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In Topic: Legendary Weapons For Mesmer

31 October 2012 - 03:24 PM

Few weeks ago a mesmer with a Sunrise GS posted here with screens. Seems yes the clones use the weapon effects, including the under foot sky splotches, but none of our skills use the animation alterations from the GSs. They have a short video near the end of the thread.


In Topic: "Play for fun" unviable

12 October 2012 - 05:37 PM

I argue opposite, you can even get full exotics just playing for fun. I reached 80 with only 1 zone per lvl range fully done + Frostgorge, 3 story modes, and personal story up to about lvl 60 over about 2 weeks. Never farmed, never grinded or ran out of ways to progress in all that time. In fact around lvl 60 I all but stopped even doing hearts just WvW, events, and jumping puzzles (all but 2 done). Since 80 I just collect WP, do the occasional heart or event, WvW, and explore so basically some of everything.

When I hit the level for trait books did not have to wait all that long. There were a few times where I had to be careful using WPs, but generally just headed into WvW and came out with more than enough. Now that 80 I do not even pay attention to the cost, and I WP all over the map.

Although it would be nice if a full zone completion gave a discount on WP for that zone, it would certainly fit. Zone is fully explored and thus you know how to cross most efficiently, or as thanks for the detailed map.

I doubt I get even 1 gold per day of playing since I am all over the place and do not use the TP. Right now have half exotics that I found or earned, 4g, 150k Karma, and cooking up to lvl 200 (got a ton of mats waiting to use), and 2500 gems bought while they were still cheap.

Sorry, as usual I rambled. I really cannot be brief lol.

You can get everything and have enough resources for whatever just playing one char for fun, doing what you feel like. WP costs are negligible, they can add up but so do the rewards of what you do.

In Topic: How many AREN'T having any problems?

04 October 2012 - 01:59 AM

I have run into a few bugged SP and a personal story mission that took 3 attempts to work, all minor non gamebreaking issues. My primary, the only large issue, problem is the 7:11 error. No pattern to it, nothing fixes it, not hardware related (tested), nothing showing up on pingplotter. Sometimes can go days without, other times could happen every 30 seconds and anywhere inbetween.

The only thing regular about it is happens the least in pvp, WvW or sPvP, and seems to happen the most in cities and when doing alot of chatting. On bad days feel like might as well not play because could be d/c at any moment.

In Topic: Another mesmer having SLOW early leveling

03 October 2012 - 09:47 PM

My main is an 80 Mesmer, have enjoyed the class from the start, and still learning new things about it. Seems alot of your issues are tied to way playing and not having figured out the various mechanics yet, some unique to the class some not (like combos). I will agree Mesmer needs traits though, I find myself switching around Majors frequently based on what doing. I did not feel a huge change when hit 40 though just the gain of extra tools, admitedly I had looked forward to them.

One mechanic in particular involving clones I have yet to see mentioned elsewhere. Clones may do no damage but they attack with the 1 of that weapon and their crits can trigger Sharper Images. So staff clones have the bounce attack, sword clones stack vulnerability, and GS clones are generally considered the best bleed stacker clone with that trait due to attacking multiple times.

With clone on dodge trait I find myself often dodging around at start of a fight for 2 clones and 1 phantasm. The clones tank and provide effects, the phantasm damages.

About enemies ignoring clones, it is all in how and when you use them. For example the enemy will attack the first thing to attack it, so if the clone is the first it will focus on the clone till it dies. Using clones, kiting, and occasional stealth I have soloed champions.

All of our phantasms are also combo finishers, even though they do not say. iWarden and iBerserker are whirl, iSwordsman and Illusionary Leap are leaps (both the clone and the switch), and the rest are obviosly projectile. Whirl is aoe confusion, projectile is single confusion, and leap is chaos armor. We only have 1 blast finisher (aoe chaos armor), it is on the torch.

For traveling things are very easy, just throw out a clone while running and let the enemy fight it while you run past. Works in pvp too lol. Very convenient in Orr with all those pullers and stuns.

Our summons are meant to be expendable. Summon, they do their thing, then either when it or the target about to die or all CD off shatter and make more. Shatter generally, unless built for it, meant to be a finisher or an emergency button (f3 or f4).

I use all weapons often save for scepter and torch, nothing against them just prefer the others. Most of the time I am GS sword/focus though. Good control, good aoe and single target, strong phantasms. With traited focus I can multi task and keep projectile reflect up constantly or pull a spread out group of enemies into 1 spot. Warden does great damage vs mobile targets. iWarden can really do alot of aoe.

On veteran or champion non ranged enemies I will usually switch to GS/Staff. I actually find staff kind of lack luster on all but non ranged bosses, the buffs/debuffs are nice but I can get more done with my usual set (staff is my only exotic). I loved pistol in BWE, rarely use it now though just always seems to be a different choice that is better.

Ran a Exp of CM the other night, focus trivialized all but 1 boss. Always 1 going, and no do not have Phantasmal Haste, so the bosses couldn't get a single attack out. Great WvW set too. Pull people off walls, turn a group of enemy ranged into my own weapon, pull back those trying to run, and iBerserker can be cast through walls to anywhere if in range for damage and a shatter.

Generally my utilities are feedback, null field/decoy, and signet of illusions. Feedback is the only utility I rarely switch out, just so many ranged enemies and it is a good combo field.

I do kite alot, but if can pump out enough clones and sometimes go invis enemy damage means little. I can be a bit slow killing melee or unstoppable enemies, but I also have fairly piecemeal gear. On average I have 3 projectile reflecting skills on me at all times and love them.

Will stop there, got a tendency to ramble as saw lol.

It is partly a case of how play, not for everyone
Enemies attack first to attack them, make sure it is a clone
Don't be afraid to sacrifice any illusion
Keep all weapons ready to switch to the best for each fight
Give focus a try, maybe even traited, can be very valuable
Projectile reflection can be near OP sometimes
Phantasms count as combo finishers, even if doesn't say so.

GL&HF, it will get better as you get used to Mesmer's unique attributes

In Topic: Partying for instances

28 August 2012 - 11:19 PM

Im still waiting for the game to arrive for me but I ran it near the end of BWE2. Formed a pug out of people standing near it and it split us into three seperate new instances. After a bit of research the solution was to head to the nearest city, perferably personal instance, then back and it let us all right in right away.

Once we were all in did it without any issue, neither lag or bugs. I even had a brief d/c at one point and hopped right back in fine.

I will agree it is bad if they still have not fixed this issue in the months since BWE2, was sure it would be resolved by now. That family of issues might be the most populous/biggest. Sharding, group instances, overflow (in BWE also solved by switching zones), and I would assume grouping for personal story would share it too (avoided it in BWE). Can hope they will fix it by time I finally hit 30.

Meh still one of the most stable/low bug MMO releases I have seen. Now WoW, that was a trainwreck of a launch lol, at least got plenty of free time out of it and did not keep me from playing.