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In Topic: For those who said GW2 wasn't going to turn into a P2W game....

16 November 2012 - 01:53 AM

Wait, so people can use gems to buy chests containing items whose only use is to sell for gold.  How, exactly, is this different than trading gems for gold?  You know, the system that's been in place since the start?

You really need to look up what "p2w" means.

In Topic: Power/Precision - Longbow or Shortbow?

08 October 2012 - 09:20 PM

It depends on what you plan to do with it.  For instance, if you intend to be ONLY a bow user in most one-on-one fights, then Longbows aren't that great, but if you open the fight with a Rapid Fire and/or give your target 10 stacks of Vulnerability before switching to a melee weapon, then longbows are fantastic.

While the Shortbow has superior DPS in many PvE situations, a Longbow has two HUGE advantages if you play WvWvW:
1> The Eagle Eye trait increases Longbow (and Harpoon Gun) ranges by 25%, besides just adding 5% to the damage.  That's 1500 range for most attacks (750 for Point Blank Shot), which lets you out-range anything short of a siege weapon, and Rapid Fire at that range is tremendously useful against other players, since they often won't know which direction to run away and so will take the full 10 shots (and even if they DO run the right way, they'll still be in range for quite a while).  There's no equivalent trait for shortbows.
2> Barrage.  Standing on the wall of a keep, you can do tremendous damage with a well-placed Barrage; my personal favorite is barraging on a Downed player right as his friends run over to help rez him.  It's also useful for choke points like bridges and such, when you need to buy your team a few seconds to retreat to the Keep.

These are also really handy in large PvE events, since they'll let you "tag" a large number of enemies for loot purposes.  But to me the big difference was the WvW utility, where the longbow seems far superior.

In Topic: Strategy for fighting risen as Ranger?

08 October 2012 - 09:09 PM

My strategy for fighting Risen is the same as any other mob: stick greatsword A in slot B until they fall down.

But seriously, like the other posters have said, pets CAN tank Risen; just don't use a Bear (they don't deal enough damage) or a Feline (they don't have enough HP) unless you're good at micromanaging.  The best results I've found were with Canines; between their Cripple and Knockdown attacks they'll keep the mobs away from you for a bit, their DPS is nice and high, and some of the F2s are really useful (I'm a big fan of the Fern Dog's regeneration howl).  Assuming you've taken a pet-boosting Trait or two, they'll do more than enough damage to keep SOME of the foes on them for the duration of the fight.  (Many bird types also do well.)

The key word in that last paragraph: "some" foes.  I'm a Greatsword ranger who has some defensive boosts (Signet of Stone, Signet of the Wild), so I don't mind having a couple enemies hitting me; I just don't want to be swarmed.  What happens in a typical fight is that half the foes aggro on me, and half on my pet, and this ratio is pretty much perfect, IMO.  I can deal with that sort of incoming damage, especially with Troll Unguent, and my pet's defenses are also just strong enough to last through a typical fight.

So if someone tells you that pets can't tank Risen, they're doing it wrong.

In Topic: What is the name of this armor set?

03 October 2012 - 07:19 PM

View PostJio Derako, on 03 October 2012 - 10:21 AM, said:

EDIT: After a quick bit of Googling, I seem to have found it; it's the Duelist set, which can also be found as Shiro's or Nika's armor (they all share the same skin). It supposedly comes as an exotic drop from clearing 60+ maps, or you can buy it from the TP.

Correct.  It's Duelist armor, and can only be found as an Exotic, pretty much only level 70-78.  Because it's not an 80 set you can buy it on the TP for fairly cheap, but there aren't THAT many available (since the main mechanism is zone clears), and barring spectacular luck, you can't get a full set without using the TP.

And the answer to the question "is this craftable?" is almost always going to be "NO".  We have one craftable Exotic set within each armor type; for everything else, there's Transmutation Stones.


And lastly, I've only ever seen folks running around in the full set

A LOT of folks (my own Ranger included) use only the chest piece, or chest+legs.  It's a set with some very distinctive pieces, but it's easy to mix with other sets as necessary, and the boots are ugly.

In Topic: Greatsword in PvE: need advice - good working Synergies

24 September 2012 - 07:17 PM

View PostMaarius, on 24 September 2012 - 01:22 PM, said:

thanks for your great response, kind of a guide itself :) What stats are you going for? Are the Signets powerful enough to focus on offensive stats? At the moment I'm playing with toughness/vitality but things are dying really slow. Are you looking for synergies in bleed-pet?

I'm trying not to overspecialize.  I've got a mix Precision, Power, Crit Damage, Condition Damage, Vitality, and Toughness on my gear; I've probably sunk the most into Precision, because of all the on-crit effects we can get.  As I said before, my traits are 30/20/5/5/10, so most of my traits and stat points are in offensive areas, but even some of my traits in those offensive lines are actually kind of defensive.  (Like Carnivorous Appetite.)

I wouldn't say you can "depend" on the Signets, but the combination of two defensive Signets' passives, a pet that draws aggro, dodge rolls at the right times, gear that boosts vitality/toughness, and so on will all combine to give you good survivability on most PvE fights.  I do carry a longbow; mainly it's for those few bosses with heavy AoEs, where our defenses just won't cut it, but I also use it a lot for Events just because of the targeting difficulties.  The signets are tremendously useful; the self-healing of Signet of the Wild is fantastic in general, but it's also great at offsetting minor environmental damage when moving through certain areas, so you'll only use its active effect in emergencies.  (Same with Signet of Stone, IMO, although that one's ratio of active:passive utility is a lot higher.)

We're kind of squishy; nothing's going to completely change that.  But going heavy into our two "defense" trait lines just isn't the answer, IMHO, because even those won't make you truly durable, and the loss in DPS will just be too severe.  We only really need enough defense to survive an initial burst of damage, at which point our good self-healing will take over while someone else (like a pet) takes aggro back.  The 5-point trait that gives you Regeneration at 75% is absolutely essential for this reason; its best part is that you can use IT as an indicator of your health, instead of watching your health bar directly.  When you hear Regeneration kick in, you'll know you're being hit hard enough that you should back off or hit your Troll Unguent.


There is the Murrelow (and a spider) - a poison combofield every 35s..

The problem with these is duration; 2 or 3 seconds of a combo field, at a location you didn't select, is just not good for leaping through.  In solo PvE, you just aren't likely to get many combos, but in group play (especially with, say, an Elementalist) things are very different.