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After Fractured update, is the fractal daily chest bonus character bound or account bound?

13 January 2014 - 07:49 AM

After the fractured update, what are the restrictions on the daily chest reward bonus from fractals?

For example, if I run level 38 on character A and then run level 38 again on character B,
Will I get a daily reward chest or not?


Same type ascended ring

04 September 2013 - 02:52 AM

My character is wearing an infused Red Ring of Death (offensive infusion).
I also have an infused Snaff's Gyre (offensive infusion also) sitting in storage that can be converted to Berserker.

#1 Will I be able to wear this?
#2 What do you think about having 2 more offensive infusions (although I will probably just put +5 Agony from simple versatile infusion)?

Longbow Swap

03 September 2013 - 07:06 AM

Hi all! I'm running the cookie cutter 30/0/0/10/30 build and for fights when there is possibility that I have to go to range, I use longbow on swap.

While it doesn't really matter for my group/pubs, does adding longbow to the rotation improve DPS or should I just stick to swapping only on need?

My standard DPS rotation is Axe+Mace (2, 4, 111, ...), and never swapping to Longbow until I need to regen. Just for fun, I recently started swapping to Longbow to do F1 burst, Heal to recover adrenaline, 3 to blast might, the other longbow skills, swap then back to Axe+Mace.

I was also thinking of running GS instead of Axe+Mace if there is no need to knockdown anything.

I'm not running with speedrun groups so we usually don't cap might, sometimes I also try to lift the banner and blast might/chaos armor.

Enemies scattering after using Into the Void

10 June 2013 - 02:17 AM

Hi! I don't use my mesmer often but can someone explain how to avoid scattering mobs when using Into the Void?

Is it because they're already standing on top of Temporal Curtain already?
Or is it because it's not placed by the corner?

Alt leveling (which levels for events, which for crafting)

03 April 2013 - 07:46 AM

Does anyone have some alt char leveling tips that might be good to apply.
1) Any recently popular areas that I can put in my go to places for dynamic events that are easily repeatable and well populated?

2) Which levels will be better off craft leveled?

I plan to craft level maybe 30 levels for character so it doesn't get too expensive.
And maybe finish some personal stories, if they're quick if I skip dialogs

Mostly what I did in the past:
1-15 in Queensdale (random events), Wayfarer (Maw and Wurms)
-> Maw doesn't repeat as often anymore

15-25 in Kessex (Centaur events from middle of map, then west of map)
25-35 in Gendarran (Vollym at arena and random events)
35-45 in Herathi (even more Centaur events)
45-55 in Bloodtide Coast (Tequatl & Poch, alpha drake, random events)
55-70 Sparkfly Fen, exploring dragon spawn and dungeon entrance areas
-> Mostly did 40-70 soloing events on my 4th alt, unlike having many many people on 1st char, some 10-15 people on 2nd

70-80 CoF 1 & 2 and Straits of Devastation to Balthazar
Straits: Sometimes nobody is around
CoF 1&2: Before Super Adventure Box, plenty of non-Zerk public games, occassionally get accepted. Don't know now with SAB