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[Build] Walking Pain Inverter

18 December 2012 - 05:56 PM

So I've been playing with this little build, trying to find uses for two never-used traits: Spiked Armor and Distracting Strikes.


The idea/build is kinda simple.. You have absurdly high power and toughness, while applying coats of Confusion to your target. The second they hit you with a critical - you're now dealing heaps of damage, just from their attacking you. Against Thieves, SB/QZ Rangers and condition stackers, you burn their HP to zip in seconds. On top of this, you have an arsenal of utility and CC skills to topple anything. It lacks an IMS, but I've yet to have a problem with it thanks to Bull's, KD, Stuns, and so on.

Thoughts? Input?

Condition Warrior Build (looking for input)

10 December 2012 - 05:02 AM

On my spree to keep the fresh and fun, I've been trying/testing out a lot of "underpowered" options/builds/professions. Lately I've been toying with the Warrior and their Longbow - but I've recently started playing with the Sword, trying out heavy condition builds.


This build is absurdly straight forward. You can drop either skill 8 or 9 for Shake It Off! if you're in need of a breaker... but I've been using this in sPvP, and tbh, most folks just aren't that organized to make a stun super deadly.

Stack your Might and Condition Damage through the roof, time your weapon swaps, and stack those bleeds. Timed well, you can rip the Guild Lord a new one in seconds with your Burst, and in most cases, you're very hard to kill 1v1. Take Mending if you'd like a heal capable of removing 6 conditions at once.


Combo Maniac

07 December 2012 - 02:19 PM

I love combos. In my quest to learn Ranger, I'm trying almost any build idea, and this one is just a blast.

In it, I have 4 types of fields, and 3 types of finishers. With Poison Cloud, Frost Trap, Fire Trap, Bonfire, Healing Spring and Poisonous Cloud - that's 6 ways to start the fun.

You get a mini tank with your Stinkbear, and your Devour's auto is a projectile (finisher as well). You'll stay in your Axes most of the time, tossing Splitblades and so on, dealing very high condition damage, and whirling with Whirling Defense in your stacked fields for awesome damage. This build stacks conditions like crazy, and has very good defense.

You can swap your elite for Entangle if you like the idea of keeping your foe trapped in your fields/traps/Bonfire, but overall, I just follow a team member or two and augment them with my fields/traps/etc, jumping in with WD and blasting everyone. Your F2 skills on both animals is a great way to not only add condition damage, but also add even more pressure to the other team via healing restrictions. Healing bolts from your Spring are just awesome, and overall, this build is VERY supportive. Taking over points and holding areas is very easy with this build.

http://gw2skills.net...TumkNt8Ysw j5HA

I've been toying with it - traits/skills/etc, trying to get it to be a build I can use outside of sPvP and WvW (haha), and while it's never going to be some triple meditation build - it's really really fun to play.

Thoughts & suggestions?

My Melee Ranger

05 December 2012 - 04:47 PM

Maybe this has been done a million times - I'm not sure..

But Ranger is (currently) the worst class in the game (imho) and needs some love badly. I like playing underpowered and unpopular builds/classes as some people know, and somehow still come out with wins, so this is my melee-condition Ranger!

http://en.gw2skills....TumkNt8Ysw j5HA

It's very obvious on first glance how condition heavy this build is. It stack poison, bleed, weakness, and burning like CRAZY. I can max out my bleed stacks on single targets easily, and still have room to toss out more for other enemies.

The trick to this build is it's ability to keep fighting.

With Troll up, plus your natural evasion/utility, you can stay in the fight longer and harder than anyone else. You'll out-heal most of the damage you take (if much at all), and you can keep dishing out the pain. Your pets are ranged, so you won't be watching them too often unless you get that rare guy that's obsessed with taking your cuties out.

Essentially most fights start the same for me: Keep Sharpen up at all times > Splitblade > Winter's > Thow > Bonfire

At this point, they should be slowed and with you engaging. Switch to S/D and drop Muddy to keep them in your flame pit. All of this while activating you F2 skills. Poison first, then stun them with your other pet.

I usually Talon (if I'm still closing a small gap) > Stalker > Serpent to finish something off (if it even makes it this long).

If something else shows up to fight you making it their advantage, then you need to Entangle them. Swap back to Axe and Throw + Splitblade to kill ANYTHING in nearly seconds if they aren't smart enough to catch with a breaker/removal skill.

With this setup, you can take 3 guys easily. You'll never run out of energy, and while your damage is condition reliant - you're nearly unkillable. Play the build like you would play an Ele, and you'll get great results. Skirmish trait 3 is an optional spot to fill your needs, and could really be anything.

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated! :)

Happy hunting!

Infinite Swiftness with Dagger - DS build

28 November 2012 - 06:28 PM

http://gw2skills.net...SukkJtIYQw j5HA

So I've been tinkering with this ^

Trying to make the dagger mainhand/meleemancer more viable, I built it alongside a Spectral - Life Force setup. With Spectral Walk and Pack runes, you're a warp speed monster... all of the time. Pair this with your cripples, chills, and Grasp, and you're essentially unavoidable. With Energy sigils, you can stay mobile and defensive, and obviously run away from any dangers. Spectral Wall is a gorgeous move once you get the hang of it, and will greatly increase your survivability too. Recall in extreme emergencies, or for trickery/positioning.

You'll still get a wallop packed elite, as well as Death Shroud's synergy with your control skills and vulnerability stacks.

Overall, the build is simple - Immob/Cripple/Chill your targets, keep perpetual swiftness, kite around your targets spamming your dagger skills, and interrupt key moves/escapes.

It's not the most powerful or "meta" build for sure - but it's fun, and god is it nice to have 24-7 super speed :P

Not to mention - you're a melee Necro... nothing's cooler than being a sprinting avatar of death itself!