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#2153078 Massive guardian nerfs

Posted armoured bearshark on 29 January 2013 - 05:35 AM

Oh noes the end times are upon us! I simply cannot fathom guardianing without elusive power. Not only has this unscrupulous nerf blasted my build, apparel and playstyle into the nether realms of existentialism but also my existence, my core being and worth as a human has been decimated by this nerf!  That one trait was IT. It was the ANSWER to everything and the universe, without it guardians are lost, we simply cannot function to acceptable efficiency. Anet should just delete this class now.

#2091143 Hello Grind, fancy meeting you here...

Posted Darkobra on 21 November 2012 - 04:35 PM

View PostLucas Ashrock, on 21 November 2012 - 01:44 PM, said:

Metal or classical music, singing? ^_^

As a musician that actually killed me to read. It's Simon and Garfunkel.

#2048018 Korra's P/D build. s/d > s/p

Posted Shinimas on 28 October 2012 - 01:44 PM

I run Knight's Amulet+Zerker Jewel with 30 in Shadow Arts and my survivability is ok, I've no complaints.

The damage is indeed low, but it's still enough to make non-bunkers panic. The evasiveness and the ability to lockdown a target is priceless, that's what this build is about, this build forces any target to stop fighting your team and use all tools to create some distance, because he just can't do a thing while you're near. It's also great for taking down Guardians, those guys go down quite fast when they can't use their abilities.

#1714104 Which profession can literally throw out heals/support the best?

Posted Elemental Gearbolt on 11 August 2012 - 07:12 PM

View PostZinn, on 11 August 2012 - 06:44 PM, said:

Elementalist is the strongest class in the game currently.  It isn't even really debatable.

It seems to me as you're kind of butt hurt and got some serious problem against eles...in every single thread I have visited , I always find your comments on how ele is godly , I really would like to see a video fo you playing ele, the profession while not being UP is surely not OP as you make it sounds...

#1724508 Is it me or Condition Engineer is Completly OP?

Posted Coren on 13 August 2012 - 12:24 PM

If the Engi was OP in condition build then you wouldn't flame Korra guys. She has the right to ask a question to the people who actually played the Engineer. To attack her with your self important Godhood statis isn't actually helping.

#1677307 Kind of dissapointed with scholar armors NOOOOOOOOOPE.

Posted rukia on 04 August 2012 - 04:28 PM

View PostZechs, on 03 August 2012 - 10:55 AM, said:

LOL that helmet.
/hidehelmet and its gorgeous!

Still loling @ the helmet.

This looks absolutely amazing though.

Posted Image

#1582689 Can we expect a change in chuning earth?

Posted Elemental Gearbolt on 08 July 2012 - 05:19 PM

<P><P>Hmm....ty for opening this thread as I had intention to do so but thought not many people would be interested in it, but let's get straight to the point, the results of my analysis.

Churning earth include these factors:
  • 5 stacks of bleeding over 8s= 5 bleeding dmg hits every second for 8s
  • Channeled skill
  • 1800 base dmg
  • 4s aoe cripple in a huge radius
As a result of this if I'd use a condition/tank ele I'd have a bleeding condition hitting for like 110 pts each second and a single hit of churning hit would cause = [(110 *5)*8]= 4400 bleeding dmg in 8s + 1-2k direct dmg and all tjis is an aoe dmg attack with the biggest radius recorded so far on an ele.

Now with my condition build based around s/d I can reach almost 2k in toughness, let me use the well know formula to show how much defense this much toughness grant:

[(((2000-916)+1853)/1853)-1]*100= 58.4 % dmg reduction

Now what if I use obsidian focus trait and rock barrier? Well the trait grant 170 toughness at lv 80 when using channeling skills while we all know that rock barrier grant 250 toughness:

[(((2420-916)+1853)/1853)-1]*100= 81.1 % dmg reduction ( I can't immagine if you'd have protection up while using churning earth lol)

The dmg reduction numbers are not crazy at all, you need to sacrifice a lot to reach those numbers and the playstyle may not suit everybody, relatively speaking is better to have low HP and high toughness than high HP and low toughness, because in the second case you'll take 3x the dmg and your healings will be that much less effective.

Anyway going back to churning earth analysis, it's clear to me that using such an high toughness build would means that any direct dmg received during the channeling could be compared to a slap on the wrist, of course you can still be launched/kded/dazed etc etc but there are ways to avoid that also.

In the end let's assume you succesfully activated the skill, you have dealt over 6k dmg over a large area in brief amount of time, from here you could use your aoe kd or switch to fire and use fire ring, which we know deal burning dmg in a stack rather the each second like flamewall, as a condition ele your fire ring have just dealt over 3k dmg on top of the dmg from churning earth.

Now I don't like the set up of this ele, but the condition dmg is the one I'd use, as you can see 2 single rotations of churning earth were enough to destroy a whole group of heavy armour targets; the ele in the video did't use ring of fire or any arcane wave so the process would have been much faster if he would have done so.

What would happen if 2 eles using the same set up would use churning earth as a spike while protected by a guardian bubble or line of warding? Well I guess that would be 10 stacks of bleeding over 8s...pretty scary isn't it?
I admit the skill is situational, but the effects can be nothing short of devastating if the skill is used correctly, in a 1vs1 situation a simple roll back would give enough space to activate the skill while trap the enemy in the aoe cripple andyou can try to negate any healing chance for the enemy with a kd or launch ( updraft).

Personally I think it's a great skill and somebody who can master the ele would become very deadly by having this type of skills at his disposal

#1569173 Would you like to see a Guild Wars 2 TV commercial?ve

Posted Linfang on 03 July 2012 - 12:02 PM

Hell no, I don't want the idiots who watch television all day playing MY game :)

#1553943 New weapon project: Fist weapons!

Posted Soki on 28 June 2012 - 12:36 AM

View PostMithranArkanere, on 26 June 2012 - 10:15 AM, said:


NO single fist skill should have a range over 300 units. NONE.

Fist skills are all about brawling. Over 300 units you no longer brawl.
In a world of high-fantasy, you can't think of any way fist-weapons can't hit for over 300 range?
In a world where a Mesmer's greatsword 1-skill is a longrange beam?
Where a Warrior can toss their weapon and have it return to them in a twisting arc like a boomerang?
When a Thief can repeatedly toss their daggers and have them to continue attacking right after?

Don't tie yourself down like that. It makes you look a little silly =P

#1550756 New weapon project: Fist weapons!

Posted Gargoyle B on 26 June 2012 - 07:24 PM

I like this idea and it had me thinking that it could be more easily applicable to the game if developed in a way that still fit the certain unique aspects of each profession. An example that comes to my mind would involve the Elementalist and their ability to attune to the different elements. In this way, the Elementalist could use these hand skills with conjured weapons that changed with the element to which they were attuned. These weapons, however would still be generally close combat weapons or would fit directly with the hand skills of the profession. In this way, when an Elementalist attunes to Fire they might have a Molten Cesta. Upon changing to Air, they could have an Air Focus, which could be circles of air around their arms, with similar ideas applicable to Water and Earth. Others, like the hidden blade previously mentioned in this thread could work well with the Thief profession, while say a Necromancer could have Shadow Gauntlets or something of the sort. Anyway, that's just what I think might help to keep the individual styles of each profession while allowing for the mechanics of this idea to work.

#1548636 Member ranks?

Posted Trixh on 25 June 2012 - 10:39 PM

Forum Titles:
1-10 Pale Tree Seedling
11-50 Fahrar Cub
51-150 Asuran Acolyte
151-500 Vanguard Scout
501-1000 Sylvari Specialist
1001-2000 Seraph Guardian
2001-3500 Golem Rider
3501-5000 Vigil Crusader
5001-6500 Legion Commander
6501-8000 Legend of the Norn
8001+ Tyrian Legend

#1545283 New weapon project: Fist weapons!

Posted NuclearDonut on 24 June 2012 - 01:38 PM

I just realized that many of the Ogres in game already have spiky brass knuckles for weapons. This is a lot more doable than I thought, all we need is martial arts-y animations and new weapon skins for the knucklers.

#1544751 New weapon project: Fist weapons!

Posted NuclearDonut on 24 June 2012 - 04:49 AM

I know exactly what you're talking about Jun and I am totally on board with this. As a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra I really hope this comes true. The weapons could be similar to the "knucklers" that pirates wield in MapleStory. However, it should not be an all-class weapon. Thieves, Elementalists, and Warriors should be the only professions to use them. To people saying it doesn't make sense: sure it does! With a Warrior, no explanation is needed. Warriors already have a hand-to-hand elite skill, so that just proves it could work in the context of the game. The Thieves could use the knucklers to hit vital weak points and paralyze enemies, and Elementalists could use the knucklers to perform moves similar to bending in the Avatar series. I really like this idea and I hope it gets implemented with an expansion. No Monk class though please, this weapon could easily replace a Monk profession and open up a spot for another potential profession.

#1544109 New weapon project: Fist weapons!

Posted Kalfer on 23 June 2012 - 09:30 PM

View PostJunSeba, on 20 June 2012 - 06:16 PM, said:

Hello folks!

My name Junseba (R.i.p Jun) and i would like to introduce a new project i'm thinking of.

Everyone's been commenting about new weapons, and new combinations in the already-existing weapons but i would like to offer you something different. So far we've only seen weapon weilds and no fighting at all, what happen our heros become lil girls without weapons?

What i proupose is a Weapon set which consist in the hero using his body as a weapon (aka martial arts). Of course this will be correctly adapted to every profession acording to the needs, but you'll see.

First of all i would like to mention that this for me is just to fill my freetime, and hey nowadays i spend it thinking about gw2 so why not making something usefull about it?

I'm willing to design skills, Icons, definitions and try to balance the damage according to the already exisiting skills.

I'll be updating with every advance my project makes!

What i got so far?

Well i would like to start from defining the role of everyprofession with this new "weapon". Needless to say will actually a weapon, not a stance u get when you are not wearing any weapon.

Bare hand skills.


"Wild Punch"   1.Rush at your foe strinking with the right hand at him.
"Weakening punch"    -1.Strike with the left hand weakning him for 2 seconds.
"Rupture kick" -1.Kick your foe in the chest making him vulnerable.)
"Wild Discipline" 2.Deal a flurry of hits finishing with a powerfull hit (Doesn't lock you in place, except for the final hit)
"Throw dirt" 3.Throw dirt at your foe weakning and blinding him
"Exposing kick"    4.Side kick your foe throwing him away crippling him.
"Unexpected growth"   5.Fast kick your foe in the head dazing him, if attacked from behind stun the enemy.

Posted Image


"Furious right"    1.Make a furious fist strike with the right hand.
"Adrenal left"   -1 Strike with the left hand gaining adrenaline.
"Cracking strike" 2.Hit the foe with your elbow making your foe vulnerable.
"Frenzied strikes"    3.Hit your foe three times repeteadly weakning him.
"Rage kick" 4.Jump and kick pushing your foe away, you get knockback.
"Leaping beast" 5.Leap at your foe smashing the ground knocking target foe back and inflicting cripple to nearby enemies.

Adrenaline skill: Frenzied Headbutt "Headbutt your foe stuning him dealing big damage.


"Divine palm"    1.Palm your foe with divine power.
"Divine push"    -1 Palm your foe with the other hand.
"Cracking divinity" -1 With both hands palm your foe applying vulnerabilty.
"Fiery symbol"   2.Create a symbol that gives might to you and your allies.
"Divine fire"   3.Surround yourself with divine fire burning you enemies and cleansing 1 condition from you allies
"Blinding leap"   4.With a flash of light leap at your foe blinding him.
"Divine retaliation" 5.Create a protective circle blocking attacks and knocks foes back applying vulnerabilty.


"Zapp'em" 1.Eletrocute you foe with a chance to causing vulnerabilty.
"Overloading flurry"   2.Flurry with electrocuted attacks dealing more damage for every hit, stops if it misses one attack. (locks you in place)
"Electro-whip"   3.Throw a whip at your foe taking him to your position and eloctrocutin him causing vulneravilty.
"Knocking shock" 4.Overcharge your gloves knocking your foes back after a liltle but powerfull shock.
"Dazing charge"   5.Electructe your foes brain dazing him.


"Precise strike"    1.Hit your foe with a precise fast attack with the top of your fingers.
"Twin strikes"   -1 Hit your foe twice with precise and fast attacks with the top of your fingers causing weakness.
"Chi blocking strike" -1 Hit your foe with a precise fast hit with the top of your fingers causing vulnerability.
"Preassure strikes" 2.Side roll and deal a flurry of precise fast hits.
"Vanishing kick"   3.High kick your foe vanishing in stealth with a shadow cloud blinding your foe.
"Shadow kick" 4.Shadowstep to your foe making a low kick crippling him.
"Pushing Chi" 5.Strike your foes with both palms pushing your target away

Stealth Skill:"Hidden strike" Stab your foe with hidden daggers to bleed him , inflicts extra damage from the back.


"Illusionary Sword" 1.Creates an illusionary sword slashing your foe.
"Illusionary Axe"   -1 Creates an illusionary axe hacking your foe and applying a random condition.
"Illusionary Greatsword" -1 Creates an illusionary greatsword slashing and applying confusion to your foe.
"Deciving rush"    2.Rush to your foe creating an illusion at your original location.
"Arsenal Phantasm" 3.Creates a phantasm that uses illusionary weapons
"Distracting clap" 4.Clap your hand emiting a mesmerizing sound making target foe lose his target and apply confusion.
"Vanishing stace "   5.Enter an illusionary stance if you get hit, you vanish and appear at your target's back striking him removing a boon.


"Shadow punch" 1.Punch your foe with death force inflicting weakness.
"Life force Punch"   -1.Punch your foe with death force gaining life force.
"Shadow rage"    2.Inflict a flurry of strikes bleeding your foe with every hit.
"Dread ground" 3.Shove your hands in the ground immobilizing your foe.
"Panic wave"   4.Send a shadow wave chilling target foe for 1 second and knocking him down afterwards
"Dark sweat"   5.Pour Death energy through your skin inlficting random conditions to close foes.


"Fire punch"   1.Punch the air emitting a blast of fire towards your target
"Blasting punch" -1 Punch again to emitt a second blast
"Blazing kick" -1 Round kick the air sending a third blast of fire to burn your foe.
"Fire geyser" 2.Summon a Geyser of fire at targets location.
"Burning blast"   3.With both hands project a big blast of fire towards you enemy dealing damage and leaving behind a line of fire.
"Fire coat" 4.Surround yourself with fire burning close enemies
"Burning cyclone" 5.Spin to send blasts of fire in all directions.

"Water pistol"    1.Send a fast blast of water applying vulnerability
"Chilling winds" 2.Summon a cold blizard above your foe blasting it down, chilling and bleeding it.
"Coating ice" 3.Hit the ground blasting an ice coat immobilizing nearby foes.
"Cleansing waterfall" 4.Blast a waterfall healing allies and removing conditions.
"Will blocker" 5.Envelop your targets head with water dazing him.

"Air blast" 1.Blast a projectile of air to your foe
"Blasting air" -1 Blast a projectile of air to your foe
"Hurricane blast"   -1 With both hand send air to your foe staggering him
"Slicing wind" 2.Cut through the air sending air blades to bleed your foe.
"Direct Lightning"   3.Charge a Lightning to direct it to your foe applying weakness and vulnerability.
"Blasting retreat"    4.Move backwards knocking back all the foes infront of your original location.
"Favorable winds" 5.You and nearby allies gain Swiftness for 15 seconds and quickness for 1 second.

"Stone punch"   1.Summon a boulder and punch it to your foe.
"Stone kick"   2.Summon a boulder and kick it to your foe staggering him.
"Incoming wall" 3.Create a wall of earth infront of you to block front attacks and send it towards your foes to damage them
"Spiky ground" 4.Step on the floor to create a spiky ground to cripple foes.
"Earth trapwire" 5.Bend earth to trap your foes feet knocking him to the ground.

EDITUPDATE: I've been thinking, and perhaps instead of giving this weapon set to all the profesion,it would be best to treat it like any other weapon set and restrict it to some of the classes with less posibilites, they would be:


Also all of them fit in the barehanded role i proposed for them, the rest of the classes fit too, but i may say they have enough weapon combinations, especially for warrior, who even has an elite that makes him play punch style. Nontheless i will still design skills for all the classes.

. I would be taking care of designing some examples as for class weapon, although all would have the same name "Handgear" it would be applied differently to every Class.

So now that i explained my first idea i would like to know what people think, althought it won't influence my decision of keeping this up :P

Regards and have fun!

wow, amazing stuff. You should work at ArenaNet=)

Love the skills.

#1539959 New weapon project: Fist weapons!

Posted ylistra on 21 June 2012 - 09:32 PM

View PostShezuTsukai, on 20 June 2012 - 06:58 PM, said:

Sounds like an expansion, say maybe with Brass Knuckles as the weapon slot holder.


View PostJunSeba, on 20 June 2012 - 07:10 PM, said:

Kilroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy stoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

"It might be tricky for a beginner like you, but the key is remembering to shout YOUR name not mine.  FALKEN.... PUNCH!!!"