes and their voice may be heard if requested.

The Oanne, although have remained separate from most of Tyria for a long time, have adapted quickly producing fire arms similar to those the other races posses,. Their opinions of the races are quite clear, they although respect the Asura for their knowledge do not condone their methods and thus spend little time with them, they believe the Norn are honorable but are somewhat sort sighted, the feral nature of the Charr, worries the Oanne greatly. Humanity has potential, whilst the Sylvari are off greatest interest and have been taken under the wing by many. Initial relations were hindered to begin with due to the Oanne's reptilian features leading many others believing them to be related somehow to the dragons

The Oanne can be rather frustrating at time answering question with other questions or being rather cryptic, this is not to undermine others but to simply allow others to find their own answers, as they believe that a puzzle solved has greater benefit than an answer simply given.


The Oanne have no religion in the sense of worship, they have a deep respect for both the Earth (Represented by Abzul) and the Mist (represented by Tiamus, believe that any lack of respect will ultimately lead to their undoing just as Origin suggests. The Oanne believe that although they were made to prevent the destruction of life to begin with they no longer had a purpose, this is why they mediate and comprehend existence hoping one day to reveal a path to their destiny, however with the awakening of the dragons, they have a role once more in the world, for now anyway.

When an Oanne dies he is cremated on the shores of Anoat (or the nearest body of water if away from home) at sunset. following the ceremony, all those who attend, perform Thal-Ja'har until sunrise. Such rituals are done to aid the essence of the lost Oanne to reach the Chamber of Fates, where they can observe Tyria from beyond, the greatest Oanne are believed to gain there own place in the sky represented by a new star, however few achieve such reverence.

Internal Conflict

There are some Oanne who misinterpret the story of Origin. The Oanne have remained silent since war became re-established within Tyria, and fears of Abzuls rage became a concern, with the rise of the dragons once again, some believe that this is due to the other races inability to coincide, and as a result wish to prevent Abzul anger in future, by destroying all other races, preserving the Oanne way without threat, such individuals have been banished, many seeking refuge in the ranks of Joko for the time being while a plan is established. It is unknown if members of this faction have infiltrated Habylos recently.

Racial Skills

Inner Focus - You enter a meditative type state, attacks cannot be interrupted but movement speed is reduced and dodging requires more energy

Aid of Mana'a - surrounding allies are revived from distance

Protection of Zuhub - You become the focus of enemy attacks

Might of Aswas - You have Increased attack speed and dodging requires less energy

Strength of Jama'a - You and are nearest allowing gain increased attack strength and share damage

Purity of Yamin - all negative conditions are removed from surrounding allies

Force of Ijlal - you block the next attack and your following attack is unblock-able and undodge-able

I'll add more art hopefully soon, unfortunately my pc died and I lost a great deal I had already done, including a street view design of Habylos :( but nevermind, if you would like to add anything, including city design concepts, epics, character designs, you are more than welcome to do so, as I said it would be great to get a group of people involved with the design of these guys.

Also if you have any question you feel are unanswered about this race, or section you feel need expanding please let me know, as sometimes I can't keep track of what I have transferred from my head to the PC

Feature Lesser Races | In-game Store Option

16 October 2010 - 02:49 PM

I hope this is in the right place and if anyone feels this doesn't warrant its own thread then feel free to delete it, as I don't wish to anger anyone :)

Right I briefly mentioned this concept on the skritt thread in the lore forum. In general what is your opinion on lesser races being introduced as playable through the in-game store (obviously sometime after release but before any possible expansions)?

IMO there are 2 realistic(ish) options

1.all characters would start in Lions Arch (we already know random lesser races frequent this area so its the best place and plus it would only require the creation of a lower levelled area instead of significantly extending both physically and gameplay of the lesser races existing capitals if they exist), beginning tutorial would be generic, picking up skills and maybe learning some brief history about the race you have chosen (and home instance would exist in lions arch but with a racial influence eg a skritt house would look like a salvaged mishmass of material).

2. the beginning of the story is instanced much like the bonus mission packs, very brief but takes part within existing cities, with unique 'quests', (I don't really like this option if I'm honest)

following either of these possible tutorial sections, the newly made character will follow a pre-existing campaign of a possibly sympathetic race, eg Skriit could play the Charr campaign (but never the Asuran) and Kodan, the Norn,

by using this approach, it would take work to introduce, but not too much work as most storyline content already exist, the difficulty lies with sorting armor so it fits the new races and developing racial specific skills (however as these are worse then profession counterparts the balancing is less of a worry)

races would of course be limited to their compatibility with swimming and other in-game mechanics, so still no centaurs, sorry guys, but its still leaves us with a large number of options.

From Anets perspective realistically I believe they could achieve between 10-15 pounds for each race, and this would also increase their sales of new character slots.

Possible Races Include

Possibly the Quaggan (I don't see this one working well though)
and whatever other viable races appear when we learn more about the Norn, Asura and Human racial Sympathies

Anyway I'd like to see what your guys opinions are and whether you would use such a product