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Profession idea: Spellblade

14 December 2012 - 03:08 PM

So, in the game there are currently two heavy classes, the warrior and the guardian.
Warrior is the basic heavy armored close range fighter that relies on brawn, then we have the guardian, a captain kind class which relies on heavy support and more defensive side of the close range action.

I have allways been a big fan of heavily armored, close range fighters that are also able to use magic. I currently play the guardian, I enjoy it very much but a guardian cant really spec to dish out damage with the magic he posesses.

I came up with the idea of a spellblade:

So, basically I started to think about the profession mechanic, the one thing that really makes the professions in guild wars 2 unique. I came up with the idea of elemental shocks.

f1 - Fire shock - The DoT shock, causes clean damage and induces the burning condition
f2 - Water shock - AoE heal, low aoe damage
f3 - Air shock - Clean damage
f4 - Earth shock - PBAoE damage

The idea behind shocks would be that they have no internal cooldown, but to charge up the shocks you would have to deal certain amount of successfull attacks, so the spellblade would have initiavite like mechanic, which would get charges every time one does a successfull attack. All the shocks would become usable after 5 attacks and go unusable after using a single shock skill. If the shocks seem too close to elementalist magic, the shocks could be changed to something a bit more arcane...

I haven't really thought about the usable weapos, but so far we haven't seen a heavy class that can wield daggers, and doesn't have access to shield. Dagger could be also used in offhand as a parrying weapon.

But yes, I would like to hear your thoughts about this one. :)
Feel free to make suggestions, if this idea gets any attention I would certainly modify this post and we could try to create a viable class.