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Guardian Commander questions

15 March 2014 - 07:30 AM

Hi guys!

I was a hardcore PvE player so I bought a commander badge for trains and events but recently I started WvW on a weird thought because I didn't really like it at first... I haven't played WvW since the quaggan isle or thunder isle or somerhing like that xD.

Anyways I started getting more and more into it and eventually I started commanding, claiming different forts or camp and leveling up ranks... What I want to ask is can you guys give me any tips on commanding or even sieging? Like what blueprints should I get more often? And should I make them all advanced? And where should I invest my skill points? I took guard killing and defense?! Where should I invest my points?

Kralkattorik and Drascir

13 March 2014 - 11:32 AM

Lately I've started taking an interest in Drascir.  Now what I want to talk about is : How in the world did Drascir fell? I mean what the heck? Drascir was the capital of Ascalon and it fell when the charr invaded... That was pre-searing... Are you kidding me? The capital and the best defended city? The one that had the most brilliant magic users? I mean Orr was a very magically evolved nation... yet orrian ambassadors in ascalon pull strings to get thiir children to study in Drascir's academy. Doesn't that make Ascalon better in the magic area than Orr? I mean think about it for a second if you could send your kid to Harvard would you send him in a 3rd world country to study? No.

Now Drascir is located in the Brand. So could Kralkattorik send his minions or mouths or whatever he's got to feast on the relics and artifacts from there? Also we saw that Jormag at least indirectly has penetrated the Mists. Could Kralky do the same thing? Since there is a portal to the Rift in Drascir?

WvW questions

08 March 2014 - 07:22 AM

Hi guys... I really want to find out some stuff about WvW. Now I've never really played it intensly especially since the big WvW patch, but I started enjoying playing it since not so long ago. I got a commander badge and soon after that I found myself sieging more and more forts and stuff like that.

My question is what is the best thing that I want to spend my WvW skill points. I'll get to another rank soon and atm I spent my skill points on Killing guards and defense against guards. Now as a Commander guardian what will be the best thing to invest my skill points in?

Alsi can I reset them or are they permanent where they were placed?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

Launcher Problem?

23 February 2014 - 07:50 PM

Ok so I have a problem, my launcher is stuck at Downloading 5KB (0KB/sec)... The launcher worked fine before I left home and the lapotop hasn't been touched... Noone was in the house to even open it... so what's the problem how can I solve it? My guildies are in the game so I know the server isn't down...

EDIT : I tried to repair it and nothing... I tried to run it as administrator and nothing... still the same!

Also tried restarting the computer nothing happened... there is only one profile and that's the administrator.

So lookie here what I found out! Apparently I can not connect at the server without Expat Shield? So you mean to tell me I've got what IP ban?

I'm a chemistry person so computers are a bit beyond me after a certain level but this seems shady... so hmm if you don't see my IP I can connect to the server also I can log with my e-mail... but the downloding has no progress. After I solved the problem with the launcher now it shows me : 0% Downloading : 133 KB (0.00KB/sec)  and gives me connection errors?

Dragons and elder dragons corruption and their magical control

03 February 2014 - 11:39 AM

Okay in both gw1 and gw2 we have seen dragons. And especially dragons helping other races. In gw2 indirrectly though since Glint is only met in the book. First off Kuunavang helps humans, mostly in my opinion because she wanted revenge on Shiro Tagachi. But if you look closely there is also a saltspray dragon that gives a quest and you meet him in the Jade sea (Luxon territory) (forgot his name).

The dragons in Tyria (the continent) are called drakes while in Cantha they are called dragons. So...what if all "dragons" (not drakes) INCLUDING the Elder Dragons are originnaly from Cantha and probably migrated to Tyria (possibly because they feast on magic and Tyria is a much richer place magic-wise at least). If you recall Cantheans had a different sort of magic, most of them being assassins and ritualists (in the latter case they are not exactly using magic but spiritual energy drawn from their ancestors hence their skills names).

It is said that the Elder Dragons rival the Human Gods power. So what if they were and are some sort of leaders for the dragons. Just like the Human Gods for humans and in the past for different races and maybe even now for the humans and quaggans ( Meggalan = Melandru -> the statues even look similar)?!

Anyhow could some champions (that are dragons) know and realise what their "masters" are doing and accept it even if it's wrong? Just like how margonites did with Abaddon in the past? Or they just think it's right in their opinion?

Regardless what if the dragons were all (or most of them) born originnaly with celestial magic? And tge ones that stayed behind in Cantha decides to stick to theor traditional culture (such as in real life some people refuse to become modern. E.G. : amish or native american indians).

Even so the forgotten (which still remain a mystery) used a spell to release the control of Kralkattorik on Glint. At first she said she was uncertain but as she saw what suffering and attrocities the Elder Dragons brought on the world she changed her opinion. And what about the other champions such as Drakkar. It(?) is still hybernating or at least was as well as the Great Destroyer while Glint was awake. Is it a choice to stay awake or go to sleep to conserve energy (magic)? Or was it a side effect from the spell that the Forgotten have cast on her.

And what about the corruption? It is known that the corruption is irreversaible. Glint was released from her spell BUT she kept her crystalline form (which perhaps means she was similar to Kuunavang or something related to that?). Anet have said in an interview that all dragons hold a common ancenstry maybe like dwarfs/humans? Dwarfs being spiritual failures?

Perhaps that the spell the Forgotten used is similar to the asuran devices that interrupt the flow of Zhaitan' s magic over the temples but this is permanent. Also think about the event in Frostgorge Sound. A bunch of Sons of Svanir try to corrupt Vigil Crusaders. While the shamans start their ritual the Vigil soldiers become corrupred in an icebrood like fashion. And thus when the ritual is interrupted the corruption already took place but JJormag'smagic did not flow through the said soldiers and although corrupted they are still aware of themselves (they appear as friendly in game). So the corruption affects living being and not only on a DNA level.

Also what if they don't really have a good control over their magic and energy. Look at Kralkattorik. While the other Elder Dragons corrupt carefully and with great widom creatures, Kralkattorik's rage made him corrupt everthing from land, elementals, living being, plants etc. So what if when they are angry they lose control and their magic or the one that they absorbed from Tyria becomes "wild" againt just like it was prior to the Bloodstones?

And what about their "primordial" or "innate" magic? What happens to it. Ok so the magic they ate "bleeds" out again into the world. But when they die like Zhaitan where does the magic go? What happens to it? Does it return to Cantha? Or some place else? The Mists? Or perhaps Orr or the place they died in? Does something take the magic? When Abaddon died Kormir toom his "power" and well Lyssa as well (a part of it).

And what is the Crystal Desert relation to Tyria and Elona? Why did the Human Gods lifted it so it wouldn't be a sea anymore? And what about Palawa Joko? How does he corrupt? His soldiers are by no means animated like a normal necromancer would do. And where does he has all that power from? Did he or does he still "tap" i to a stronger, more powerful and maybe dormant force's power? Akin to how the Human Gods did with Zhaitan's power? And why hasn't aby Elder Dragon go for a part of the Bloodstones? Can't they feel it's location?