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Where is the Damage Monitor? I want to know what’s killing me…

29 June 2012 - 04:50 AM

This is by far the biggest complaint I have with the combat system UI… it doesn’t tell me what skill is attacking me on screen. I hope they bring back the GW1 damage monitor… we don’t have the casting bar anymore and that’s fine, but knowing who and what I’m dealing with is IMO important in my skill choices… Sometimes I get a bunch of red numbers popping up, and I should be able to tell in the heat of combat if it’s just someone spamming weak attacks OR a group of 5 focusing fire on me. Right now all you can see is just a barrage of red numbers that you can’t even read sometimes…  

I found this to be especially problematic in WvW using ballista (and probably some other siege weapons too), anyone that has used this knows how powerful this is… but for the person on the receiving end you essentially have NO indication that you got hit by one of these unless you looked for it, because its basically just an arrow that travels at 200mph that takes out ½ of your health, then you are dead and no explanation is really given…. I mean I think you would know if you got hit by a bolt the size of a great sword

^why cant we have this?

RP and WvW

15 June 2012 - 08:10 PM

I am just curious how people feel about the RP server and its ability to do semi decent in WvW... It seems that alot of people are fairly sure that an RP server will not rock WvW, but that is ok with me, we know WvW servers will balance itself out eventually and matches will be even, but alot of it still depends on player engagement, 5 people cant take a keep, just the NPC guards alone needs like a dozen or more to kill and make sure they stay killed

I am a huge WvW fan (but not Zergs) and RP fan, however I dont want the RP server to be in the last place every single time forever with no bonuses...

I think WvW has ALOT of RP potential, with pride and ownership involved, why wouldn't people RP defenders/scouts/hit squads/and even zergs, it is essentially a large world in itself and theres alot of ROLEs to RP on... but as with all forms of PvP, there are times when things are best done OOC, for simplicity sake which could turn away alot of hardcore RPers

So I am curious about how people feel about WvW... do you feel that it is something that will fail epicly and no one will bother after a couple of days or would be something that can potentially draw alot of players?

My BWE character isnt on a RP server, so Im interested in how WvW went for those that are on an RP server
. WvW is such an important part of the game for me that I do intend to play, I donno if i can roll on a RP server if there is no interest in this format