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Confused about crafted weapon stats

20 September 2012 - 06:23 AM

To make long story short - are crafted exotic weapons equal in stats to legendaries?

I'm confused... please check here:

Weapon Strength: 995 - 1100 +90 Power +64 Precision +5 Critcal Damage

OK - so far so good. Now, http://www.guildwars...tats-explained/ states that all max level exotic gear is equal to legendaries statwise and:

Exotics at level 80: 2-H Weapon = 179/128/128

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dawn <- legendary GS from Mystic Forge with the following stats:
+179 Posted Image Power +128 Posted Image Precision +9% Posted Image Critical Damage   

I'm not sure who's in the wrong here...?

In the long run I just want to know if (assuming I don't care about the skin) I can safely ignore going for the legendary GS and not gimp my stats by using crafted GS.

I'd be grateful if somone could explain this to me, thanks.

Dungeon armor stats - confused

17 September 2012 - 08:03 PM

Please explain something to me... Essentially I want a max stat Ascalonian armor. Does it mean I need to get all the tokens needed to buy it from the merchant PLUS craft the set myself (to be able to transform the looks)? The exotic armor sold by merchant has stats for level 60...

By the way - wiki (http://wiki.guildwar...om/wiki/Dungeon) states that "These items are no more powerful than items which can be gained doing other activities in-game, the exotic sets are equal to the level 80 exotic crafted sets.". This is clearly incorrect, right?

I'm quite confused.