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Is GW2 worth playing again?

17 February 2013 - 06:51 PM

Hello people!

I used to play GW2, game was awesome until you hit 80, then the game went downhill!

Its been months since we last played, and we are thinking about giving it another try, but is it really worth getting back into, just to get dissapointed again?

The real question is, has anything new even happened to GW2?
From the looks from videos theyve posted, it looks like theyve only had these minor events, that last a week, "lost shore" "Christmas" and so on.

For a game that came out so long ago, things seem to go pretty slow, am i right?
I remember asking for more pvp modes, nothing new has come yet, only new maps...

So, can you guys tell me, whats new to experience?

The reason i think GW2, is going so slow forward is because they are lacking employees.
They have been recruting people for every sector of the game since launch now.

I posted that as a question to them on their forum and they immediately removed the thread and gave me a permanent ban. So maybe i was right, who knows...

But yeah, please tell me. Whats new to explore, to do?
And please, for the love of arenanet, dont give me crap like, lvling a new, farming dungeons and obivious shit, that everybody already know you can do. I want to hear, if theyve released any new areas, dungeons? bosses? anything to make the game more appealing, more interresting.

Sorry for spelling mistakes and such. And please no hate..

The right MMO

23 October 2012 - 07:23 PM

Hello good folks!

Im sitting here wondering, is GW2 really my type of MMO?.

I was so hyped for it, been waiting sooo long for release. But now that its out, and you been all around town. Im just not sure that this is for me. The halloween update kinda makes it too childish, no offense.

So i was wondering if anybody knew any good MMO's out there.

I have been looking at The Secret World, some reviews says it lacks stuff, but since it has a monthly fee, they should fix up things pretty fast i guess?

Playing Guild Wars 2 Through Mobile Network!

23 October 2012 - 11:45 AM

Hello homies!

I recently moved, and i am not getting internet until the 2 november!

I really dont wanna miss this Halloween event in Guild wars 2, so i was wondering is it possible to play GW2 through my mobiles 3G network? it have 6GB.

How much does Guild Wars 2 use? i bet the game is busy right about this time, with this new update, so there will probably be alot of traffic.

Thanks for answers!

Happy halloween ;)

Did Guild Wars 2 live up to your expectations?

03 October 2012 - 08:40 PM

It sure as hell didn't for me!

1. The lack of PvP modes.
2. The grind, they promised us wouldn't exist.
3. Boring at level 80.
4. Gear = skin - not stats.
5. The personal home sucks.
6. Only 1 activity.
7. Farmable events.
8. Low chance for 1vs1 in pvp.
9. Cash shop sucks.
10. No raids.
11. Crafting too weird.
12. No updates.

1. GW2 at this point only have 1 gamemode "Capture The Point". The game should have had way more for an game released in 2012.

2. Arenanet said there would be no grind in this game, that there would be no questgiver saying, go kill this, go fetch me that, go pick up this. Though they made the exact same thing was WoW's quests, except now the questgivers come running up to you.

3. At lvl 80, there is basicly nothing to do. No i wont run around exploring. Why should i? Its not fun, you dont get anything special from it... Farming dungeons, just isnt me. Since im more of a PvP type, and doing the same gamemode, just really gets annoying in the end.

4. Gear in this game is completely useless, in the beginning i thought, wow what a great idea. But as you continue to play, i kinda miss that feeling, of getting a sick item with sick stats, and sick damage. ( no i wont go back to wow)

5. Arenanet told us about our personal "home" in the game, and how amazing it would be, let me ask you guys, how many of you have actually seen your "home" i bet most of you haven't. And i can already tell you, its the worst ingame "home" ive ever seen. They promised you that if you maybe saved a town they would honor you with a statue. This is bull....

6. Where is all the activities we have been excited for? Wheres Bar Brawl, Shootout? We only have Keg Brawl, which isn't that great, and you don't get rewards from it either, as we were promised, as far as i know.

7. Events in this game just really isn't that good. I had not planned for the Events to pop up at a known area. Neither had i expected people standing and waiting for Shatterer. I had hoped that he would just suddenly appear somewhere in world, causing his chaos.
But no, every event has it spawn point...

8. There is nothing more annoying than PvP'ing, and your about too woop somebodys bootay when he is laying down in "downstate" and he then stuns/blinds/freezes you, and then 3sec after, his full team come running up on you, puttin what not up in your bootay. Its sad :<

9. The cash shop is expensive, ofc it is, its their only way to make money, but the items in the shop are kinda lame :/. I told my friend that i would spend all my money there. Now a month after release and i haven't bought one single item from it.

10. No raids? No problem, ill just raid the same dragon that spawns every third hour. No really, this game has no raids? and is not planning to have, atleast not for now? Why the hell not? So sad, so sad :<

11. In WoW i loved engineering, sadly there isn't a crafting skill like this in GW2. And i don't like the crafting system in GW2 either, its a bit too complicated, and wierd. But that might just be something you have to get used to because its new. But i don't like it for now atleast ;)

12. What really makes me cry at night, is that Arenanet is slacking soo much.
They have not told us, ONE word about what we can expect for future GW2. I wondered why this could be, and then it came to me, GW2 has now been hiring for over a month, for more members to their GW2 team, they need people in every section of the game. So i thought could this mean that they dont have anything to give to us yet, because they dont have enough workers? I might be wrong, but i would really like to know, whats gonna happen in the next update, what will we get? What can we get ready for?.

You guys tell me! Has the game lived up to your expectations!
Please guys, no hate, just love! Sexy love!


Guys, im not asking for a released content update! I just want some information about what i can be looking forward too. What i can get ready for!

And for the raids, i knew it wouldn't have any at release, but now knowing that they aren't gonna make raids for the future, thats just sad :(

Banned from GW2 Forums, without reason?...

25 September 2012 - 01:14 PM

Yesterday i made a thread on GW2 forum, which i guess arenanet didnt like, since they have banned me from forum, without giving me any reason....

I really dont see what ive done to make them ban me...
But this really shows how they listen to the community..........

They say they've written why in my private messages, but nothings there...

*ing GJ arenanet....