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#2106935 Feedback on my shortbow build.

Posted Dahk on 04 December 2012 - 02:03 PM

Swap your investment in Nature's to WS to get Wilderness Knowledge imo.  20% off your QZ cooldown is pretty big.  15 points also gives you and your pet protection on dodge rolls, which is very handy.  Also, there are better options than Signet of the Hunt, but that's not really a big deal.

Overall solid build.

Also, on a side note, will people please, please stop using this build calculator?  Forcing people to watch a long ad (that stops if you change windows) sucks and there are better calculators out there anyways, like this one:

#1982549 GW2 is great, except for...

Posted Bloodreaver on 30 September 2012 - 11:37 PM

I laugh at the people who write on these forums saying "GW2 sux because its not like GW1" and "GW2 is dying".  In gameplay mechanics and achievement hunting terms, GW2 absolutely destroys GW1.  And anything that feels lacking, like endgame or lack of skills, can easily be added later.  Seriously people, think of how much was added to GW1 over SEVEN years (the thing that sucked was that it took almost that long for them to implement features that people had been suggested almost from the beginning; separating skills between PvP and PvE just to name one :/   ).   Simply put, they have the potential to add IMMENSE amount of content to the game over time.  There are huge swaths of territory that have nothing in them that they could use for more DE's, and give incentives to go experience those DE's.  They could add the Underworld and Fissure of Woe back into the game.  They could add naval battles, having players on ships shooting other ships with cannons :)

Again, I want to emphasize that GW2 has already succeeded in many ways and it has IMMENSE potential.

The problem is the backwards decisions Anet has made, or where they took the idea "is it fun" and went a good distance with it, but they did not go far enough.  Here are some of those I have thought of:


Requiring money and having to visit a trainer to reset traits SUX
Soul-bound as opposed to Account-bound, in general, SUX

Depositing and Withdrawing from Vault is a PAIN IN THE (you know what)
WvW lets you jump right in but at a huge disadvantage.  Bad for sPvP'ers who like WvW but not PvE.

Game punishes you for failure in low-level content at level 80 cost.  A disincentive for going back to participate in low-level content at a higher level.

Waypoints in low-level areas cost too much when at higher levels, need to be capped lower.  Also, remove cost for traveling from one city to another via waypoint altogether.

Game needs voice chat and/or a way for players to easily group for the rest of content besides DE's.

Still wanna read?:

I hate it that they charge coins to retrain your traits in PvE.  I can understand it for WvW, but not for PvE.  If the reason is "coin sink", they take that idea too far with retraining traits.  I should not be stressed out about making my trait choices, which is what I am now, and it is not fun.  If I normally play a build designed for soloing PvE, and I want to get into a Dungeon group and they need a party support, it will cost me to change to be what they need me to be.  The idea is that anyone can be Damage, Control, or Support.  So why punish people for switching between those roles as needed?  And you do not even have the option of paying the coin and switching in the field, you have to go to a trait trainer to do so.  The more I think about it, the more I feel like it is a kick in the nuts.

This ties in with a WvW problem.  In WvW, a sub-80 character is not as effective as a level 80 because of the lack of traits.  Traits should be unlocked the first or every time you enter WvW, and the trait points should be unspent, so that you can decide how to spend them.  If you want to change them mid-match, you have to go to the trait trainer to change them (to prevent players from switching their builds on the fly to adapt to the situation too easily).  It should be free considering how many other coin sinks their are, but since Anet already went through the trouble to write the code to charge people coins to retrain, I could accept a cost of 5-10 copper per retrain.  That way the cost will add up over time if players retrain often, but it should never stress anyone out over the decision of what they are going to do.

... I suppose you could keep the 5-10 copper cost for PvE as well, but they really need to give PvE the sPvP model for traits and allow complete retraining on the fly, so that PvE'ers can fully enjoy the game by redoing DE's and other PvE content with different builds to see what they like.

I hate the soul-bound mechanic (with the exception of storyline rewards).  One of the things I absolutely hated about GW1 was that when customized, items were bound to a single character on an account.  If you got some good armor on a warrior, but then decided you wanted to delete that character because you made a mistake in character creation, say goodbye to that armor, which REALLY sucked once you got Elite armor or, God-forbid, FoW armor.  Same thing for weapons.  Say you had a Colossal scimitar customized to your warrior, but wanted to see how it looked on your mesmer, sorry, go farm or buy another one buddy in order to do so.  This really sucked when you had a sword with a fiery hilt on it for a Warrior/Elementalist build, and wanted to loan it to your Elementalist to try out a build, but could not because it was customized.  I have no problem with the ACCOUNT-Bound mechanic, it is obviously in place to protect the economy, and I am sure that is the same reason for the soul-bound mechanic, but again, it goes too far.  It is ridiculous that if I have a medium armor set based upon condition damage on one medium armor profession, and I want to try out a condition-based build on a different medium armor profession, I have to go buy a whole new set of armor and deck it out in the exact same setup for that other profession, even though both professions wear the same armor.

Those are the too biggest and most backwards that I wanted to get out of the way, but here are some less annoying errors and lack of features that I wanted to point out:

Another reason I opened with those two peeves is that they set the stage for this one.  At the moment, you can jump into WvW right after the tutorial, but you are at a huge disadvantage.  I just checked, and it does not seem like one can get level 80 armor in WvW except with TONS of badges or until you are level 80, and while in WvW I checked the trading post and level 80 armor said "you must be the required level to use this item".  So it seems like even if I wanted to buy level 80 weapons and armor early to use in WvW, it seems that I cannot.

But even if I could, that armor (if better than blue and un-runed) would be soul-bound to that character, taking up space.  In addition to making most soul-bound items account-bound, they need to have a WvW locker (just like they need a PvP locker) where you could store just one set of each armor type, Heavy, Medium, and Light, and one of each type of weapon (also account-bound), so that any of your characters could use level 80 armor and weapons in WvW (even a character that you never play with in PvE), and in addition to unlocking traits for use in WvW, that would fulfill Anet's poorly executed attempt to get lots of people into the WvW action.

Anet has said that WvW is PvP for PvE'ers.  But what about sPvP'ers who want to play WvW "effectively" without playing through the PvE content to get to level 80?  This would solve that problem.

Lack of Deposit All and Withdraw All option for Account Vault.  GW1 had it, where did it go?  It would not be terrible if you could just type in 100 Gold and deposit or withdraw all of your money (if you have more than 100 gold already, bite me), but no, you must type in EXACTLY what you have to deposit or withdraw, otherwise it does not work.  Also, if you select a slot to type in the amount of money you want to deposit or withdraw, if you do not delete or highlight the zero, then you can only type in one number before it tabs to the next slot, which is incredibly frustrating.

People have pointed out that the game rewards you for taking things slow, but in reality it also punishes you for rushing to level 80.  Any mistake in low-level areas as a lvl 80 costs the same as it would in lvl 80 areas, which is a big disincentive to go back and do low-level content as a lvl 80.  The Fire Elemental in Metrica Province?  Methinks it would pwn even a level 80, and I bet that the reward for beating it would not cover the cost of a full set of damaged or broken armor, or the multiple trips to the closest waypoint.

Same with the cost of waypoint travel.  It seems like a good idea to me to ignore the storyline altogether and play through the zones as low-level as possible in order to keep the waypoint costs low in case you die or want to travel quickly.  There needs to be a lower cap on the cost, particularly for low-level areas.  The cost for travel across a level 1-15 zone should not be above what it would have cost you at level 15.  That is, travel across Queensdale would cap at say 50c, travel from one side of Kessex Hills to the other would cap at 1 silver, etc, so to cross both would cost 1s 50c max, instead of the ever increasing and equal-per-zone amount it is now.

Also, just remove the cost for traversing from a waypoint in one city to a waypoint in another.  This would deal with the problem of having to go through Heart of the Mists and then Lion's Arch to get to a different city.

The game really needs voice chat and/or a way for players to advertise in-game their PvE plans, such as, "will start Metrica Province at 6 pm ET intending to complete" so that players can all meet and systematically go through the zone pwning the monsters and completing Renown Hearts and such, right now it is boring doing it by myself (8x so when doing it for 8 characters with no one else to talk to), which is what it seems like everyone else is doing.  A way to bring people together not just for the DE's, but for the rest of the PvE content as well.

Too tired for any more.

Your thoughts?

*searches for a flameproof suit and seeks cover

#1922858 Time for Guru to evolve

Posted chuckles79 on 12 September 2012 - 03:31 PM

Ok, the game is out and as no shock to anyone with a grain of intelligence and wisdom, it didn't live up to the full out hype blitz.

For the last few years; GW2Guru has been all speculation, over-analysis of every press release, and everyone feeding and feeding into the hype.

Now the game is released, and the groaning and complaining has the driver seat.  GW1 players miss the simplicity and buildcrafting, WoW players want raids and endgame cookies, and the console crowd thinks that 2 weeks spent on any endeavor is too long.

It's time to move past this and do like GW1Guru did and become a place for depositing knowledge and good ideas.  For instance, posts that let us know about great DE chains that yield lots of XP in early and mid-level areas, or the best route to clear (insert zone) here in the least amount of time.

Some people have been posting crafting guides and other useful things; and that's where these forums need to go.

More than anything I'd like to stop seeing a new "QQ I'm leaving as soon as I can Kung Fu Panda" every hour.

#1598198 Reward for completing the entire GW2 map?

Posted Alaroxr on 14 July 2012 - 03:52 AM

An environmental weapon you could continuously equip/put back into your inventory. Something related to traveling, like an amazing/magical-looking walking stick with interesting aesthetic abilities attached to it.

#1597383 New client and patch

Posted Esulcer on 13 July 2012 - 09:04 PM

New launcher totally breaks immersion for me ........ ;)

#1385338 To do list for anet (no fanboy/haters allowed :P )

Posted AsgarZigel on 28 April 2012 - 09:12 PM

Being able to save different trait builds, as well as equipment sets (in the chests) in structured pvp. A better UI for the trait system would help as well, since you can't see the major traits unless you spend the points... planning out a build can be really annoying unless you remember everything or use some outside source.

#307563 Ranger Quivers? Yay or Nay?

Posted skullmount4 on 27 August 2010 - 07:19 PM

I haven't really seen a debate on this yet so I thought I would try making a thread.  

I know there are no quivers in the game right now, and that they were still debating on them (I believe), but should they be included?  If yes, to what extent would you want them include? By this I mean one that is static throughout the game, no matter the armor? Or one based on your armor (part of the cuirass or greaves (side quiver)?  

I personally want a quiver added to the ranger, since it looks really odd pulling arrows out of nowhere (like GW1).  I think I would want it maybe static, cause it would/should be the easiest for the developers to add in, but having it based on which armor set you have equipped would be better.  
(Knowing that the CMs and probably some of the developers read these forums, maybe if we show enough support they may add it in)

#1279270 Is the Thief OP now?

Posted Scribbles on 04 April 2012 - 08:40 AM

masterloup said:

It doesn't work that way. You don't need to stab yourself in the eye in order to know its going to be painful.(inb4 stupid analogy but i hope you get my point) While i agree most people he fought had no idea what they were doing, there's not much they could've done aswell. The only way to damage him would've been to spam AoE while he crit you for 1.5k-3k(or 4.3k, as seen in the vid) backtoback while going in stealth everytime.

While its still in beta this is the kind of thing that make me think twice before i pre purchase. If i wanted extremely stupid pvp i would be playing TERA.

Cloak and dagger need a cooldown.

It's a beta. Classes are going to be unbalanced. No big shock there. It's all work in progress.

What you are doing now is detrimental to the game. The developers don't need help balancing their game, and they most definitely do not need help from crybabies who's experience with the game basically surmounts to having watched a couple of youtube videos.

You want a balanced game? Then leave the developers alone and don't cloud their judgment with baseless nerfwhining.

#1374508 How will you keybind?

Posted Lokheit on 26 April 2012 - 09:30 AM

1-5 Weapon Skills
Z, X, C, V, B For Healing Utility and Elite as unlike GW1, they're free in this game.

The rest will be the same as default probably.