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Kicking Thieves in PvE

18 December 2013 - 05:19 PM

I was trying to PUG some Arah runs (paths 1, 2 and 3) and got kicked from like 3-5 groups before even entering the dungeon.

Why are people still under the illusion that Thieves suck in PvE? Why do people think War x3 Mes and Guard is still the best composition? Especially in Arah where stealth running is like; OP.

I'd understand it better if Thief couldn't do what Axe/ Mace + GS Warrior can, but a Thief can.

Melee cleave, stack might, stack vulnerability, mobility (run from boss to boss/ stealth).

Aside from Banner of Strength/ Discipline and For Great Justice (which you'd get anyway if you had 2 Warriors) what can a third Warrior do that is so so so so much better than a Thief?

You can't really argue that their DPS is superior anymore (the new update to initiative passive regeneration makes Pistol Whip literally spam-able forever).

Thief also have access to blind and a spammable blast finisher, which can be incredibly helpful when clearing trash.

15-20k 100 blades every 6.5-8s isn't more than 3-4 pistol whips/ backstabs.

I think Engies are kinda in the same boat. They stack might, are the best vulnerability stackers, have mobility and lots of blast finishers and are also vastly underestimated.

Anyone care to explain?

Macbook Pro 13"

12 July 2013 - 04:44 PM

So I'm buying a Macbook Pro 13. Here are the specs.

Brand Apple Dimensions 227 x 325 x 24 mm EAN Number 885909583157 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 Hard Drive 750 GB HDD Memory capacity 8 GB Operating system Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Optical Drive 8x SuperDrive Processor Dual-core Intel Core i7 2.9GHz Processor Processor Brand Intel Screen Size 13 inches Webcam Yes Weight 2.06 Kg WiFi
802.11n Wi-Fi wireless networking

I'm buying it because, like an SM 57, the Macbook is the "industry standard" - Also I like Logic and don't want to have to learn a whole new interface.

I'm pretty sure that a Macbook with above specs will run Logic sufficiently well, which is what I need it for really, but I'd like to know how GW2 would run with it, to find out whether or not it's even worth downloading.

What kind of FPS would I expect to see? What settings would it run on? Is the Intel HD 4000 any good? Is it worth dual booting Windows? Are there any disadvantages in buying the laptop from a trusted retailer (i.e. Amazon) as opposed to directly from the Apple store?

Thanks in advance for replies. Would really like to hear from people who have experience (good or bad) with running GW2 on Mac.

Few buffs, some nerfs.

21 June 2013 - 01:00 AM



Don't know how true any of this is, but some of the stuff seems legit.

Looks to me as though;

traits that were useless, still are.

Anet really likes venoms.

Bye Bye 1200 range :c

S/D is gunna lose some popularity. Can't believe Infiltrator's Strike's toggle will no longer stunbreak :/

But on the up-side...

People might actually start using Scorpion Wire, which I've always loved and WOOT 35 second Steal cooldown.

I'm a bit sad about the new condition though, it seems like it could be a nice addition, it's a shame though that the only way we can apply it is via a venom.

Looks like D/P and D/D will be back in vogue. It's a shame to see S/D go but at the same time, I'm kinda glad.

Annoying Orr mobs - What's the point?

02 May 2013 - 05:55 AM

I'm working on a 2nd Incinerator. I decided that doing all the skill challenges in the world would be a pretty fast way to get the Bloodstone shard. Done the whole map tonight except for Malchor's leap and beyond.

In doing this I remembered a query I had when I entered Orr for the very first time:

What's the point in having it so densely populated by annoying mobs who enjoy pushing/ pulling/ freezing/ confusing and whatever else, not to mention; ridden with events no one wants to complete? I mean; really, what's the point? :P No other map is nearly this annoying.

Are they meant to be "challenging"? Or are they just meant to annoy you and waste a bit more time? Is this Anet's solution to "time-sink"? Is this "dynamic"?

I mean if the intention was to make them difficult, why not actually make them difficult? Otherwise why not just make them slightly less annoying, allowing you to get on with your outing in Orr without having to be a perpetual rag-doll?

Orr isn't interesting, Orr isn't fun, Orr isn't challenging. All it does is waste your time and in my case; constantly shout "piss off!".

So I guess I'm just curious ;

What do you think of Orr?
Is it fun? or just a place to waste time/ make gold/ karma?
Why does it have to be as lackluster as it is now?

Wasted 250g in the Mystic Forge so far..

31 December 2012 - 03:10 AM

I did the whole, custom, buy order thing on Rare daggers in the hopes of getting Spark.

So I've spent 250g already, made about 100g back thanks to exotics.

But seriously.. Is this what Anet intended when they said they were keeping their eyes on the situation and wanted to make precursors more attainable?

'Cause I'm certainly not seeing it. Shoulda just saved up an extra 150g more and bought the bloody thing off TP.

But now that seems senseless, since I've spent so much already, perhaps I should restart the whole process? Besides, Spark is at like 450g right now, awesome stuff.

What kind of luck have you guys been having?

Friends of mine have done this method (some of them multiple times) and always gotten their chosen pre-cursor and in fact ended up making a profit. Some other people got x2 precursors at the Karka event. Some of them got their pre-cursor randomly just by saving same-type dungeon drops and forging them. Silly me for believing I'd ever so be lucky, I suppose.

Either way, after having horrible luck with Clovers (spent over 500k Karma and still only have 40) and wasting 250g on the Mystic hole of horror, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. I know how to make money, I know how to get Karma, I know how to salvage for ectos, the point is this whole ridiculous RNG factor just doesn't seem fair at all.

It's depressing cause I've pretty much got all the mats for 2 of the 3 legendaries I want, I just don't have the Clovers or Spark or Karma for the Gifts of Mastery.

I hope this doesn't come across as a massive whine. I'm curious as to how other people have fared/ failed. What are your views on the system?