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#1920601 Necromancer Dungeon Build(in-depth)

Posted Xyi on 12 September 2012 - 02:17 AM


Solo or World:(Different Utility slots and changed Trait slots)

Hey everyone, I'm Xyi. Some of you may know me from World of Warcraft. I played a Warlock and Death Knight for the majority of the 7 years I played WoW and now I've changed my focus to Guild Wars 2. I have been playing Necromancer and I've been doing as much as I can to be as beneficial as possible in dungeons, soloing, and small group play.

What this build offers:

This build is going to offer you a good talent spec, set of abilities, and stat choice to be great at everything whether you enjoy dungeons, doing dynamic events, or soloing. I'm focusing on Wells, AoE(area of effect), and great DoT(damage over time) with this setup. You are utilizing keeping protection up on everyone, giving them combo fields, applying weakness, and still providing good amounts of damage. Let this be your go to for everything as you won't have to bother spending money or time to respec to do dungeons or when you feel like soloing.

Weapon choices:

The reason I chose these weapons are they offer you the best damage output for single target and AoE damage. Scepter offers you great single target damage with stacking bleeds to output tons of damage over time. Staff is a great secondary choice because of the insane AoE damage it brings to the table. All of staff's abilities save Necrotic Grasp are "Marks". What this does it puts a "trap" on the ground. When an enemy walks over the Mark it triggers and does it's effect on the AoE inside the circle.

Scepter/Dagger OH~

Blood Curse(1): Your bread and butter, stacks up bleeds incredibly fast with your talents.

Grasping Dead(2): Does a slight amount of damage when cast, then applies a small bleed and slow. Great to use on a pack of mobs that are stacked up or if you're kiting a melee mob.

Feast of Corruption(3): This is your only real source of "burst" with this spec. Once you have a good stack of conditions, use this off cooldown for single target damage. Also creates some life force.

Deathly Swarm(4): Great self-utility spell, don't underestimate this. Small amount of damage, bounces to up to 3 targets, applies a blind, and most importantly transfers your conditions. This has a number of great uses. If you're immobilized and need to get away, have a stack of bleeds or burning on you, or if you're slowed you can cast this and immediately transfer it to what you cast it on. This can increase your damage by transferring the conditions on you or help you escape.

Enfeebling Blood(5): Great AoE ability that applies weakness and a significant bleed along with a small amount of damage when cast. Cast this when you're fighting one mob, a boss, or an AoE pack. Great damage output.


Necrotic Grasp(1): Does damage and creates life force. 20% Combo Finisher: Physical Projectile. Very self explanatory.

Mark of Blood(2): Applies regeneration to allies in the area, bleed to foes, and a small amount upfront damage. Great for AoE with a short cooldown.

Chillblains(3): Applies chilled, poison and a decent amount of upfront damage in an AoE. Also creates Combo Field: Poison.

Putrid Mark(4): This is the mark that does a considerable amount of upfront damage. This has Combo Finisher: Blast.

Reapers Mark(5): Does a small amount of damage and fears in an AoE. Use this if a pack of mobs are getting too close and you can't dodge away. You can also use this on a single veteran mob if you can't get away as well. If your front line is taking too much damage you can cast this to give them some breathing room or time for their heal to come back up. Great utility if used properly.

Slot Skills:


Well of Blood: This is great for dynamic events, dungeons, and small group play. It has great burst healing for yourself along with some added healing for the group. This will also provide Combo Field: Light.

Consume Conditions: Alternatively you can use this if you're playing solo as it has better burst healing for yourself. I also use this in dungeons that spam conditions(ex. Twilight Arbor).


Well of Suffering: Does great DoT in an AoE along with applying vulnerability to allow you and your group to do more damage. You'll want to use this on cooldown. This also has Combo Field: Dark.

Well of Darkness: This applies blind to all enemies in the circle every second for five seconds. Use this on cooldown especially on AoE packs.This has Combo Field: Dark. I recommend usually switching this out for solo play as well.

Well of Power: This will help your allies out by switching their conditions into boons. Great for dungeons. This has Combo Field: Dark. I recommend switching this out for solo play or in dungeons that don't apply a lot of conditions.

   Well of Corruption: Use this if the dungeon has mobs that apply boons to themselves. This will turn their boons into conditions.

   Epidemic: Use this for the best source of damage. This will copy all conditions on your target and spread them to enemies in a radius. This includes conditions applied by other players. You can essentially double all of your conditions in an AoE.

For Solo play I'll swap out Well of Darkness/Well of Power for Blood is Power and Epidemic.


Plague: Great utility overall. This elite spell will help out during AoE packs more than you'd believe. You can spam blind, build up bleeds, or weakness. If you pulled an extra pack or perhaps you're struggling with a pack using Plague and spamming blind while the rest of your group kills it can really make a pack easy.

Alternatively you can use Lich Form for better single target damage/bosses, easily able to swap this out.



You're going to want the 10 points in this because might affects your conditions. So after you get your conditions up you can go into DS and spam 1 to stack might.


This is needed for your damage output. Gives critical hits chance to apply bleed, increases bleed duration, and makes your wells ground target-able.You have the option change slot 11(XI) to 12(XII) if you want weakness on crits.

Death Magic~

This gives our wells the ability to cast protection to all allies in the AoE for 3 seconds. Alternatively you can use 20% staff reduction.

Blood Magic~

You have two choices for the first slot, you can choose the dagger cooldown(I) for more damage or casting Well of Blood on revive(IV). We also want this to make our wells have reduced cooldown by 20%(This includes our Well of Blood).


You're going to be looking to stack as much condition damage and precision as possible. This is going to make all of your conditions hit harder each tick. Precision increases your chance to critical strike which is very important to our build since 66% of the time we crit, we will apply a bleed.

Condition Damage > Precision > Power > Toughness > Vit > Crit Damage > Healing


You're going to look for condition damage, increased condition %, and precision as your main stats. As for weapon sigils you're going to want "Of Earth" for % chance to apply bleed on crit. I use "of Agony" in my off-hand but you can also use "of Corruption". I personally don't like the lose on down sigils since you can always die in dungeons.

Typical gameplay:

You're going to be using your wells to give utility to your group along with applying protection to as many people as possible. Protection duration increases if they already have the boon on so feel free to cast wells as much as possible. It's great for you to revive your fallen team as when you revive them you'll cast a Well of Blood which will heal you along with putting down your heal over time for everyone else including protection for 3s.

AoE rotation~

Drop your Well of Suffering, Grasping Dead(Scepter2), Enfeebling Blood(Dagger OH5), swap to Staff Mark of Blood(2), Chillblains(3), then Putrid Mark(4) . Using this all in the same area is going to be huge damage output. After the rotation cast Epidemic to double all of your conditions on everything. Swap to Death Shroud and cast Life Blast(1) to stack might while your conditions are rolling and Life Transfer(4) also does a good amount of AoE. After you can pop out and cast Mark of Blood(Staff2) and swap back to Scepter/Dagger and start the rotation again using Epidemic on cooldown. While you're locked into Scepter/Dagger use Feast of Corruption(3) on cooldown.

Single target~

Much easier. You can generally stay with your Scepter/Dagger combo for the whole fight. Drop your Well of Suffering, Grasping Dead(2),Enfeebling Blood(Dagger OH5), Feast of Corruption(3) then continue spamming Blood Curse(1) while abilities come off of cooldown with 3>5>2.

Your Combos:

Combo Fields are "starters" and if the finishers are cast inside of them your ability will get an extra ability automatically added into them. Other allies can benefit from your Combo Fields as well if they cast inside of them.

Combo Finishers~

Physical Projectile 20% from Necrotic Grasp(Staff1) and Blast from Putrid Mark(Staff4)

Combo Fields~

Light(Well of Blood): Blast will apply Retaliation in an area to allies and Physical Projectile will remove one condition.

Dark(Well of Suffering, Well of Power, Well of Darkness, Well of Corruption): Blast will inflict blindness and Physical Projectile will Life Steal.

Poison{Chillblains(Staff3)}: Blast will apply weakness in an area to foes and Physical Projectile will apply poison to your target.


I've been chain running Twilight Arbor explorer and this seems to work out the best giving you a great amount of damage and utility. I've tried to make this as in-depth as possible to help out the newer people or veterans that don't know all the tricks.
This is a great spec for people looking to have a huge impact in groups. This isn't going to be the most damage potential, however the utility you gain for the entire group is irreplaceable. Give it a try and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them. I'm always open to critique but I've played around with a lot of different traits/skills and this has provided the best results.

#2011848 Necro Might builds (Power & Condition)

Posted Quillixx on 11 October 2012 - 08:31 PM

With the recent update to Blood is Power and granting 10 stacks of Might, I decided to look into working with Might stacking to see how effective it is with both Power and Condition builds.


Using the same principle around +Bleed duration stacking with 2 piece Krait, Centaur, and Affliction runes, I decided to do the same mechanic with +Might duration.  There are 3 rune sets that grant +Might duration with 2 piece bonuses.

Superior Rune of Hoelbrak

(1) +25 Power

(2) +20% Might Duration

Superior Rune of Strength

(1) +25 Power

(2) +20% Might Duration

Superior Rune of Fire

(1) +25 Power

(2) +20% Might Duration

With these 3 rune set two piece bonuses, Might duration is increased by a base amount of +60%.  The next method of increasing +Might duration is by placing trait points into Death Magic.  With a full 30 points in Death Magic, the effective boon duration is increased by another 30%, making might effectively last 90% longer duration.


With +Might duration at 90%, I began looking at sources that granted +Might stacks.  There are 5 sources that grant +Might.

Blood is Power, 30s base recharge speed

10 stacks of Might, 12s base duration

Reaper's Might trait, Death Shroud #1 grants Might

1 stack per attack, 15s base duration

Signet Power trait, 60s base recharge speed

3 stacks of Might, 10s base duration

Superior Sigil of Battle

3 stacks of Might on weapon swap, 20s base duration

Superior Sigil of Strength

1 stack of might (30% chance on crit), 10s base duration

Unfortunately, Signet Power does not fit well with either build due several factors.  So that is one source I eventually ruled out after playing and trying to fit it in.  There wasn't enough +Might up-time to place a requirement on trait selection and 2 utility skill selections.  Other players may prefer the burst potential, but I found different choices gave greater sustained damage output.


With the above sources of might listed out, I started to put together a base trait build http://gw2skills.net...BJCyqjLHpOHReiA to see what was left over to work with.  All in all, there are 3 trait requirements.

10 Points in Spite to pick up Reaper's Might

20 Points in Curses to pick up Master of Corruption

20-30 Points in Death Magic to increase overall boon duration

Reaper's Might will provide a source of +Might stacking, and is a tier 1 major trait.  By far the most important trait is Master of Corruption which reduces Blood is Power's recharge by 20%, dropping it to a 24s recharge.  And finally, 20-30 points in Death Magic trait line for 20-30% boon duration.


Now we can look at our sources of Might and their durations after rune and trait selections.

20 Points in Death Magic

Blood is Power

10 stacks of Might, 21.6s duration, 24s recharge = 2.4s of downtime

Reaper's Might

1 stack per second (attack speed is 1s cast), 27s duration

Superior Sigil of Battle

3 stacks of might, 36s duration, 10s recharge

Superior Sigil of Strength

1 stack of might, 18s duration, 30% proc chance on crit

30 Points in Death Magic

Blood is Power with 30 points in Death Magic

10 stacks of Might, 22.8s duration, 24s recharge = 1.2s of downtime

Reaper's Might

1 stack per second (attack speed is 1s cast), 28.5s duration

Superior Sigil of Battle

3 stacks of might, 38s duration, 10s recharge

Superior Sigil of Strength

1 stack of might, 19s duration, 30% proc chance on crit

In going to the Heart of the Mists to test these builds out, I was able to sustain 23-26 stacks of might against a single target.  Using a Signet build, I was able to get over 30 stacks of Might, but it wasn't sustainable due to signet recharge durations.

20-30 points in Death Magic is not a mandatory 100% requirement.  Some players may find the downtime in Might stacking an acceptable loss in exchange for placing points in other trait line(s).  This choice, along with many others, leads to build diversity.


This is one of the areas I really wish damage meters in some form were available in game.  Right now, all I can say is having an additional 700-910 Power/Condition damage while maintaining 20-26 stacks of Might, everything was dying noticeably faster than my standard power & condition builds.


I found that weapon and utility skill choices was extremely open ended.  Even going as far as choosing different weapon sets, to choosing the same main hand weapon and offhand weapon to allow the weapon swap every 10s and not change the rhythm of play.

For power builds; I found staff, axe, and dagger all put out good damage and there were enough trait points left over after the skeleton build to amp up the weapon selection(s) of your choice.  After a few hours, the power builds I found most entertaining were:

Axe / Focus + Dagger / Warhorn


Staff + Dagger / Warhorn


For condition builds I ended up settling on:

Staff + Scepter / Warhorn


While I haven't tested might stacking fully (especially in a true PvE setting), I thought I'd post what I've come up with so far and see if anyone else has tried it or has any ideas from what I've posted here.  Feel free to share your thoughts and builds as I'm genuinely curious what everyone else thinks on this topic.

#2037586 Anyone else feel like they fell for the old bait and switch?

Posted Corvindi on 23 October 2012 - 04:16 PM

View PostFraeblood, on 23 October 2012 - 04:06 PM, said:

To be honest I more or less skimmed this thread, but seriously, these threds just make me laugh so hard. It IS a CASH SHOP FREE TO PLAY GAME. It never said it wasn't. To QQ over it is the dumbest thing you can do. It is like going to the store and stealing something and then QQing cause you don't agree that money is fare.
If they want to put items or game mechanics that favor people buying additional things post purchase of the game, that is the point of a cash shop free to play MMO.... DERP
So please just stop QQing about the way they go about implementing their cash shop you guys/gals just look like ignorant children.

Actually, it's buy to play.  I spent $60 on a copy for myself, $60 on a copy for a family member and $40 on bank space and character slots.

I draw the line at spending real money to buy in game currency, I think the trend really lowers the quality of MMOs as a whole.

Know why Anet can get away with pretty much whatever it wants right now?  It has very little competition from anything except one very badly aging game.  Guild Wars 2 is a superior product, head and shoulders above everything else out there right now.  It's not surprising that they're free to do what they like as far as their cash shop.  Pray it doesn't get worse.  Better yet, pray for some competition.

#2015354 [Build] The Invincible Berserker - it's back.

Posted lmaonade on 13 October 2012 - 07:12 AM

View PostKrayZ33, on 12 October 2012 - 03:47 PM, said:

first of all, I'd like to know if you think that 10% less damage in your example means that I have 10% more damage reduction than you (just out of pure curiosity)

then, let me tell you, I don't even consider 10% *damage reduction* superior to dealing 35% more damage,
I just wanted you to know that damage reduction works different than you think it does

I never said I prefer taking toughness over damage, I never said anyone should take it, All I ever said is that there is no "diminishing return" in toughness - you are totally not able to keep track here.
you said there is a diminishing return for toughness, I say that there isn't, and what you just did doesn't help us at all. its a totally different matter.

I'm not arguing with you on how to get the most of the items available in the game, I'm arguing with you about  your statment " that dmg reduction -quote- doesn't work that way -/quote- "

how is there not a diminishing return on toughness? Even if there wasn't a diminishing return on toughness in a vacuum, as in when toughness is the only thing accounted for (which isn't true, there is a diminishing return, as I've stated with my last post, not going to even provide a source because it is easily found, you don't have to believe me if you don't want to), there are huge opportunity costs when trying to raise toughness beyond a certain point, these opportunity costs themselves count as diminishing returns as it lowers the maximum effectiveness of your character.

#1988645 [Build] The Invincible Berserker - it's back.

Posted narenek on 03 October 2012 - 11:07 AM

View PostWashi, on 03 October 2012 - 10:15 AM, said:

Not constructive? I'm sorry but the OP claims we don't know the mechanics of this game but he ignores the fact that conditions bypass toughness. He has no additional life and he pretty much can't remove conditions (mending, shake it off, soldier runes - anything would help) but claims his build is "invincible".
And yes, he has no idea what he's doing.

It's true that conditions bypass toughness but he's not ignoring it... infact if you read back into this forum from beta Red_Falcon is one of the most active posters in a debate about vit vs toughness and is well aware of this. The general concensus was that the two were roughly equal when condition damage accounted for about 25% of the overall damage (I could be wrong on this number i'm going by memory). When condition damage is below this threshhold then toughness becomes superior. Now as Red_falcon is saying the majority of damage is direct damage (even though some encounters are condition heavy the average is below this threshhold, plus you can stop some of it dead with condition removal). When you cannot switch builds mid dungeon etc you play for the set that will give you the best reduction in damage over all.

If toughness gives better results for 70% (random plucked number that is above 50%) of bosses in dungeons then it's a better choice than vitality in general. It's better to trait for 70% of bosses than 30% and people here are giving him grief about the 30%. Even with those 30% if as Red says you've other classes with much better at this removal than yourself then it's best to leave it to them with some of your own backup.

People are also lambasting him for not bringing utility when they know absolutely nothing about him or who he runs dungeons with. As he mentions other classes are better at this group buff utility and it's likely he runs with these on a regular basis. Whats the use in Red running a utlity build if it's superfluous in the group. If he does as you say and runs utility with heavy condition removal he would actually be a detriment to his group as half his spec is overwritten by others.. the very thing you accuse him of being by running a damage orientated build.

So without knowing him, his history or how he runs his groups you accuse him all in one post of being selfish, unknowledgable, a detriment to the group etc etc.. and then in the next post accuse him of being aggresive and having no social skills. Huge pot meet kettle .. he's black.

#1988562 [Build] The Invincible Berserker - it's back.

Posted Millimidget on 03 October 2012 - 09:53 AM

I'm just starting on putting together a power/precision/toughness set, as I found my precision/toughness/condition damage set only worthwhile in dungeons (toughness+health regen >>> other options).

I'll maintain the same sword+warhorn/rifle setup in WvW, though I may switch to sword+shield/rifle for any additional dungeons I run.


View PostFizzgig, on 02 October 2012 - 03:57 AM, said:

Then again what the hell do I know my build guide only has close to 15k views.
Who are you, and why should I care?

#1987683 [Build] The Invincible Berserker - it's back.

Posted Newsinz on 02 October 2012 - 10:17 PM

Honestly, this thread kind of shows that there are many elitest folks playing this game.  OP Posted a build and the first post was a passive aggresive "you have no idea what you're talking about" post.

Then the second Post was "I dont want to kill your post but..." Personally this guy/girl lost any validity in the first sentence.  Even if the second part of his/her post was giving feedback and giving a personal opinion.  The first part was again Passive Aggresive.

Then Fizzgig jumps in and gives some constructive feedback, but then talks about how he/she was rude about not taking constructive critisim.  Really?  Where was any of the first 2 posts after the OP's orginal post constructive?  Instead they came in acting like he/she was and idiot?  OP defended with the same sort of mentality he/she was shown.  While he/she could have ignored it and moved on.  When you attack someones idea in this case a build of course there is going to be some poking and proding.

MyOne Started off with "Sorry Bro"  Again in this context it was (or at least from the context I was reading) a "Dont act like you know everything because I know more then you do." type of comment.

This entire thread was fail from the moment he/she hit "Post"

To the OP: thanks for sharing the build.  If it works for you great, Im sure someone will ignore all other crap and give it a try and they will either like it.  Or they wont.  Hopefully they are mature enough to come on the forums and give you real constructive feedback.

#1985426 [Build] The Invincible Berserker - it's back.

Posted Red_Falcon on 02 October 2012 - 04:55 AM

View PostFizzgig, on 02 October 2012 - 03:57 AM, said:

There are many dungeon encounters where you will get back to back conditions on you. Also toughness will not protect you from condition damage. So having a good buffer of vit can be helpful.
Also insulting people by saying they know nothing about game mechanics because they offer advice/constructive criticism on your build reflects poorly on you.

No one in this game carries more than 1-2 condition removals in any setup unless they are going support.
For those rare cases with constant condition application we have light fields/guards/eles to insta-remove them, focusing an entire build around something that happens in maybe 1% of the game is definitely not something you should be suggesting wildly around here.

SoS and Mending together can easily take care of conditions in the remaining 99% of the game.

View PostFizzgig, on 02 October 2012 - 03:57 AM, said:

Then again what the hell do I know my build guide only has close to 15k views.

Curious because I'm a guidemaker since 2008 and I make a lot of revenue from views, my guides have more than 250k views, my Warrior guide on this forum got 30k or so.
But I don't necessarily need to shove this in face of every person that disagrees with me, would go a long way in showing lack of a real argument.

Views are hardly an indicator of quality content btw, just look at what are the most viewed videos on youtube or the most searched things on google and you'll realize people digs more trash than anything.

#1984768 [Build] The Invincible Berserker - it's back.

Posted Red_Falcon on 01 October 2012 - 10:46 PM

View PostWashi, on 01 October 2012 - 08:43 PM, said:

So you have no vitality and the only condition removal is the signet with ridiculous cooldown? Invincible build in a world without conditions...

Vitality on a Warrior is mathematically the worst choice.
Warriors get the largest diminishing returns on VIT, read up on the VIT/TOU threads.
With my extreme Toughness I never died in any dungeon fight, the damage reduction is just great and makes me survive much more than any Warrior with 32k health and getting hit for 50% more than I do.
And there is no point to stack a tonload of condition removal in PvE, one is enough; in situations where it isn't, replacing surge with Mending does the job.
Please learn the mechanics of GW2 before posting.

#2001771 What does Anet's behavior say to you

Posted Screek on 08 October 2012 - 08:57 AM

View Postkanaxais_scythe, on 07 October 2012 - 07:36 PM, said:

Something has started to bother me about Anet recently more so than usual. It started a couple weeks ago when I got an email basiclly telling me to use the gem store, and I am sure everyone else got it as well. The a few days ago in a Facebook post they were talking about "continuing high quality content filled updates" and I am not sure what their definition of high quality is but I do not see it.

I have already started to play less and less and with that behavior the future of the game seems bleak to me.

What are your thoughts on those two things coupled with the lack of updates or even acknowledgement of what the community says in regards to the concepts and ideas in the game?

This isnt a rose tinted glasses or Anet can do no wrong post but more of tryign to spread the word about how their actions could be seen. I think something else to consider is how antisocial the game is with no real guild aspect and the whole story can be done solo. The only thing that really needs a group outside of PvP would be dungeons but I don't see those lasting long with how boring yet frustrating they are. Even with a good group its more of a "lets see who can smash their face intot he wall the longest" type of game with the insane amount of health and damage enemies posses.

So, players where forced into groups ... players whine and cry...
Now you got the option to play with others, and let me point out that this is more or less the first open world game where other people can only help you and not steal mobs from you and so on.

Its anti-social? i don't belive the game is, maybe you are, i dont know - but the game seems to give you an option!
If you want a social guild with commen goals and sit on teamspeak and have a good time, you can do so. but your not forced to do so.

jess sometimes i just think i should't read forums at all!

Saw a sig from some guy saying "players complain that they want a hat, then they get a hat - then they complain about its the wrong color." and i belive it fits pretty good here.

#2001643 What does Anet's behavior say to you

Posted XPhiler on 08 October 2012 - 07:56 AM

View Postthedeapee, on 08 October 2012 - 04:26 AM, said:

I played wow for a very long time and it had it's own balance issues, but NEVER anything this bad.

Are you sure? I remember one time when me and a friend spend 1/2 a day trying to kill this rouge. 2 shamans vs 1 rouge, we tried many different tactics BUT he won every single time!

View PostAtticus, on 08 October 2012 - 06:10 AM, said:

Oh god I hear this sort of defense every time someone brings up any issue to fanboy or fangirl, "You're not a Dev, you don't know bro!" or "Dude give them time they're already in the process of fixing everything". Sadly I don't think this is true at all, ArenaNet basically seems content to address issues as they see them rather than listening to their player base and addressing common issues that affect us on a daily basis. So the whole idea that they're listening to their fans sadly doesn't seem to be true, from what I see they basically just offer platitudes and justifications rather than actually listening to what players say.

Yes because players didnt complain they wanted to use materials from the bank for crafting and they didnt implement that in like a acouple of weeks time from release. And then players didnt request to also have that for discovery and arenanet didnt implement that. Also players didnt point out issues with different classes and arenanet didnt fix that either right?

Some suggests arent universally agreed by everyone and even if they were (which they arent) doesnt mean that arenanet might disagree with it themselves for reasons we might not know about.

Beyond that some suggestions might be in the works just like the material bank thing. How can you tell! you're not going to know before the feature / change hits!

View Postsilencium, on 08 October 2012 - 07:41 AM, said:

Played all the beta's till now. And i have a lot of fun. Having one main, and 4 alts. I don't know why ppl are complaining. And no i'm not a fanboy. I played a lot off mmo's and i even can't return to them because of how GW2 is playing. That is personal taste ofcourse. But if you have allready finished everything on this game that's pretty fast. The good part of GW2 is that you can perfectly go play some panda's or an other game and return the next time content is added. You can play gw2 for years and still enjoy other games. Give the game some time (it's only a month + week). If you bought an other game for 60 euro you would allready finished it, no? With this game you will still have fun for years.
What about the gemshop: you use it or not. There is nothing wrong with getting some advertising. I even like to have an email to keep me up to date with the latest changes. I didn't buy something but maybe i will in the near future. And it's not that you realy need the things in the shop.
Well have fun in game... an more important: have fun outside this game :-)

My theory is people are having a lot more fun then they are letting believe. I mean its been a month and a 1/2 now. if people really hated the game as much as they want us to believe they'd move on. yet they're still here week after week saying how worst the game is becoming.

My theory they're trying to get some features they like in other MMOs integrated in GW2 by trying to pretend without that features they'll quit!

#2001642 What does Anet's behavior say to you

Posted Senatic on 08 October 2012 - 07:47 AM

I think ArenaNet knows that a lot of the people complaining don't know what they're talking about. I think they're ignoring the whiners and doing what they see best and I think we're not privy to what's actually going on behind the curtain in regards to some issues, like botting, and shouldn't make assumptions.

But gamers of this generation are instant gratification children so that that thought process is probably lost on most of them.

#2001520 What does Anet's behavior say to you

Posted Helexax on 08 October 2012 - 06:34 AM

View Postcredokun, on 08 October 2012 - 06:23 AM, said:

I had to make an account to post on this thread...I`m really getting mad to anet more and more every day.They are runining something that could be so cool and epic like nothing before.First thing first:
1)Story I enjoyed little (that is just me i always hate leveling in mmo`s and lore and stuff).That wasn`t a big of an issue,cuz I always aim to getting max lvl gear stats as fast as possible.I don`t like their concept of "playing endgame from the lvl 1"...but it`s not that bad since when i returned to all dungeons as lvl 80 a had guite a bit of fun.But then when i cleared them once..it just wasn`t that fun anymore,now I just play it for gold and tokens.That is what really bothers me.It`s 90% just run around spam skills, res downed ,w8 for big hp bar to drop.I played gw1 and even after a dozen of speadclears of uw,fow,doa every single time it was fun to me for some reason.
2)Events-At first i was amazed.Great idea,great concept...but after a month playing a game...it`s just not that good tbh.It`s just grind,after going through an even for the first time it`s just 300+ karma for me after(sometimes i find some i havrn`t done so it`s fun though).
3)Bugs-Serious problem.I couldn`t get my trade working,twice hit the wall in story progression and now even dungeons are having content blocking bugs.Good chunk of events is/was bugged.It just doesn`t feel smoth.Speed of fixing is not bad but i consantly find more and more bugs.(for example yesterday i came back home after a long day and guess what, cof and arah entrances are both blocked/bugged-not fun).
4)PvP-Finally ,most important part for me.I play games mostly for this.Way they made combat is different and interesting.I like it.Way they implemented objective based combat rather that arena is also ok (though i still like arenas,i i would like to see it at least as one of the options).But my oh my that match making!Rank is just a matter of glory grind...it`s like if i have no brain and jump in sPvP and spend hours and hours of my life there-- I get top rank.Wining or losing doesn`t matter that much.And tournaments have no way to separate pugs from exp.Why no elo raiting?Bad teams(games are for fun guys) get owned by hard core pros and they don`t even enjoing owning them,just too easy.I heard they will implement some stuff here...but i just hate it the way it is now.

So to sum it up.I`m a huuge gw fan.I Loove the game even the way it is.But i have the feeling that by this kind of company behaviour thay may ruin something beautifull.

You just described every mmo i have ever played. They all go through ups and downs with each of these points, and probably always will.  All you can do is have fun playing the game while your here.

And since there is no sub fee, taking a break when you need to is easy, without falling behind on a silly gear treadmill.

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To be honest, i tried really hard having fun with this game but it is not going well lol I

Stop, thats your problem right there, trying to have fun never ends well. You just play, and the fun comes naturally.

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Guess I'm the only one who didn't get an email to buy gems lol. But overall I'm still enjoying GW2, got a lvl 80 doing a couple alts, still havent got my legendaries or full exotic.

GW2 isnt for people who want to play day in and day out like wow, take a breakaway come back if you want to. Its a great game for casuals like me.