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In Topic: [x-post] The Death of Alts

15 August 2013 - 07:54 PM

I don't fully agree with the OP.   I just finished fully gearing my 5th character, I have 6 80s but can't get into the ranger so haven't geared him up.  Yes it took a while to get everyone to 80 and fully geared but that is somewhat expected, it was still quicker than getting my main to the same position.

In reference to the OP points here is my personall take on them.
1.  FOTM, my necro is my main and he is at lvl 34.  At that point I decided that the meta for high level fractals was more along the lines of mesmers and gaurdians.  I started my mez in Fotm using the extra rings relics from previous runs + guild commendations to get earings my AR was 30.  So I could play with guildies at a much higher level if I wanted to.  So I don't see the problem here

2.  I have 100 extra laurels sitting in my wallet atm.  Sure I didn't get all my characters a ascended amulet in a month but why should I expect to.

3.  Daily chests - I find that the daily chests get me to get out on my alts to beat the big bosses with different characters.  I also feel that limiting it to once per day forces people to get out and try different things instead of farming the same events 6 times over the course of you play time.  

4.  WvW points - I kind of agree that these aren't account bound.  Its nice to be able to build up various character to different specialties.  If they were account bound you would either have one super character or multiple weak characters

5.  Gated crystals - I think this one is a valid point.  It sucks that I have the raw mats but I can't craft at the same pace for all characters

6.  Dungeon changes - I like them, not only have I started to do different dungeons I also tend to change to alts as what the team needs changes as I get into different groups and different dungeons.  It used to be Cof P1 Mes, War, Thief, repeat now I find myself doing AC, CoF, CoE, and TA over the course of the week instead of the same one everyday.  This was a good change I think in regards to getting people to change up what they do as well as play alts.  It does have a negative impact on gearing alts (the first set of exotics I had for all 5 of my geared alts was CoF zerker gear)

The thing I find pushes towards playing my main more then my alts is MF stats.  A perfect example is the crown pavilion, I have a choice to play my warrior or necro at 300+% MF or my other alts at 150-200%.  Which ones do you think I play.  If MF was account bound I would be changing characters everyday to break up the monotony of an hour of CP farming.  I prefer a inv full of greens and gold to one full of greens and blues.

There was a lot ANET messed up on when rolling this game out; there is a lot that needs to be fixed; I don't believe encouraging playing alternate characters was not one of those things

In Topic: Queen's Jubilee

30 July 2013 - 01:42 PM

I hope the wallet isn't like the mats storage though, only 250 per item.  I have multiple stacks of dungeon tokens and badges saved away for alts, or on stby for build changes

In Topic: An Open Appeal - Obsidian Sanctum Kite

10 July 2013 - 06:09 PM

Can't you just guest on another server?

In Topic: Last Stand at Southsun

22 May 2013 - 01:08 PM

Good start and ANET continues to move in the right direction.  While the game is far from perfect it is sill fun to play with enough "carrots" or goals to keep you coming back for more.  

I still can't understand why people put such a negative spin on Zergs.  Tactically it makes sense to group your forces to overpower the enemy, we see it in real life.  Small groups have their place, such as scouting and taking small objectives but in real life would send a small squad to take out a defended and fortified position?  Zergs are like the army and Small groups are like the special forces each have their purpose and should be used accordingly.  
That being said I like the idea of rewarding tactics and smart play so maybe you assigned a certain reward to each objective and that reward is divided evenly among the players (obviously with a min so that if you are running a zerg you still get something).  That would incentivize  (I either misspelt this or made up a word) small group play in taking tactical objectives such as supply camps.

In Topic: On Lottery (RNG) Boxes

16 May 2013 - 07:02 PM

View Postdavadude, on 16 May 2013 - 06:49 PM, said:

The problem is that you can get a magic find bonus by representing one of the groups attempting to... take over Southsun (it's still confusing).  One of them gives a 50% coin increase, one gives a 60% EXP increase, and one gives a 200% magic find increase.  The people with magic find increase state that all champions drop at least one (I've had cases of 3 dropping from the molten Karka, boss event), and chests drop them like hot cakes.

As for the skins, cannot disagree with that.  Until they are used (or if they are won through character rewards), they should be tradeable.

I have done the instigator at least 20 times and have not received a crate from him nor the chest.  I have been averaging about 2-3 an hour farming karka or skelk outside of the instigators. Which champs are you talking about (outside of the Karka you already mentioned)

Edit - FYI my MF with all buffs is sitting at 368