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My Condition Damage Build

06 April 2013 - 09:32 PM

If they ever buff how condition damage works to make it more on par with physical damage in the future, here is imo the optimal condition damage build. DISCLAIMER: this build reaches its full potential by consuming rare veggie pizza





With full buffs, I was able to reach 2700-2800 condition damage and around 180-190 bleed ticks and 1k+ burn ticks. So yeah...if they ever buff condition damage, I think this is the way to go.

Any suggestions, comments, critics?

Do Damage-Vs-Foe Sigils Stack?

31 October 2012 - 01:22 AM

If I have +10% dmg versus undead on main hand and the same thing in off hand, would I get +20% damage versus undead?

What Is Up With Runes That Proc On Hit?

25 October 2012 - 03:03 PM

What is up with this rune mechanics? Why is there so many runes that give you bonuses when you GET hit? The whole point of being good at this game is to dodge so that you DON'T get hit.

Looking at gw2 wiki, I'm seeing a total of THREE runes that gives bonus while attacking...Citadel, Lich, and Grove.

Whenever I see a rune that says "when hit" I think it's such a wasted slot. What was ANET thinking??

and it's such a low % like 5%. How often do you have to get hit just to proc that bonus lol.

Are There Accessories With Power, Toughness, and Vitality (Soldier)?

03 October 2012 - 12:51 AM

I know you can get the armor and weapons of that stats from dungeon vendors, but do accessories exists with these stats outside of sPvP?

What Happens When You Combine 4 Exotic Armors in Mystic Forge?

30 September 2012 - 06:53 AM

I know combining 4 exotic weapons has a chance to get the weapons of rage (legendary weapon component). What about lv80 exotic armors?