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#2118981 why so much negativity

Posted Asteria Rose on 15 December 2012 - 12:32 PM

We're a game forum, meaning there are 3 types of people:

The Good: They have criticism, but they also appreciate the overall quality of the game. Nothing to complain about.

The Bad: This person chews on their fingernails waiting for responses for a living. Generally pessimistic, this forum-goer likes to attack other people's comments and make fun of Justin Beiber and other unrelated topics on a daily basis. Though called out several times, he doesn't care because work starts at 8 and they, 'Like, think sleep is totally useless lol #yolo'.

The Ugly: This person is somewhere in between the ranks of belly button lint, a floor made of legos, and a 4 week old lasagna casserole with green beans and mushrooms. They attack forums with everything bad about the topic, and will not rest until they make everyone feel like a pile of dog crap. Which they can't do. They'll suck life out of a game, in this case, GW2, and regurgitate it into words that are probably scrawled onto satan's forearm as his list of insults.

So there you have it. The forums of every MMORPG and game in general ever played.
Good luck out there, you're gonna need it.

#2108357 Post a Picture of Your Warrior.

Posted bishop_161 on 05 December 2012 - 04:22 PM

Finally finished my warriors armor.

T3 Cultural - Chest + Legs (Celestial and White Gold )
Dark - Helm, Shoulders, Gloves, and Boots (Icing)
Weapon - Vision of the Mist

Posted Image
Posted Image

#2100147 Tommy's Tea House

Posted Tommy's on 28 November 2012 - 08:00 PM

Well, since you're the only one to seem interested, here's yours Aero :D
Not integrated in a setting, nor very christmassy, but your character just begged for a traditional portraiture.

Posted Image

#2077856 Is GW2 in trouble?

Posted Sephirox507 on 13 November 2012 - 10:53 PM

the game is not in trouble what is in trouble is the MMO community, raging through forums when the content has not even come out....

#2011390 Mix & Matching Armour

Posted Alleji on 11 October 2012 - 04:44 PM

Posted Image

Love my ele's outfit.

Winged chest, head and legs,
Apprentice boots,
Conjurer shoulders
Fire God's braces (HoM)

#1948929 I guess that's why it doesn't have a subscription.

Posted Zhaitan on 19 September 2012 - 06:50 PM

View PostShiftedgw2, on 19 September 2012 - 06:24 PM, said:

It was a good run. It was definitely worth $60.00 just like I'd say Diablo III also was. It was definitely worth the 300+ hours or so that I got from it.

The game was officially released on August 28th. That's 542 hours 23 mins before the time of your post. You have played 300+ hours. That means you have spent more than 55% of the total available time in your life playing this game since launch. Hoping you had at least 6 hours of daily sleep, you ended up playing nearly 75% of the every waking hour of your life in last 3 weeks or so.

I think the game got bored of you and decided not to offer you any more fun till you take some rest and help yourself in the process.

I say that jokingly. But, in all honesty, the impact of sitting on your butt 75% of the day will take heavy toll on your body. It does not matter how old you are. You will have serious issues with your health if you don't take a break now.

#1581896 Why GW2 feels strange, unearthly and even just a little unreal…

Posted Nukk on 08 July 2012 - 10:06 AM

People expecting end game or more zones at 80 are getting confused between a pay to play (sub based) MMO and a buy to play game like GW2. Sub based MMOs need an end game to keep players subbing and in most cases it is carrot and stick gear/level grind treadmill which isn't really that much fun. With a buy to play game, when you reach level cap and have completed the story campaign if you don't want to go into sPvP or vW3 or go back and play all the dynamic events or explore the world or get stuck into crafting or make an alt to see the story from another race's perspective or do anything else that the game has to offer then you can simply STOP PLAYING. That's right... stop playing, you shouldn't feel obligated to carry on playing as there is no monthly fee, you won't be falling behind on the gear treadmill and you can come back any time you like.

No-one completes games like Elder Scrolls, Neverwinter or Dungeon Siege and goes 'wtf, where's the end game?'. That's because these games are buy to play games just like GW2. They don't need an end game because you have already bought the entire content and you aren't being drip fed lacklustre content simply because you are tied into a monthly subscription. You can go back to them anytime you want and if you enjoyed them then chances are that you buy the next instalment in the franchise.

Seriously, the most truely revolutionary thing about GW2 is that it is the first buy to play MMO. Players aren't praising this fact enough and that's because they have difficulty understanding the concept. It is probably GW2's BIGGEST selling point. The point is not whether GW2 is ALL end game or whether it has NO end game, the point is that end game is not relevant to GW2 - so stop bringing it up.

#1581662 Why GW2 feels strange, unearthly and even just a little unreal…

Posted Flashman on 08 July 2012 - 07:21 AM

I’m not telling the world anything new when I say, a lot of MMOs fail.

Either they fail outright with next to no subscribers and close within a year, or they start off ‘OK’ but never quite get the numbers and become an ‘also-ran’ in the market. A very few might even get the numbers — initially — then start bleeding subscriptions after the first month or two as people get to the end-game, realise there is no end-game, and look for something new.

As someone who has sat out here, in the MMO community, since Ultima Online was the hot new game in town, I’ve constantly marveled at how many times the same mistakes are seemingly made again and again and again.

End-game, that I mentioned a moment ago, is one of the big ones. “The end-game has to be there… it has to be solid!” says the MMO community, “Yes, yes, we hear you! We agree!” say the developers of countless MMOs that have come and gone over the last 15 years. And yet, when it came down to it… when the rubber hit the road… the end-game wasn’t there.

Its not always the end-game, of course, that’s just one example. But it highlights that “everyone” seems to know what would make a great MMO, yet so far, few companies have been able to put the right ideas in motion.

Enter Guild Wars 2.

It’s perhaps telling that the original Guild Wars is a game I have gone back to, again and again, over the years since it first came out. Partly because of it’s free-to-play nature, yes, but also partly due to the fact that it was different to other MMOs. Indeed, it was so different, many people still have a hard time even calling it an MMO at all. The debate still rages on about that.

So as we sit here, on the verge of Guild Wars 2 coming out; a game that is better than the original Guild Wars in every single way by a factor of 1000, are we about to see the release of a game that not only gets these 15 year old questions right, but which also doesn’t charge a fee, to boot? I really don’t want to be cast in the ‘fanboi’ role, but I think we might be. Seriously.

From what I have played of Guild Wars 2 so far, via beta weekends and ‘stress tests’, I have found a game that is visually gorgeous, deep in lore and fun to play. It’s WvWvW also evokes (and surpasses) the legendary Dark Age of Camelot, which was a game released in 2001 that was still the benchmark for ‘Realm versus Realm’ combat, all these years later, until Guild Wars 2.

Even though I have played Guild Wars 2 and can report to anyone reading this blog that, yes, the game is real and, yes, it’s as good as all the reviewers say it is, it still feels strange, unearthly and even just a little unreal, to think that this game exists. This game goes beyond what any $15/month MMO is offering… and yet is doing it without ANY monthly fee. Incredible.

#1579670 Every ranger a sylvari? How exciting... Not.

Posted Xolov on 07 July 2012 - 02:46 PM

I will have a Sylvari ranger to run with my sons Sylvari necromancer. There will probably be as many Sylvari rangers as there will be Sylvari named after Marijuana.

#1485999 Confirmed: Tiered Traits AND Utility Skills

Posted Zion_Now on 01 June 2012 - 09:57 PM

Ok before we all get our pitchforks, let's take note of the following facts:

1.The only thing we've seen so far are 2 screenshots showing that the trait system has now a 6-10-12 tier. We don't know about any possible changes to how trait points are acquired nor do we know if the traits themselves have been changed in any fundamental way. If we knew this we might be looking at this situation from a whole other angle.

2. We do not yet know why exactly Anet has chosen to revision the trait system. It might be because of hand-holding, it might be easier to balance, it might be because of some completely other reason we haven't thought of yet. Perhaps Anet will explain its reasoning in the upcoming blog post concerning the changes in the next BWE. If not we might always try to ask it in the beta forums, where we have a good chance of someone explaining it. So all this mudslinging about Anet being lazy and stifling creativity might be unfounded at this point.

3. Anet has as far as I remember never reverted a change just because a part (yes, you guys are only a part) of the community threw a fit over it. As far as I can remember nearly every update in GW1 had people raging. Yet here we are praising GW1 and dissing GW2. I think it's good Anet doesn't just give in to any internet tantrum otherwise the game might have been made a lot easier to accomodate all the people who thought GW2 was too hard last BWE.

My advice: How about we wait till the next BWE, test the trait system and if you still don't like it, write a good post explaining in detail why you don't like it and give an alternative (and, if arenanet tells the reason why they changed it, try to give an alternative that also keeps in mind their view). All this raging will accomplish absolutely nothing.