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The 5 Signet Build and Why Nobody Should Use It

25 March 2013 - 03:57 PM

Hello fellow warriors!

Today I'm going to be talking about the 5 signet build (also known as Signet Baby) and explaining why it's quite possibly the worst build for a warrior. This thread/article/mass of text is pretty much for anyone currently using the build at level 80 or for others who don't understand why it's used. I'll try to keep things simple and reasonably structured.

The Build

So if you don't already know what the Signet Baby build is, you're about to learn. Effectively the build makes use of the Deep Strike trait in the Arms line. This is trait number 1. The trait gives +40 precision for each unused signet equipped on your bar. At 5 signets, this provides 200 precision. As most already know, precision is the attribute that gives a higher Critical Chance and 200 precision is not something one would easily pass up. Not only this but the build effectively enables the user to concentrate on skills 1 - 5 and focus on movement and dodging, rather than multi-tasking even further. Not only this, but the build ensures that the player is gaining buffs for themselves and not worrying about having to rely on others to do it.

The Problem

So now we come to the reason why the 5 signet build is so bad. Precision is a scaling attribute. At level 20, every 3.16 precision gives you 1% critical chance, but at level 80 it takes 21 precision to give you 1% critical chance. So sure, when yo're sitting around at level 40 with 7.24 precision giving you 1% critical chance with 5 signets providing 27.6% extra chance to crit, that's fine, but at level 80 you're only getting an extra 9.5% chance.

This is only the beginning though. Aside from the fact that at level 80 the build is about 3 times less effective, you're being lazy. On top of that, you aren't helping your party. Simply changing out a single signet for "For Great Justice" increases the party's damage output exponentially. It's not 3 stacks of might and Fury that you're gaining. It's 15 stacks of might and fury on your entire party that you're gaining. Effectively giving the whole party an extra 525 power and 100% chance to crit. This is just one skill. The benefits of changing the whole bar are astronomical, even in solo situations. Each signet has it's time and place, but that isn't all at the same time.

Why People Wont Party With You

For the most part, running this build doesn't necessarily make you a bad player, it just means you don't know how to build your warrior. However, people running this particular set up have gained a particular reputation and that is that they, quite frankly, suck at the game and will die constantly. The vast majority of people running the build have a tendency to be very fresh to level 80 and that the warrior is their first class. Aside from the bad reputation, when people form parties the most common thing people ask themselves is "What is this person bringing to the group?" and "Are they going to be a burden or a boon?" As I stated earlier, the answers are: Nothing and (in most cases) a burden. A Signet Baby is in almost every way worse than someone else, so if you run this build don't be surprised if you are finding it hard to get into dungeons.

Typically when I get a warrior in my party running 5 signets, I'll suggest they change their build and provide suggestions for other skills. I personally run shouts with the heal trait, because I enjoy the heal it gives me and my party, along with the supportive aspects of buffs, condition removal and condition application to enemies. It's usually the first thing I suggest because you can never go wrong with shouts and they're extremely easy to use.

The Solution

So what do you do then? You don't know any other build and it's just what you've levelled with. Well it's actually really easy. You can, as I do, run shouts or you can run banners or stances or even physical skills. If you simply google "GW2 PvE warrior builds" you'll find a plethora of fantastic builds out there. Find a playstyle and if you don't like having to use your skills then this game probably isn't for you. The warrior is by far the easiest class and there is no excuse for not using your utilities. You can even visit the other threads in the forums.

There are thousands of fantastic builds around and you can even make your own, but if they involve not using your utilities or being selfish, then they probably aren't very good. Level 80 is the time to research and learn about the do's and don't's of your class.

The 5 Signet Build is not a viable build at level 80. It's 3 times less effective than it is at level 40. It's selfish and encourages laziness. Research other builds and browse this forum.

What music tracks do you use?

03 March 2013 - 07:00 PM

Simple enough thread. What custom music tracks do you use for GW2? Do you even use them?

Personally I play with my sound off 90% of the time, but I decided I wanted to add more tracks and change it up. Currently running default at the moment, but my intentions are to add some LoTR tracks and some PotC tracks along with some other stuff.

Remember, this is not a thread about who has better taste in music, if someone wants to add Kanye West or Skrillex as their gw2 music, that's there choice. Keep it friendly!

Server with Balthazar Orr Temple open?

29 January 2013 - 01:08 PM

Before I begin, I am well aware that this is hard to keep track of and this is basically a "Balthazar is currently open as of posting this comment, blah blah" thread.

To keep it short and simple, if your server AT THE TIME OF YOUR POSTING has Balthazar unlocked, please post here. With the introduction of guesting, it makes things far easier to get your shards and such.

Thanks :)

ArenaNet gives Dhuum free reign?

26 October 2012 - 12:36 PM

Now, I'm not sure if many of you have heard, but recently within the last two weeks, ArenaNet has unleashed Dhuum.

Yeah, him and his ban scythe. Thing is, Dhuum is just slaying anyone.

For those of you who don't understand,

ArenaNet has been giving out permanent bans to a large amount of players for no reason. Now, keep in mind, this isn't "we're not giving you a reason" it's a "We're banning you for something you didn't do"

Don't believe me? Take a look at the Account Support forum on the official forums. Now, as someone who's been prema-dhuumed and someone who plays 100% honestly (never botted, never bought gold, never intentionally exploited, never scammed, never hacked, etc) this is an outrage. I've never even had a temporary ban.

I'm writing this to bring it to the attention of the larger community. If you log in one day and you see that you're banned, don't be too surprised. Something is wrong. The best thing you can do is submit a ticket to support appealing your case AND asking what evidence they have to support the ban, explicitly stating that you well and truly believe this was a mistake, documenting the last time you logged in and the general activities that you participated in.

If ArenaNet doesn't respond within three(3) days, post you support ticket (12 digit number) in this thread: https://forum-en.gui...er-merged/first

Before anyone comments, I of course do NOT support breaking the EULA. If you break the EULA and get banned, that's your fault. Don't come crying to ArenaNet. I am ONLY talking about WRONGFULLY PLACED account terminations here. Where you are CERTAIN that nothing you have done would warrant a permanent ban.

Not only this, if you receive a 72 hour ban, it's still worth appealing. If your appeal is successful, even if it's after the 72 hours, the mark against your account is removed. If in the instance that you DO break the EULA and get a 72 ban again, it will actually be longer if you don't get the mark removed.

TL;DR ArenaNet is banning people for nothing and it can happen to anyone. Be aware. Don't panic. Send a support ticket and you SHOULD get your account back.

Possible Recipes for Dusk & Dawn?

09 October 2012 - 02:46 PM

So, upon seeing the information Lindsey gave us (source) I have come to the conclusion that there is a set list of exotic great swords which have the highest potential to yield Dusk or Dawn.

Lindsey states that "As a quick note, the higher the level and rarity of the things you are throwing into the forge, the better your chances of getting a Legendary Precursor."

She follows this up later by saying: Though not all Exotics are “created equal” they are all of the same rarity: Exotic.

This potentially means that though the recipes requires 4 exotics, some exotics yield better results.

From this, I conclude that the NAMED greatswords that are created via the forge and as rare drops have the highest yield rate for Dawn or Dusk. Currently there is ~10 named greatswords (e.g. Naegling, Dhuumseal, Breath of Flame, etc).

If anyone is willing to try this, I would recommend they do so as it has the potential to yield ~10 - 20x your cash back. It also means we get closer to discovering a recipe for creating the legendaries.

K, go!

I am not trying to sell naegling, dhuumseal or any other weapon. I have 27s and nothing for sale on the trading post except for 3 major sigils. So please don't shout and scream and tear up and throw a fit like a child and say I'm trying to sell those weapons quicker. I'm simply theorycrafting here. I am prepared to provide screenshots of my bank, inventory and TP log to prove it. Not only this, I am personally not responsible if this theory does not work, nor will I accept any responsibility if it does work. Forge at your own risk, this is just a theory.