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[Video] Kaineng vs CB vs YB - 1/25/13 - Kaineng BL

26 January 2013 - 07:29 PM

Kaineng Server Community Forums

24 January 2013 - 08:32 PM

Hi guys. Cryptic Omen [CO] has created the community server forums for Kaineng server. Our goal with creating this was to bring our server together as no real server website had been introduced and created up to date. Please acknowledge this as the official Kaineng forums. All current players on Kaineng are encouraged to register and engage in the community with others. All prospective players and guilds are also encouraged to register and participate on the forums.

The URL for the website is : http://kainengserver.com

The site is under construction and should be completed by end of next week. The servers and everything you need to communicate with each other are completed and working properly. We hope to see you engage in helping Kaineng thrive.

Thank you very much,

CO transferring to Kaineng

18 January 2013 - 05:47 PM

Hello guys, greetings. I am Mayoken, leader of Cryptic Omen [CO] on SBI, one of the former leaders of [CaLM] Before The Storm. In the last two weeks I have left CaLM, which i led for about 9 months since April and did a lot of pre-launch recruiting on this website and others.

I brought over 30-40 CaLM members and formed CO with a few other small guilds that merged into us. Our focus is World vs World and we plan to make a NA presence on Kaineng. Right now we have 159 members and 155 of them logged in today. We peaked at 74 online at the same time tonight, and average 65-70 online from noon - 7pm EST. The last World vs. World event we had, we had over 54 members come to the event and rock the borderlands with us. Right now our guild is brand new although our experience is not, so please do not overlook us.

Our options were either SoR, JQ, or Kaineng. In the end we chose Kaineng.
No bandwagoning, just looking out for the best for CO.

If you are a guild and considering moving to Kaineng, please send me a mail or whisper me in-game ASAP. We will offer you all the knowledge we have of the infrastructure here and help you narrow down your choices even if it is not Kaineng. If you choose to scout Kaineng, I can give you a guild invite. You can scout how CO operates and come witness the potential and manpower Kaineng has. We want to build the best community we can and are now currently reaching out to you.

Hopefully Kaineng will be a good start for us.
You may follow or get in contact with me by mailing me, Mayoken, in-game.

If you would like to join us or network with us in our new endeavors, find us at our website:

Side Note: Jedbacca and Cohh you guys were the best friends I could ask for on SBI and I will be staying in touch with SF and Carnage. Thank you both for the great last 4 months. Best of luck!

We want to bring you our first video from [CO] now that we are 7 days old:



Fighting PRX with small chances of victory

07 December 2012 - 05:35 AM

This video.. was cool b/c we prevented our keep from being taken on the tick while only having about 8 players to defend East Keep on SBI BL against about 50 PRX/other guilds.

In the end they face ownd us. enjoy.

*like if you like the ownage*

Jormag the Ice Dragon

30 August 2012 - 06:51 PM

I captured this clip luckily while fighting Jormag. It was insane.