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Mean Asura in the Dream

16 August 2012 - 06:39 AM

I'm not sure if this has been talked about before but has anyone else noticed the "ghostly" Mean Asura in the Sylvari tutorial?

They appear on the road before the bridge and summon Destruction Golems to kill "ghostly" Skritt. You can't interact with them but you can listen to them.

It's interesting that the Sylvari are basically being taught that all Asura are mean and like to kill other races even before they're born.

What Armour Is This?

30 July 2012 - 10:39 AM

Can anyone tell me the name of the armour worn in this video? She's a mesmer, so it must be light and it has a distinct Sylvari/plant look to it but it's not the racial armour, I checked that first.

Also, if anyone knows what it's called, where can you find it?

Vizier Khilbron - Champion of Zhaitan?

08 July 2012 - 02:54 AM

So I'm replaying through the first game and it occurs to me that Vizier Khilbron may have been a very early champion or herald of Zhaitan, in the same way that the Great Destroyer was for Primodous. Before you say anything, hear out my reasoning.

Zhaitan is the Elder dragon of Orr, Khilbron is from Orr. Zhaitan controls the undead, Khilbron controls the undead.

The forbidden scrolls that Khilbron used to cause the Cataclysm are of ancient and unknown origin and led to not only massive destruction but the creation of an undead army. It could be possible that Zhaitan left the scrolls behind (or one it's previous champions did so), either accidently, or more likely, as a trap for any intelligent species that emerges while the dragon is sleeping.

In the same way that the Great Destroyer was forming an army and preparing the way for Primodous, the scrolls could have been left behind to create Zhaitan's first champion, Khilbron, an army for him to take control of, and the cataclysm could function not only to weaken or destroy any threats to Zhaitan but also as a trigger for his waking.

I could be wrong of course, Zhaitan could have simply taken advantage of what he found around him when he woke. He may even have been affected by the scrolls himself, which is why he's a lich/undead dragon.

But you had to admit, the coincidences add up. And it's not as if it were too early, the Great Destroyer was already moving against the Asura and other underground races at that point.

Diving Goggles

14 June 2012 - 12:23 AM

Did anyone else happen to notice the Diving Goggles placed up near the floating wizard castle? I can't recall the exact name of the Point of Interest now, but it's the cliff over looking the town and the sea, guarded by ettins -

Posted Image

Picking them up replaced your skills with two locked skills -

Posted Image

Which turned into usable skills right before you hit the water -

Posted Image

Unfortunately I forgot to grab screens of the tooltips for each.

Evolution on Tyria

07 May 2012 - 04:52 AM

Simple question - is evolution viable on Tyria?

We know that the Humans and the Forgotten were created/placed upon Tyria by the gods. We know that the Sylvari were born from a sentient tree. And it's widely held theory that the Norn are a kind of offshoot or descendant of the Kodan.

But what about the Kodan then? And the Charr, and those frog people, plus the skritt and the krait and ogres and countless other races? Did they evolve?

I think it would be reasonable to assume that magic would play some part in evolution on Tyria, speeding it up, creating mutations that might otherwise not appear.

But has there actually been enough time for proper evolution to occur? We're lead to believe that the Elder Dragons rise up every so often and wipe the planet clean of life as we know it. Has it been long enough since that last happened for any kind of natural evolution to occur?

Or was the planet a naked wasteland dotted with the bones of giants when the gods arrived and they then created all? If this is the case, isn't it odd that only humans are particularly involved with said gods?