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Raids in GW2?

11 December 2012 - 09:37 PM

So my question is do you think it work with raids in GW2?

I myself would love to have some raids to do something that needs 15+ coordinated friends to beat and i have never understood why so many on are against it. If we would get raids in GW2 that dose not mean we will get vertical progression. why would we need that? They could make it so you could get cool looking armor sets from those raids and the prestige of killing that hard boss all in the name of fun. The best thing about such a raid system would be that there wont be any raids that go obsolete  because there is no vertical progression.

So what do you think? would it be good/bad with raids give us your thoughts on this topic and if you hate raids so much please do tell why.

Fanatic out see you in Tyria.

That feeling. GW2 topic

06 December 2012 - 05:18 PM

also do anyone else have that feeling of something is missing.
Have had that feeling since the launch of the game anyone else got this feeling?
don't get me wrong i love the game and the world of Tyria.
hmm maybe i just have not found my preferred class yet to play the game with.

also do anyone else feel like there is not alot of stuff geting you to keep loging in example is the pvp gear is wortless you can't show it off it to anyone else outside of the pvp lobby and there is no special gear for pvp. Titles in GW2 is also basicly wortless no one ses them so you can't show of your awesome mist walker title for example. I just feel that after you get your desired armor/wep combination with dyes and all that there is not alot of things to keep me playing. i'm feel like GW2 is kinda limeted in things to show other players that i'ma damn good player. i used to go damn he must be a good player when i saw that 25 man hc geard player with his legendary weapon of choice and thought to myself damn it would be cool if i had that cool gear and weapon. And i have never feelt that in GW2 feelt it in every other MMO i have played but for some reason never in this.

and to say the least i am whery confused by this.

That feeling.

05 December 2012 - 07:29 PM

Anyone else have that feeling of that something is missing.
Have had that feeling since the launch of the game anyone else got this feeling?
Don’t get me wrong i love the game and the world of Tyria.

hmm maybe i just have not found my preferred class yet to play the game with.

Need help picking a class!

26 November 2012 - 09:37 PM

So i got this problem that i realy can't choose one class but at the sametime i want to play only one. I get realy frustrated about this so i thought maybe the internet can help me out by helping me pick out a class based on what i have played in other MMOs right......right? Because apparently i am incapable of seeing the obvius duh=P

Here we go

MMO characters in order:
- GW1: was not to old at the time think about 10 and my class was if i remember a Paragon.
- WoW: First: Mage, Second; Death knight (think Dark magic wielding knight)
- Aion: Chanter (staff wielding magic support/dmg dealer), Warrior
- Rift: Mage, low lvl rogue and warrior
- Swtor: Marauder (dual wielding dps warrior), Smuggler (the assassin class)

That's all the mayor characters i have played in recent MMOs i think hopefuly i have not missed any=). Anyway i was hoping that someone could help me with my problem it may seem obvius to you but for me it's like smashing my head into a wall everytime i try to play a new game i just can't figure it out. Realy want to be as good as i can with a class and i can't realy be that if i keep jumping to other classes. Lately i have tried to narrow down what Class/archetype fits me the best and hopefuly this will help me on my way.

Any who posts have my biggest thanks.
Sorry if my english might not be the best not my first language.

Choosing the right class?

26 November 2012 - 06:03 PM

Anyone else having a hard time choosing your main class?
i'm having a realy hard time choosing the right class as a main in RPGs and i hate to lvl in all games i play so i generaly only lvl 1 char to max lvl and most of the time i find out later that it was not the right class for me to lvl. I'm realy frustrated over that i can't realy choose the right class from the beginning and need to make a new char and start over again. Then if i had pickt the right class from the start i could have continued to progress on that one instead.

so if anyone know some tips/tricks/tests that helps you know what class/archetype fits you i would be whery greatful if you could post.
also if you could post how you found your fav archetype it would be great.
And would it not be great if mmo dev could put in a optional test in their game just so you could get examples of what would maybe fit you.

sorry if my english is bad not my first language.