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#2119476 I have been trying for at least a hour and haven't completed puzzle...

Posted Senatic on 15 December 2012 - 11:33 PM

In an attempt to be helpful and not just condescending I went back in game and recorded myself running through the JP. I don't know if it will really help any of you but maybe it will give you some idea of what to think about when going through it.

I hope you guys make it through and that the vid will maybe help out(it should be up in a min or two). Good luck to you guys.

#2104530 L2P is the dumbest argument ever

Posted Leeto on 02 December 2012 - 12:31 PM

What a stupid topic, seems OP didnt even put any thought in this. You dont need to be top notch player to see difference between L2P issue... If ele down state is actually L2P issue and your not just some sore ass mongoloid then give us tips how to counter it? Get beaten by warrs with 100k blade? L2P and counter it by dodge, blind etc. Now let me learn 2 play and educate how to prevent ele from using vapor form, running to resers in vapor form, making it restore down state HP?
Learn 2 play = learn to counter, you cant learn to counter something that has no counters. Thats the difference between OP and top players, top players actually use brain.

#2086400 Lost shore event, 2 hours of uberlag

Posted Occultus on 18 November 2012 - 10:09 PM

I don't even want to take part in this rubbish, and I can't even log in to the game to play normally.  Why don't they fix the damn game first before adding new crap to it?

Sundays are the only day I can sit down and have a decent session on the game, not today though.

#1999467 Six Elder Dragons not Five * Spoilers *

Posted HiTmAn47 on 07 October 2012 - 11:36 AM

First of all , this topic have heavy spoilers .. so don't read if you hate spoilers  

I didn't came up with this speculation myself , but I just wanted to put all thoughts and ideas in one solid topic , because I found it very interesting twist in lore ....

At start we know that there are five elder dragons that have awaken :

Kralkatorrik : The Crystal Dragon that can turn any living thing into a crystal creature called " The Branded "

Zhaitan : The undead dragon that can turn any dead creature into undead called
" The Risen "

Jormag : the Ice dragon that can corrupt any living creature into icy
corrupted version called " The Icebrood "

Primordus : The fire dragon that can create his own minions from rock and lava and are called " The Destroyers "

Deep Sea Dragon  : which we don't have alot of information about besides
that he resides in the deep ocean , and there is some speculations that the krait are his minions or at least servants

now what if we were wrong , and there is actually six dragons not five as we thought , and this seems to be not just  a wild speculation , but the Durmand Priory actually concluded this as a fact ...

because there is a very interesting NPC in the Durmand Priory called "Scholar Trueclaw " ,  and he will say this interesting line  :

"Jotun, mursaat, forgotten, seer, dwarf. Five against six. It seems so unfair. And, yet..  "

but thats not all , this particular NPC will have an extra dialogue if you are part of the order of whispers as you can say

" One must count the uncounted. "

and his reply will be

" And name the unnamed. Shh, I can't talk long. There are eyes and ears everywhere in this place. Infiltrating the Priory has been my hardest assignment to date. "

now thats getting pretty interesting , why he said five races against six ? and what did he mean by one must count the uncounted ?

* for the full script of the NPC  check this :

does this mean there must be a sixth dragon we didn't count and it
should be remained unnamed ...

Now there are several hints around the world that leads us to solve this
mystery by ourselves ...

1- The Crucible of Eternity entrance is a hexagon , each one of them
represent one of the elder dragons
... one site with fire , another with crystals , another with bones , another with Ice and another one with water .... and finally
there is a sixth site with forest and trees

2- Any Elder dragon have a way to create his own army , Three dragons
create there army by using the living (( or there body )) which are the
branded , Icebrood and the risen .... those dragons can corrupt any
uncorrupted form of life  , we can see a corrupted version of each race ....
each race have a corrupted version ... all but one ... the sylvari ... we have never seen a risen sylvari ... or branded sylvari or Icebrood sylvari  ... that for sure raises a question .... Why ?

3- also we know that the fourth dragon doesn't need a living creature to
create his army , instead he can create his army from the elements he have
power over
, so he create his army " The Destroyers " from lave and stones ,
now who else had the power to create a race from nothing except the elements he have power over !!   ... yes the Sylvari

4- Now it all becomes more clear , and what strengthen this speculation is that the sylvari came into life at the same time the elder dragons awaken ... Coincidence !!

5- Another interesting note  , that through all our encounters with the
Nightmare Court , they keep saying that the Ventari Tablet's teachings has deviated them from what they were truly created for , and they always look at the other sylvari as brainwashed or deluded !!

now all this hints gives us two speculations  , that there is a sixth
dragon represent nature
, and this dragon minion's are the Sylvari ..

but that will also leads us to few more questions ... what is the nature of the
pale tree in this ... is the pale tree is the sixth dragon ?  ... but this
seems unlogical  , what seems more logical is that the pale tree is
actually a champion of the sixth elder dragon
, and has been influenced
by the Ventari and decided to betray her master and side with the mortal races .... we have a similar case happened in the Guild Wars history , as  " Glint " was a champion of the elder dragon Kralkatorrik and betrayed him and sided with the mortal races ....

or we can think about it in a more twisted way , that this is actually a
part of the sixth elder dragon plot
, to weaken the other elder dragons with
there fight agianst the mortal races and in the same time replenishing his own
army with more sylvari ... and in the right moment he assumes control  and destroy what is left of Tyria races or the elder dragons (( whoever wins ))

there are also small hints here and there that supports this theory but they are not as strong as
the above hints :

- At the sylvari tutorial area , you will face a tree like dragon , which have no other match in the world and its totally unique ... why its related to sylvari dream ?

-The sylvari are the only race that are concerned with the elder dragons
from the first moment they were born and they take it as there purpose in life to destroy the elder dragons , and they seem to be the most race that are aware of there threat .

-The sylvari knows too much about zhaitan and his powers more than any
other race (( even the older races )) , and four of them where actually key factors in defeating zhaitan
(( Trahearne , Caithe , Tegwen , Carys ))

- The pale tree knows too much things that predates the time she was
planted in earth  , she knows the full history of Orr , and she also gives us hints about how to defeat Zhaitan

- The Sylvari don't age , and there are no sylvari childern ... they are
just created !!

This topic is opened for discussion and to other speculations or hints that
can support  or reject those assumptions

#2040969 What did you think of the pact rare weapons?

Posted Imaginos on 24 October 2012 - 10:44 PM

Should have been a single exotic or a couple rares. Far better then the shitty bags of blue/green crap that we got before though. They look ok...not fantastic but not bad by any stretch.

I got better loot finishing mt maelstrom.

#2040980 What did you think of the pact rare weapons?

Posted Darkobra on 24 October 2012 - 10:48 PM

I think it's terrible that they're rare and not exotic. It's supposed to be the end of the story for this chapter. Why are you given a sub-par weapon level? You weren't given a level 18 weapon in GW1 for beating the story. Also I think it definitely needs more variety in stats.

As for the skins, some of them are quite nice.

#1623192 What Memes or quirky things have you found?

Posted Zorik on 23 July 2012 - 04:52 PM

In the Asura starting zone there was a golem that when booting up said something along the lines of: "Primary function: Kick butt and chew bubble gum. ERROR! All out of bubble gum.".

#1834289 Botters and Exploiters Caught

Posted CalmLittleBuddy on 28 August 2012 - 02:36 PM

So, 25 people camping a spawn site to complete a DE in 5 seconds that's supposed to take much longer and is supposed to be a fun event for everyone.... that's a good thing? That's farming? That's not an exploit?

Of course it is!

Say me and my 3 friends have never seen this event and we want to play it out. This exploit now ruins MY fun so that those people can rush to 80 or rack up coin instead of playing a game the way it is intended. That's not only an exploit, it's griefing.

And with coin being linked to Gems, now it's close to stealing. It's not even defensible as farming because it's GOLD FARMING, which leads to RMT types and account selling etc etc etc.

If you are defending it, you are involved in it. Directly, or indirectly. It's indefensible. Power levelling and gold selling tactics are 100% always everythime and forever BAD FOR GAMES!

If you don't know that, you're new to MMOs.

If you don't agree with that, that's because you are doing it or will do it.

Supporting the player's 'right' to do this at the expense of this game or any other game is depraved.

Again, saying this is okay to do is saying Gold Selling, Selling accounts and power leveling are okay.

And they're just not. Don't even. If you're doing it 'harmlessly', then what about the 10 guys next to you using it to sell gold and accounts? We don't ever want this type of loophole in games. This must be shut down now and people punished harshly to discourage it in the future.

#1832678 Botters and Exploiters Caught

Posted Majic on 28 August 2012 - 09:03 AM

Majic's Law of Guild Wars 2: As the game progresses, the correlation between players rationalizing violations of the rules and players complaining in the forums about being banned approaches one.

#1832073 Botters and Exploiters Caught

Posted Atticus on 28 August 2012 - 06:06 AM

View PostIngway, on 28 August 2012 - 05:52 AM, said:

How exactly is that an exploit?... it was a fast spawning boss that i was capable of farming, so i did it. So you're saying that if i keeped coming back for the dynamic event with the harpies in the charr zone wich happens like every 5 minutes i should be banned? Your logic stuns me...

It's an exploit, it's taking advantage of a unforeseen circumstance in-game to allow for leveling outside of what ArenaNet intended. In fact I'm stunned that so many people here are defending this, I'm sure many of you have played MMO's before and if you have should know that exploiting a bug is never tolerated in next to any MMO so why folks would believe GW2 would be the exception to this rule is beyond me.

EDIT: Come on guys, you really think ArenaNet is okay with you just setting your character on auto-attack going to work and coming back 10 free levels? Give me a break, we all (should at least) know better than this.

#1831572 Botters and Exploiters Caught

Posted Nox_Aeterna on 28 August 2012 - 03:45 AM

View PostGod Of Fissures, on 27 August 2012 - 11:37 PM, said:

Typical nosy person who can't mind his own business.  These people are not in any way bothering you or your game experience, so simply avoid them.  Let people level the way they want, even if it is in a way that is faster than the developers would consider "normal".  They are not exploiting either, they are simply farming.

Although some of them are botters, it doesn't matter as it is not your job to police the game...that is ArenaNet's.

Haha how i love when someone talk like this.

So you try to turn the public opinion against a person saying the truth because you like to exploit the game. Your morals are so wrong , that i would not even know where i should start to fix them.

I hope they punish every single on of them , if nothing else , to teach something to people like you.

#1831174 Botters and Exploiters Caught

Posted Nicator on 28 August 2012 - 02:13 AM

Apparently people who abused it lost the exp they got from the exploit. A fair way to handle it without harming people who did not intend to abuse it.

#1831108 Botters and Exploiters Caught

Posted Corvindi on 28 August 2012 - 01:56 AM

I hope the people not botting don't get permabanned.  And I hope the ones that are botting it do have to buy the box again. Regardless, glad it got reported, thank you, OP.  It's an MMO, not a single player, what others do can and often has affected my gameplay.

#1830771 Botters and Exploiters Caught

Posted Fayne on 28 August 2012 - 12:28 AM

View Postpamelakd, on 27 August 2012 - 11:56 PM, said:

No, it's about a brOken game mechanic. If the event respawns every two minutes how is that the players fault?  Fix the mechanic, don't ban players for playing the game, even if it is farming. Farming is not against the ToS.

It is because they are BOTTING the event. If the players were sitting there doing it over and over that is one thing.  They aren't even at the computer. That is seriously exploiting and should result in a ban or a suspension.

Whether or not the event is broken is separate from their exploitation and they should both be reported.

Hell yes report exploiters, they ruin the game for everyone else.

#1830701 Botters and Exploiters Caught

Posted JGrendahl on 28 August 2012 - 12:08 AM

View Postpamelakd, on 27 August 2012 - 11:56 PM, said:

No, it's about a brOken game mechanic. If the event respawns every two minutes how is that the players fault?  Fix the mechanic, don't ban players for playing the game, even if it is farming. Farming is not against the ToS.

No matter how you spin it, taking advantage of a broken game mechanic is wrong, and an exploit.  The fault lies in the fact that the players know that the event should not spawn that quickly.  Rather than reporting it, they choose to exploit it for personal gain.