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In Topic: Giganticus Lupicus Guardian Melee Video Guide

02 August 2013 - 11:51 AM

It may well be that the bosses pose no threat, but how in earth do you get past the Orb path (in p3) by yourself?

In Topic: Giganticus Lupicus Guardian Melee Video Guide

01 August 2013 - 10:36 AM

Probably a stupid question, but how do you get to Lupi in the first place, and handle the orb path and bosses before him solo?

In Topic: Bag and Bank Slot Sale

22 February 2013 - 01:18 PM

While I was logging in again I could see there is a reminder now that says the bank max is 8 slots. But I do not recall this reminder was there earlier. At least it isn't something one would usually read.

Therefore as a safeguard for people that only read headings and never the text in small font, the game mechanism should be such that it would not be possible to buy an upgrade if it cannot be used.

In Topic: Bag and Bank Slot Sale

22 February 2013 - 10:00 AM

If you already have 8 (eight) bank slots, do NOT buy an extra bank tab, because you cannot use it.
8 tabs is apparently the maximum amount of bank slots, and your bank tab extension will be USELESS.

Because I didn't know that 8 slots was the maximum amount of tabs one could have in the bank, the slot I bought could not be used and I hope it will be refunded.

How can anyone know that 8 tabs should be the maximum? Or else, one should be notified [u]before buying the slot [/u]that you actually cannot use it, since your bank is already 'complete'.

In Topic: What is there for me to do?

05 December 2012 - 09:53 AM


is there any way to earn reasonable cash through playing the game? my playtime is kind of limited
The ever returning question

I want to earn loads of money as fast as possible, because I have no time.

Answer: earning money, the legal way, takes time period
You mentioned the best possibilities for earning gold in-game but excluded them all because of lack of time.
Therefore, if you want to earn money faster than practicably possible and without doing any effort beyond the average,  you'll have to find more questionable ways to do so, but that will not be within the constraints of the game (EULA etc.).

Buying gold (when your rich) through black lion gems or by other darker means: what's the fun of that?
Hacking the game
pay someone to grind for you etc etc.

I seriously doubt the satisfaction/pleasure you'll have in the end when flashing your top/elite/legendary armor and gear in LA