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Engineer and Runes of Perplexity

24 August 2013 - 03:00 PM

So the last few days I really wanted to test these runes. My first thought was that they would add condition damage to my shield skills. Adding a lot of value to any of my P/S builds. As I played these, testing them in PvE and WvW both I began to mutate my build and by last night was running a full rabid set of weapons/armor/trinkets with 6 runes of perplexity. I was happy to discover that I could regularly create stacks of confusion very regularly simply by using my shield to disrupt and interupt as I always have.

I ended up using 0/30/30/0/20 build with Hair trigger, riffle barrels, coated bullets, cloaking device, reinforced shield, speedy kits, and speedy gadgets, and slick shoes, PBR, and rocket boots as my utilities. Basically I then had 2 shield skills, 2 utilities, and an elite with supply crate, that all stacked confusion off of the runes. I was surprised at how sucesful I felt with using an entire CC build of this nature. Even in WvW I fould I was very very mobile and near impossible to pin down by superior numbers. Although I did find my bane to be war and guard who use the hammer and stack stability, essebtially nulling my control altogether. I dont want to go as far as saying I hate stability, but I despise the fact that it can be used so well against me, while my access to it is pianfully limited.

I also found that champions that had stacks of defiant and unshakable were not near the problem I thought they would be. I discovered Static shield and PBP never had any trouble interupting. Granted I had very limited actual control of any champions, I was still able to stack confusion and interupt skills just fine, allowing me to milk condition damage out of my shield skills through these runes, even on champions.

I dounbt I will stick too a full gadgets utility build, although I found Uper speed to have an extremely benefitial duel value as a stun breaker, I felt the CD are just too long. Throw mine was a very handy utility for the purposes of these runes as well, but I felt mine field lacks too much for a condition build. PBR as I mentioned worked great. And rocket boots, well there value needs no explainations, particularly when you factor in the burning of rocket kick.

All and all, I found the runes very useful. I discovered that reguardless of the utility, that I gained confusion, and thus condition damage in both my shield skills, causing my to value the shield much more in a condition build. After I spend more time with the full gadgets utility build, I am sure I will go back to Bk/TK/RB build ad it offers concussion bomb, pry bar for pute confussion damage, BoB and Magnet for interupts to stack confusion via the runes, and rocket buts for the all around versitility of them .

Any way, to sum it up. I like the runes for a condition focused engineer, and I believe I will keep them and use them for a while. I have also been throwing around some test with FT in a pure CD build as Air blast is a great interupt on a low CD (for confusion from the runes in a nice AoE), incendiary ammo for the burning value, Napalm obviously, and even the 700 tics of burning from the flame jet.

Thus far, this is my experience with the rune set. If anyone has thier own experience, we would love to hear from you. I will continue to test this set with other skills and share my experiences as they come. I hope, at least to some extent, that my experiences are helpful for those of you interested in this set.

Automated Response

04 July 2013 - 05:17 PM

Does anyone know the duration of this trait when it triggers?  Does anyone know if it has an internal cool down, and if it does, what is the timer on it?

This is probably the only aspect of our profession that I have now personally thoroughly tested.

Do 2x Force or 2x Accuraccy Stack?

28 March 2013 - 04:27 PM

I do a lot of test, but I have never put any serious testing in to find out, do 2 sigil of force stack together? Do 2 sigil of accuracy stack?