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In Topic: Toughest class to play?

05 September 2012 - 10:53 PM

To all of those saying that elementalists are one of the toughest, why? Having more abilities doesn't make a class harder to play, it just takes longer to learn (and not by any extreme amount). Plus some builds can ignore certain attunements entirely if they so choose.

I would argue that Engi, Mesmer, Thief, and Necro are the hardest to play, but each for a different reason.

Engi has a lot of variety. With options for high-maintenance turrets, or different kits, it is obvious that this class is challenging.

Mesmer is the most unique and managing clones can be tricky to learn.

Thief is the only class that is not CD based. The player must actively decide which ability to use and when.

Necro, like the Engi, has lots of variety, but are pretty heavily based on conditions. I would say that necro is the easiest to play of those I listed, but I would not say it is easy to play.