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[MASH] Sanctuary semi-hardcore community

19 December 2012 - 04:11 PM

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MASH Sanctuary [MASH] Seafarer's Rest

Hello hello

First of all who are we and what do we want to achieve.

First, we are a Community , then a guild in the MMORPG Guild Wars 2.  MASH Sanctuary started off like most other MMO guilds, from a bunch of enthusiastic friends, then more joined us along the way.
As a Romanian clan, we grew and developed into an international European guild on Seafarer's Rest server.
We are serious when we use our skills, but deadly sarcastic when we experience the game; we perceive GW2 as a game, a tool that we use in order to have fun. But we want to and will win regardless the costs.

Most of MASH Sanctuary members are semi-hardcore players and have a casual game-style, we would like to be hardcore but unfortunately we have to work during day and play in our free time. The average age is around 22 years and our favourite nutritional source is..around 10kg of alcohol per month.

Requirements to join Kodan ranks

In order to join our beautiful bad-ass guild you have to be special:
- speak english (at least to write and read)
- have any level/profession in GW2
- played at least 3h of GW2
- be mature, at least in thinking and behaviour
- be a funny man
- be or like drunk people  :lol:

Our community actively supports the newbies in game, with loots, advices and parties. We do not run any interviews. and new arrival do nor require references, but there will be a probationary period (1-2weeks newcomer rank).  

We offer

Like every gaming community, fun and companionship stay at its foundation. We try to create all sort of events, we level our alts too but we also desire to focus our activity on
- daily WvW
- daily CoF and weekly dungeon speed runs
- weekly jumping puzzles and swim parties

We also try to raise a SPvP team, but that's another story.

Our secret location

Server : Seafarer's Rest (EU)
Website / forum http://mash-sanctuary.com
Timestamp 17-22 GMT as daily peak activity
Youtube http://www.youtube.c...k2fOJvuNuJ4I4_o


Usually here is a 3 pages text wall that only the author reads it, so I`ll keep it short We do and will not tolerate :
- rudeness
- bad jokes
- asking for material help

Breaking these or the common good sense rules will bring bad karma/chi upon you and loose the Kodan status.

If all of these sounds like a joke to you, well we are deadly serious when we play and we always win !

Have Fun !

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