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Fractals of the Mist: Tier or group difficulties to make it easier to find a party

20 November 2012 - 08:57 PM

As more and more people continue with Fractals of the Mist, it is becoming more difficult to find groups (PUGs or Guildmates) of your highest level.  Most are okay with bringing up people one level, maybe two, but most don't want to play 3 or more rounds of fractals just to get to the point  to where you can increase the level at which you can play.  And the higher you go, the more you will see people looking for specific builds/professions and armor to fit strategies, making it even more harder to find a player at your difficulty.

And as the newness of Fractals wheres off, people will play it less, so you are left with the more dedicated players who, in a couple months, will be in the high teens of difficulty levels and you will see far less lower level difficulties.

Here is a screenshot of typical message traffic in Lion's Arch:

Posted Image

As you can see there is a wide range of levels to which people are "LFG" for.  Some you see repeated over and over again because there are none to find.  We'll ignore the fact that having your dungeon start in LA severely reduces the player base you can pull from as you are competing with people just AFKing, Crafting, Merch'ing, etc...

My suggestion is to allow groups or tiers of level difficulties play together.

Tier 1:
Difficulty Level 1 - 3

Tier 2:
Difficulty Level 4 - 6

Tier 3:
Difficulty Level 7 - 9

If you are a level difficulty 2 then you can play with play with others who are level difficulty 1, 2, or 3.  You play at the max level difficulty of your group, so if you have a four level difficulty 1 players and one L2 player, you'd play at L2.  The difficulty of the levels scale slowly so you would unlikely notice much of a difference.

Another idea is to let players play within a certain range of difficulty levels, allow players to play with others two levels ahead of them.  So the static tier system becomes more dynamic, allowing a group of level 1's, 2's, and 3's to continue to play together as they beat the dungeon rather than exclude people because of tiers.  So in theory a level 10 could play with a level 11 & 12.

Tiering or grouping difficulties will make it far easier to find a group to do Fractals of the Mist.