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On legendaries & wardrobe (a proposed solution)

26 March 2014 - 05:59 PM

A lot of people are concerned about legendaries no longer being special. A lot of people feel cheated for making 2 of the same legendaries. Here is my proposal that may or may not address the issues:

Part 1: My solution to legendaries is to allow them to be in the wardrobe. HOWEVER, copies of the legendary will NOT provide an aura or footprints. They will still have the weapon trail or special projectile. . If anet wishes to do so, they can even go as far as taking away the weapon trail and special projectiles so you are left with nothing more than just a simple weapon skin.

This solution allows people to tell if you are holding a real legendary or simply a copy. You can still feel special knowing you are holding a crafted legendary vs. a copy. This solution also benefits people who have made the same legendary twice but are using then on different toons. It will also provide an incentive to crafting a duplicate legendary vs. simply making a wadrobe copy.

Part 2: Addition to part one (above) , people dual wielding the same legendary on a single toon will have an enhanced/larger aura/footprints (similar to how Eternity users get a larger aura & bigger footprint).
This basically sets up 3 categories of dual wielders

1) People dual wielding wardrobe copies = have no aura or footprints = lulz
2) People wielding 1 real legendary and 1 copy = normal current special effects
3) People dual wielding 2 real legendaries = enhanced special effects that sets them apart

Please comment on my proposal. It seems to address a majority of the concerns that people have over legendaries and it avoids dealing with reimbursements/refunds which may be unfair to certain people.

duping in fractals?

02 January 2013 - 03:31 PM

So I was doing my level 10 daily and we started off with the swamp. I was in the middle of running a wisp back when the team opened the path to the boss. I don't know how they opened the path even though I was still holding onto my wisp.One of the team members laughed at me but wouldn't explain what happened. Is it possible he duped the wisps?

Also,at the Jade Maw, after killing the first 2 tentacles, at least 10 crystals spawned on the ground. I have no idea what happened but we had more than enough crystals without even trying.

need help with marksmanship traits

11 September 2012 - 05:16 AM

Hey guys, my ranger is lvl 66 so I haven't been able to experience end game mobs yet.  I have 2 questions.  This is my currently planned build using a long bow as my main weapon: http://gw2skills.net...jDxIE9Kg TuVhaB

1) Is the remorseless grandmaster trait useful or should I just use eagle eye instead?

2) Is signet master + signet of the beastmaster combo any good?  I was thinking that I could switch to these traits when I'm fighting a veteran/champion monster since piercing arrow + eagle eye wouldn't be as useful.