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Looking for Dungeon running guild

03 March 2013 - 03:37 PM

Looking for a large guild that focuses on Dungeons (FoTM included).  I already have a main guild that I am in but I can never find a good solid dungeon group.  I am will to rep during dungeons and any other events we may do together.  Here is my info

Name: Countess Elvira
Server: FA (will guest if needed)
Timezone (EST) normally play mornings on Sat/Sun, evening, after 9:30, on weeknights

Necro (main) - Fully equiped conditionmanacer (fotm lvl 33)
Warrior - Fully equiped zerker (fotm lvl 4 or 5)
Mesmer - currently leveling (at 40)
ranger - lvl 80 not equiped
Theif - lvl 80 not equiped

I have lots of experience with AC, CoF, and CoE.  I have done all other dungeon paths multiple times except Arah explorable.  I learn quickly and can adjust my builds/armor as necessary.  

If you think I will fit in with your guild and have what I am looking for PM me or drop me an invite to test things out.

PS I also have a Storage guild I made myself and build MF and Karma banners quite frequently.