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In Topic: Tarnished Coast vs Henge of Denravi vs Crystal Desert

02 November 2012 - 06:59 PM

I am on HoD and looking forward to it too. This past week has been our best since the collapse. So far this week we have had queue in our BL at least one night, fully retook our BL, fully upgraded Garrison, grabbed a few things in other zones, and even retook an orb for awhile. As is we have a few new WvW guilds forming over the past week or two, but still a little lacking in commanders and completely devoid of overnight/oceanic.

Usually we held pretty well until a SoS guild zerg showed up and just sweeped across much of the map, often around midnight EST when we start losing alot of people. Had a few good 3 way fights though.

HoD is not done rebuilding yet and is in a vulnerable state, many in LA were still with low morale and highly pessimistic when point out how we improved. I got high hopes though, getting tired of fighting TA guilds that transfered off so will be nice to have a more even match. Right now HoD is going through what the other servers did in the first month of community building and organizing that we missed the first month thanks to TA being so competent. Not saying that is outright bad, we are just a month behind in WvW development and was in the wrong tier for our current state.

GG, GL&HF, and Bye, thanks to SoS and IoJ for the hard fights all week. I had fun solo portal bombing, yes it can be done, your zergs and that one time pulled over half a SoS zerg off a cliff near Dawns this past week :) . Hello and GL&HF to T3.

The only thing that soured the week is SoS had a spy on our server who tried to steal the orb right when we finally retook the keep for first time in weeks. Someone on HoD picked up the orb just as we capped and ran it all the way to the SoS spawn point, took alot of us dieing to grab it among the legendary defenders. We mass reported him, unfortunately I don't remember his name but it was something along the lines of Lilwilly I do not believe he was a member of any of the major guilds of SoS.

In Topic: Legendary Weapons For Mesmer

31 October 2012 - 03:24 PM

Few weeks ago a mesmer with a Sunrise GS posted here with screens. Seems yes the clones use the weapon effects, including the under foot sky splotches, but none of our skills use the animation alterations from the GSs. They have a short video near the end of the thread.


In Topic: what do you do when you are about to die in wvwvw ?

21 October 2012 - 08:16 PM

I would never consider doing something like that, maybe jump off a cliff with a portal though. Fortunately also has not happened to me, of course maybe it started after the HoD implosion in that case have not had many kills to have it happen. The repairs are neglible, I never farm and barely TP but do not even think about my repair costs. Til WvW became as bad as it did on HoD I would easily break even on repairs.

Not sure how Arlan thinks he is lucky if get "only" 1 gold a day, I might make that much in half a week. Still with plenty of WvW and soloing in Orr along with some TP buying and WPing often I am at 10g and rising. If you frequently bought siege I could see WvW costing more. From just repairs seems impossible unless you constantly die, res, then die again rather than picking your fights and having at least one method of escape.

I am a mesmer who plays a bit aggressively by diving in to take out a catapult, to pull people off walls, or set phantasms on siege above me. So I am no stranger to death, an escape portal ready does not always mean survival.

In Topic: "Play for fun" unviable

12 October 2012 - 05:37 PM

I argue opposite, you can even get full exotics just playing for fun. I reached 80 with only 1 zone per lvl range fully done + Frostgorge, 3 story modes, and personal story up to about lvl 60 over about 2 weeks. Never farmed, never grinded or ran out of ways to progress in all that time. In fact around lvl 60 I all but stopped even doing hearts just WvW, events, and jumping puzzles (all but 2 done). Since 80 I just collect WP, do the occasional heart or event, WvW, and explore so basically some of everything.

When I hit the level for trait books did not have to wait all that long. There were a few times where I had to be careful using WPs, but generally just headed into WvW and came out with more than enough. Now that 80 I do not even pay attention to the cost, and I WP all over the map.

Although it would be nice if a full zone completion gave a discount on WP for that zone, it would certainly fit. Zone is fully explored and thus you know how to cross most efficiently, or as thanks for the detailed map.

I doubt I get even 1 gold per day of playing since I am all over the place and do not use the TP. Right now have half exotics that I found or earned, 4g, 150k Karma, and cooking up to lvl 200 (got a ton of mats waiting to use), and 2500 gems bought while they were still cheap.

Sorry, as usual I rambled. I really cannot be brief lol.

You can get everything and have enough resources for whatever just playing one char for fun, doing what you feel like. WP costs are negligible, they can add up but so do the rewards of what you do.

In Topic: How many AREN'T having any problems?

04 October 2012 - 01:59 AM

I have run into a few bugged SP and a personal story mission that took 3 attempts to work, all minor non gamebreaking issues. My primary, the only large issue, problem is the 7:11 error. No pattern to it, nothing fixes it, not hardware related (tested), nothing showing up on pingplotter. Sometimes can go days without, other times could happen every 30 seconds and anywhere inbetween.

The only thing regular about it is happens the least in pvp, WvW or sPvP, and seems to happen the most in cities and when doing alot of chatting. On bad days feel like might as well not play because could be d/c at any moment.