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Looking for a "Casual" Player's Build

05 November 2012 - 04:55 PM

Mainly looking for a general use build where...

1) you don't get downed when something outside of the 1-15 areas looks at you funny (my level 22 Norn Ele is going broke from the transit and repair costs  of eastern Snowden, even when sticking with Staff or Scepter/Focus :/)

2) attunement changes are situational rather than having to have a stance dance rotation for every single fight like so many of the builds posted seem to require. :/

Mainly for running around solo, but it'd be nice not to pull everyone down around me if I'm with an ad-hoc group (I don't bother with dungeons). Basically, something that's likely to be decently balanced between offense and defense.  Don't really need a full, finely-tuned build. Mainly suggestions for which weapon would be best to stick with, what stats (and thus trait lines) to focus on (and whether item stats should also focus on those stats, or else go for a different stat build - but no mixing and matching sets on the equipment or runing, just to keep things simple), and maybe which major traits or slot skills that I'm likely to overlook, but shouldn't...

One-Handed AOE: Intended or Bug

26 August 2012 - 08:51 PM

Can't seem to find the info - my search-fu has always been excessively weak ever since search engines decided to start treating search terms as OR (instead of AND) by default - but I was wondering if anyone knows if Warriors doing AOE with 1-handed weapons was intended (and noted down somewhere officially) or if it is probably a bug?

Personally, it feels like a bug to me since it makes 2-handed weapons become nothing special (IMHO, anyways).