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In Topic: Confirmed to finally be removing Magic Find from items stats...

19 July 2013 - 06:36 AM

View PostChuyDog08, on 18 July 2013 - 05:26 PM, said:

If they are removing MF (Magic Find), they need to provide a lot more details. Will I be refunded for all my time and costs? Will I get refunded the laurels, guild commendations, and badges?

No, of course not. You're playing Anet's game, they're free to develop and nurture it in the direction they see fit, and based on the feedback, removal of MF and now making it an account-wide bonus will be very well received, I think. But to ask for refund of your time and costs - come on, are you even serious?

If you bought the T3 cultural armor and they finally succumbed to cutting the price in half, would you ask for a refund?

You've accomplished a lot already if you bought all those sets and have had that big "dresser" of various stat armor, and that's been an achievement on its own in the game. Use a BL salvage kit on your mf gear and get some ectos in return, that's probably the biggest refund you'll get.

Am for one very glad they are removing MF - it's about high time they did! Then I can finally get rid of my MF set and focus on only the stat sets... and if what they said about legendaries coming with customizable stats in a future update, I really hope they add legendary armor too so that I can grind towards that... oh, one armor set you can just switch stats on... utopia! :D (but a lot of horrible grinding too)

In Topic: Why I'm probably quitting the game after only a few weeks

09 July 2013 - 08:21 AM

View PostRitualist, on 09 July 2013 - 08:06 AM, said:

You are aware that you managed to post ALL of that without addressing a SINGLE issue in the OP?
As far as I can see, it's actually your post that would be against the forum rules: you are discussing the poster instead of his views.

Let's see what the mods say about this.

Well, I for one hope that his (not the OP) post stands. It's one of the few that - like on the official GW2 forums - is dubbed an 'I quit' post and they don't allow them and close them quickly, so why should guildwars2guru deign to allow negative threads like this popping up. What sort of community do we want, one full of negative quitters?
Yes, there might be some reasonable criticism in OPs post, but ultimately it's just another goodbye thread.

In Topic: The Next Living Story.

26 June 2013 - 12:56 PM

View PostLordkrall, on 26 June 2013 - 07:56 AM, said:

I am thinking Mursaat.
Quite a few bits of information seems to point towards that.

A final show-down with Lazarus? I'd quite like to see Mursaat return, particularly because we'd see some more use of agony resistance outside of Fractals and new open/instanced world content requiring all that grind for ascended gear.

OK, I'll ramble and dream on... what if the Mursaat reveal themselves again having gradually taken hold of the Inquest Asuras... the Asuras already seem inextricably linked to them and their darker Inquest cousins could very well have stumbled upon the Mursaat and lo and behold, damn, they're actually Mursaat unknowingly and coming across the dark, Mursaat magic they spring into the world again.
Coupled with transforming the Inquest after some cataclysmic event in the open world in certain zones... damn, that'd be fun... oh well, that's not gonna happen, but I can dream...

In Topic: Do you still play GW2, and why?

19 June 2013 - 06:48 AM

Best game there is right now, you just need to burn it slowly and combine it with some other games so you don't grind yourself to death :)

I find doing old stuff in GW1 and a little TERA/TSW on the side, but for the most part GW2, is a great combination for me these days. With all the updates coming for GW2 too, there's little room for new games.

In Topic: Do you still play GW2, and why?

18 June 2013 - 12:11 PM

View Postlalangamena, on 18 June 2013 - 05:00 AM, said:

got six level 80 characters with full exotic and ascended, 400 on all crafts and world explorer. fractals personal level 38 and i am a very casual player...

no, you are wrong sir... that is not casual... by a long shot.

To the point though - yes, I play... quite regularly, but only a few hours in the evenings because RL keeps me away most of the day. Which I guess is a good thing, because this is a slow burning game and many players have burned out.