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#1940141 Are you an Asian/Oceanic/European guild willing to be #1 in WvWvW

Posted Kracin on 17 September 2012 - 01:31 PM

lets just skip all of this BS back and forth about singular people hating on an entire server because they don't like X guild, or X person.

try the server if you are looking for a new one that needs oceanic coverage at night, if  you don't like it, then transfer back, its still free. if you do like it, then welcome to the server. there are more than  a few great guilds to participate with in WvW on ET, ruin included (leave it up to your own opinion how they treat people, ruin wouldnt have 5 full 500 person guilds if people hated us that much would we ).

#1918530 Like you, we're frustrated.

Posted TitanAlliance on 11 September 2012 - 06:17 PM

Yesterday, ArenaNet announced that they were opening up digital sales of Guild Wars 2 again, and we have to admit: we're frustrated. We wanted to post here, simply because we know that we aren't the only guilds and players who are - the Ascension Alliance transferred servers because of the queues, and that's something that we empathized with (and is the reason that we didn't critique their decision.)

That said, every time the queue is brought up, the threads degenerate into a bunch of accounts making accusations about those who indicate that the current system is untenable (e.g. "If you were winning, you wouldn't care about queues.")

We hope that, by bringing this forward as the alliance on a server that - at the time of this writing - is currently undefeated in WvW, that it will add some degree of credence to just how bad things actually are.

The Problems
1. The current queue system is broken.

Everyone is aware of situations where they've been in queue for hours and a friend or guildy logs on, queues up, and gets in much more quickly than those who have been in queues for hours. There's all sorts of home remedies cropping up ("Queue from the mists!" "Queue from an overflow zone!" "Log out of the game, spin around in a circle, listen to Gangam Style, and then queue again!") This needs to be a top priority for ArenaNet to fix.

2. Servers are too large and/or the WvW maps are too few.

With the vast number of players on each server that far exceeds the concurrent-user cap for World vs. World, there are simply too many players in the mix.

3. Transferring servers would be, at best, a stop gap measure.

We've certainly (shocker!) had conversations about transferring servers as an alliance. This has nothing to do with the players on Henge - the quality of which we've been really impressed with, and who have been great allies in WvW - but more to do with the frustration of not being able to play with our friends and guildmates due to the queues. Even at resets, we're lucky to get 20% of our guildmembers on a map together, and that's if we're lucky.

The issue is that with the re-opening of digital sales, there wouldn't be any point to transferring anyway - sales are going to go through the roof once again, and the few remaining medium population servers are going to be high within the next couple of days. So while we've discussed the idea of moving, at this point we think it would be an ultimately futile effort.

4. Even servers that have the status of being "full" like Henge of Denravi, are still accepting new transfers.

We have some of our own ideas, between our various guild leaders as to the solutions for the queues, and we're sure ArenaNet does as well.

Suffice to say, though, while we believe Guild Wars 2 to have some of the best open world PVP in history, something needs to change soon.

#1915654 ET vs BG vs SoS.

Posted Eremite on 11 September 2012 - 05:35 AM

I can only give insight from my personal perspective, but for what it's worth I'll do it.

I, like others who have already stated so, view these 24 hour matches as the preseason; we get to take a look at how we're performing, try out different things, rest when we need to, and finalize decisions before the 2 week battles start. I understand that people these days love drama, and 24 hour matches are all we got so its no surprise to me that people here want them to mean more than just preliminary matches but I just don't view them as anything but that.

That being said, our Saturday match against HoD was great, and most everyone I knew took it seriously and went all out with many of us staying up for 20 hours or more; that's something we won't be doing during a 2 week match because it won't be as important, and just won't be possible during the weekdays. No one on ET that I've spoken to was disappointed with how the match ended; it was darn close and given more time it was still anyone's match. I don't feel we have anything to be ashamed about by our performance, so any stories about us being cry babies about coming in second to me just seem like people trying to stir something up (an unfortunate common event across the internet).

I shouldn't have to apologize for taking a break from WvW, nor should anyone for that matter; at the end of the day we play to have fun, not meet some social expectation. Last night was fun just being able to goof around and most people I spoke with didn't seem to mind; right now matches change by the day so we'll see HoD and friends again very soon. I can't help what some people have said in the past, I can only be true to myself and try to better our servers image through my own words and actions, as futile as that may be. There are members of Guru who play on ET and live for the smack talk, bragging, and overall drama of these forums but you can find those same type of people anywhere; I only hope that those individuals can go largely ignored in the future.

#1908823 So What Does Your Engineer Look Like?

Posted RyuujinZERO on 10 September 2012 - 02:20 AM

So I heard this was a fantasy game...

Posted Image

I rolled a charr space marine!

#1908152 HoD vs ET vs JQ

Posted Soulstitchmmo on 09 September 2012 - 11:05 PM

That stonemist.

#1841920 What's with everyone going to northern shiverpeaks?

Posted Soulstitchmmo on 29 August 2012 - 04:51 PM

I've seen the evolution of Sea of Sorrows and Tarnished Coast tactics over the past 48 hours, and while it might suck now, SoS and TC you are going to kick the crap out of whatever server you guys play next. Just think of this as a learning opportunity and learn what you can about co-ordination.

We are strong because we aren't just an alliance we're a server. Our community is strong and organized. I'm constantly in WvW and our server as a whole does so well that we normally have more randoms from the server community than we do our own guild.  Remember that we all are facing queues, so that means each map is pop capped. Which means we all have the same number of available players. You just have to work together at getting those numbers where they need to be.

Often times we're forced to split our forces between the two sides. We are on Red Borderlands. We often are fighting superior numbers when the entire map population of TC is fighting us on one side of the map at the tower, and the entire population of SoS is fighting us on the other end.

Organize yourselves. Invite the people you see into your voip, advertise your voip. Get co-ordinated with a strong leader and you'll do fine. I see a lot of  guilds running together with very few randoms outside of those guilds. Playing as a server is really really important.