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Open letter to the Guild Wars 2 Devs

23 February 2013 - 03:49 AM

I posted the text below on the Guild Wars 2 site earlier this evening. I hope that many of you feel the same way and will lend your voice to getting this changed. Happy hunting.

Dear Devs,
I've been a pretty ardent supporter of GW2 from the start. I enjoy the game immensely especially after the changes to dungeons made during the Karka event patch. I've invested a great deal of money in the gem store, mostly with the goal of completing a legendary. I won't state the exact amount here (I imagine the folks on the inside can look it up), but naturally a large portion of that went towards attempting to get a precursor. For the purposes of clarification I am attempting to craft Twilight and have all the of the gifts in my bank.

I realize a lot of folks will say "Oh well why not just save your money and buy it" rather than attempting to craft Dusk in the forge. This is a valid point, however what I have noticed with the precursors that are popular as that even putting real money into the game I was not able to catch up to the increase in price. It steadily rose past the point that I was able to put in enough time and money to catch up. Now this partly because so many other things have to be purchased for the legendary. But in the end I couldn't afford to put enough money and time in to catch up to the price climb on Dusk.

So I'm out, I won't be spending anymore money in the Guild Wars 2 Gem store until Anet changes the method through which you obtain precursors. As a consumer your only power is in purchasing and up to this point I have been a very good consumer for you Anet, but enough is enough. I'm sure you feel that you've more than gotten your money out of me after all you monetized your game so that the purchase price covered your expenses. GW2 is  a great game, but it would have been so much better if it had shipped without legendary weapons. You could have added them in a patch later after you developed the method of obtaining them better. With precursors in particular it feels like you simply went for the easiest answer to get them in the game before launch. I was optimistic about GW2 and remain so. But I won't be financially endorsing the game until this issue is fixed.

I encourage others in the community to do the same. I hope this issue is put at the very front of the development teams agenda soon. This is by no means the only problem with game, but it is the one that harms your relationship with your player base the most. We aren't the enemy and neither are you. So please remove the design choices from your game that make many of your players feel like you are stacking the deck against us.

Good Luck and thank you for the wonderful world you've built for us. Tyria has many of the things it needs to be great and I know that many of you on the dev team are making games not because its the most profitable thing you could be doing with your skills but because you love it.

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store next.


What Consumables do you use for Mesmer?

31 December 2012 - 06:44 AM

I've just recently gotten my Mesmer to 80. Wondering what consumables people have found to be most effective. Typically on my warrior I run Omnom Pie and Master Maint Oil. But I know the oil won't be effective on my fully Berzerker Mesmer.

Still wondering about the Pie, seems like Mesmer attacks are not fast enough to take full effect of the heals even with crits on every attack.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Karma Armor Vendors.

25 August 2012 - 11:14 PM

Has anyone found a set of Vit or Toughness armor similar to the Blood Legion armor in Diessa Plateau? (Which has power on it) There is a full set of armor there, but I haven't found an equivalent anywhere else for other stats.

Post your best case WvW force breakdowns!

02 August 2012 - 04:18 AM

Pretty much what the post says if you could have as many players of the various classes in your alliance in what capacity would you use the various classes.

For me I'd love to see an alliance of like 400 people on a server. Working in a team of about 200 at a time so you had plenty of subs.

30-40 Warriors
30- Guards

These classes would make up your attacking force, laying siege to a keep or outpost by build catapults and trebuchets then defending them. You'd want 10-15 control/defensive specced warriors and 10 control specced guardians. These would form your front line, behind them you'd have your Rifle/longbow warriors and your necro's 20 of the former and 20 of the latter. They could lay down serious damage fields and aoe/single target damage. Your necro's could then spread those conditions through Epidemic. The remainder of the necro's would be life battery specced draining health from enemies to supply it to the front liners, 10 of the remaining guardians would be supporters, cranking out boons, using the staff and WoR to prevent incursions on the flanks as well as preventing significant damage through shield skills and buffing with shouts.

Your keep defenders would consist of your Elementalist's, Engineeers and Rangers. Since these classes have significant ranged damage as well as very good aoe in the case of the Engi and Ele.

These classes would make up next 80 of your force defending major objectives, and focusing on improving your acquisitions.

Spec ops would be your mesmers  and thieves. These classes would use their stealth/portal abilities to strike out at various enemy siege positions quickly murdering the operators and destroying the equipment where possible. They would also be responsible for helping to supply defended positions, the commander of this force would attempt to organize pugs to this task.

Obviously you could add more of these to any of these positions or swap in different professions. But against an average WvW group this force would have potential to dominate even against another force of superior size through good organization.

Probably not a level of group play that is possible in this game though!

spvp Armor/rewards

19 June 2012 - 02:23 PM

I didn't do any spvp in the bwe's but from my understanding there was supposupposed to be generated armor for all proffs similar to the guild war 1 system. This appears to be the case in all the pvp videos but I am seeing alot of complaints about random rewards systems for pvp.

I didnt notice that in WvW or pve accept with major events. In those play modes the karma gear seems to be the way to go.
Can some one clarify how spvp gear works thanks!