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In Topic: Set to blow (Level 47 Story quest) What am I doing wrong?

01 September 2012 - 08:06 AM

As a ranger I did it at 43. After some painful attempts this is what I did.

1. Make sure you have Axe/Warhorn in your offhand and longbow on your other set. Make sure you have Frost Trap, Vipers Nest, Spike Trap Equip.Polar bear as main pet and any other bear as second.
2. Clear All minions first
3. Send in pet to aggro Queen. While she is aggroed and back turned get to within 10 feet or so. Drop all 3 traps in one spot then get on other side of traps.
4. Swap pets, this brings her aggro on you. Get her into your traps then start running circles until your new pet has grabbed aggro.
5. Once your new pet has aggro swap into bow and hit her with all you got, swap back into Axe/Horn and hit her with hunters call and drop traps stack again.
6. Repeat until dead

Few other tips. If she aggroes you too fast for those rotations to work drop traps while running, leaving a path of them for her to followset. Sorta like

[Queen]  (T ) (T) (T) [You]

Also while a bear has aggro, in my experience they can survive long enough to get your companion back on his feet if need be. Just drop your traps before you rez so they are ready to go if your pet dies.

Hopefully its obvious you should heal anytime you need to?

In Topic: Karma Weapon Exploit & Second Chances

01 September 2012 - 12:07 AM

I do not think anyone deserves a permenant ban for exploiting a bug/glitch in game. Do I agree with people exploting it.... no. Should those who took advantage of it in a way that was obviously intentional be punished? Of course. A perma ban for someone taking advatage of a programmers mistake should never happen. This is not the 'dark age' of MMO's. The vast majority of MMO's now have so many systems in place keeping track of everything players do and have that there is no need for it.

If you are caught intentionally exploiting a bug via nothing more than in-game means then you should not be banned. For the first offense you should have any profit and items from said exploit stripped and get a 3 day suspension. If you do it again you should get a 5 days suspension and again profit and items from exploit stripped. For the 3rd and any subsequent offenses a 10 day suspension, items stripped and a penalty of -25% of your in-game currency. They know what people have item and money wise as most mmos do nowadays. Perma banning for in-game bugs/glitch exploiting is a bit to harsh imo and believe me when I say I used to be one of those 'burn em at the stake' kind of mmoers when it came to glitch exploiters....

Now.... IF someone uses automated botting programs to exploit, farm etc while they are off doing something else while not actively paying attention/playing the game that is a whole different ballgame. Ban their account, if they want to play again they have to but a new copy of the game.

In Topic: Is anyone else feeling a bit strange about the waypoint travel system?

19 April 2012 - 04:55 AM

Will tell you I am not feeling strange about it at all. I have been playing MMOs since 'the olden days'. I have traveled for hours across maps, taking long sailing trips across oceans and used plenty of waypoint systems. IMO it does not make the world feel smaller or less 'awesome'.

I love exploring and a waypoint system will not stop that, I will always be an explorer. The waypoint system just allows me to get to places when I am not doing exploration or when I have a short amount of playtime. This is a good thing.