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#1794177 48 Hours to go.....What is your character doing?

Posted Lor Ryt on 23 August 2012 - 07:28 AM

The young woman was sitting on the stone steps, leading to a small garden, bowed over an old, heavy leatherbound book. From time to time she'd murmur something in her soft voice, and a green glow would emanate from a small, dissheveled part of the otherwise meticulously kept garden. At the top of the stairs, an older woman was trying to fight her tears away.

  "So you found it, I was afraid that one day you would...", the older woman said softly.

The younger woman closed her eyes for a moment, allowing the green glow to dissipate, calling it back into herself, then turned around.

  "You should have burned it, or destroyed it otherwise, or give it away, mother, if you did not want me to find it. The truth is, i did not find it, it called to me."

The older woman nodded softly,

  "You did not read all of it yet, did you ?"

  "Most of it, but no, not yet all of her personal story, but i am almost done."

Mother wiped her eyes,

  "Well, read all of it, then you will know why i kept it, and why my mother, and her mother, and everyone before her, since your ancestress kept it."

She took the book gently, even reverently from her daugther and leafed through the last pages, and easily found the last entry, giving the book back to her daughter.

  "Read this, my darling."

  "Now i understand, why you had me learn reading old Krytan, mother.", she replied, going over the text written in a fluid, and elegant script.

  "... I was born into a time of conflict and war. I battled titans, demons, creatures from the depth of the earth, even a god, and i lived to tell of it. In this time of relative peace, i settled down, and had a girlchild, the most precious thing i ever held in my hands. But now, war is on the horizon, once more. I can sense in you, my daughter, a great gift, sleeping, until the day it will be once more needed. I have to go back, to what i do best, fight, and trying to save and protect not only my home, my race and my queen. Now i will fight for you, my beloved child. Farewell my daughter."

The girl looked up, with tears in her eyes,

  "Did she come back?"

Mother nodded softly,

  "She did return a few times, over the years, but eventually she did not come back. They say she led a small group of highly accomplished fighters into a mission, which supposedly succeeded, but they never came back. Noone knows what happened. It must have been something really important, because the Queen Salma gave us a title, and the land we own, and made your ancestress nobles, adding this to the considerable wealth she already possessed. The title carried over, but in our hearts we always stayed a bit apart of most of the nobility, and i can tell that you as well possess this quality, judging others not by their birth, but by their deeds and accomplishments."

The young woman smiled, leaned over and put her head on the shoulder of her mother, as she had been doing since she was a little girl.

  "Mother ... "

  "Shh my darling. Don't say a word. I won't lie to you, i am happy and sad at the same time. I am happy because i know now that you have found your purpose in life. I am sad because i know that you will leave this house, and you will, as your ancestress did, find your way in the world out there. I am sad, not because harm could come to you, there is a war out there, you will see many things, you will witness pain, some of it yourself, and you will learn of friendship, love, camaraderie, glory, but as well of enemity, betrayal, hate and many other things. Always remember who you are, and always remember that we love you, and that you will always have a place to come back and to rest.

  When do you plan to leave?"

The girl looked up with a determination and joy in her face.

  "In two days, in the morning, mother. I hear that Logan comes to Shaemoor, and i will see if i can help, i have heard that the centaurs are restless, moreso that usually."

Mother gently stood up, and pulled her daughter with her,

  "I will have then everything made ready for your journey my darling."

The young woman smiled and kisses her mothers cheek,

  "Thank you so much, i was afraid that... nevermind. Thank you mother." and left with steady, determined steps, the book pressed firmly against her, to her chambers."

The older woman sighed softly, and went herself back into the manor, upwards, unlocking a heavy, unused door, locking it behind her, towards the best kept secret of the family, a small well kept room, sparsingly furnished, opening a small safebox, and removing a fist-sized green crystal, placing it on the small round table, closing her eyes for a moment, and softly chanting a sentence in old krytan.

The crystal started to shine softly, with a soft green inner glow, and the woman spoke.

  "Now you have what you wanted, she found the book, and as far as i can tell, she took to it, like a duckling to water. I hope you are happy now..."

A rich and melodious voice emanated from the crystal

  "You do know this is not really me, but just an imprint, with my voice and my memories, but without my soul. My soul has returned to wherever it came from, and who knows where it is now. I have no recollection but what she stored in me, the last time she was here. I can advise, and listen, but i am not her."

Mother sighed,

  "Yes, i know. I am here to add to your knowledge. Very well then ...

  Let it know that in 1325AE our family has again given the world a necromancer. She will go out into the world, as you have, and may the gods help her, i am afraid for her, of what she will become, when she sees the cruelty of war."

  "Acknowledged", the voice from the crystal said,

  "Remember, when she returns, she must learn of me, and you need to pass me on to her, so i can help her with her craft and lead her to the secret place where her legacy lies, where her ancestress left her belongings, so one day a worthy successor will find them."

The glow winked out, and Mother replaced the crystal back in the stronbox, locked the room behind her, and went to the kitchen to oversee the preparations for the next day, to celebrate the last day together with her daughter ...