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In Topic: Zhaitan spotted!

23 August 2012 - 07:42 AM

For those who care about the size of him I compared the Sylvari Tutorial Area Dragon Boss with him. I used a Transparent Bounding Box view and I won't post a textured Model of it. Either wait for someone else to do it or wait till ingame :)

In Topic: Maps of Tyria [Interactive] [Image Heavy]

05 August 2012 - 06:15 PM

Once again 2 updated Maps (I ignore the small ones here) in my post: http://www.guildwars...70#entry1647370
Unknown1 and the PvE - Full Map got a little update

View Posttreeantz, on 05 August 2012 - 05:53 PM, said:

I know you guys got these from the .dat file, but my only question is the location?
Just use the Gw2Browser and go to Textures -> Map Textures. But that's a lot of work to put them together by hand. I recommend writing a Tool to do that ;) I won't give out any more Information on this here because this is the wrong forum for this.

In Topic: Maps of Tyria [Interactive] [Image Heavy]

31 July 2012 - 06:32 PM

Thanks for the name.
I updated the maps that got updated in yesterday's update in my previous post: http://www.guildwars...ost__p__1647370
See the edit in the post to know what's new.

In Topic: Maps of Tyria [Interactive] [Image Heavy]

28 July 2012 - 04:50 PM

I reuploaded a lot of maps for my site so I thought I'll post them here too.
All Maps except the ones saying something different, are from the BWE3 Client. I always included a Preview and a Download Link (Previews CAN have a lower quality (for big maps even really bad))
I have more Maps but these seemed to be the most interesting ones.
Maps still can be changed for release!

Latest update: 2012-08-05
EDIT:// Honor of the Waves - Lower Layer 1 and 2 added
EDIT2:// Unknown Map 1 - Part 2 added
EDIT3:// Unknown Map 4 added
EDIT4:// PvP Worldmap added + PvP Map with placement of all maps added
EDIT5:// Update:
- PvE Unknown 2
- PvE Dungeon: Sorrow's Ambrace
- SPvP: Raid on the Capricorn, Legacy of the Foefire
- PvP Map Positioning
- PvE Map rename from Unknown 3 to Caudecus's Manor
EDIT6:// (2012-08-05) Update:
- PvE Full Map
- Unknown1

World (BWE2 Client):
Posted Image
https://docs.google....VklFaE51TTkwQ3c (16384 x 16384)

Full Map (Update: 2012-08-05)
Posted Image
https://docs.google....TVJsRS03Y3RVbEE (27136 x 25088)

(If names are wrong, please tell me)
Ascalonian Catacombs
Posted Image
https://docs.google....Ti1Wd2M3WFVXRzA (1280 x 1024)

Crucible of Eternity:
Posted Image
https://docs.google....VmtETWtFclR1ckE (1025 x 1280)

Posted Image
https://docs.google....VXRQTkRJQTZ0dkk (1536 x 1536)

Sorrow's Ambrace (Update 12-07-30):
Posted Image
https://docs.google....ajJiX1E3blVlQ2M (1536 x 1536)

Twilight Arbor:
Posted Image
https://docs.google....UGszN1dQM3VTVW8 (1273 x 1030)

Honor of the Waves:
Posted Image
https://docs.google....azR1eWs2TFNaYW8 (1280 x 1153)

Honor of the Waves - Lower Layer 1:
Posted Image
https://docs.google....c1BKMUk4b002c2c (1280 x 1152)

Honor of the Waves - Lower Layer 2:
Posted Image
https://docs.google....QWdKXzJKY3RDRkU (1280 x 1152)

Caudecus's Manor:
Posted Image
https://docs.google....QWxpeTdndUREWkE (1029 x 1032)

Asura Jumping Puzzle (No Downloadlink):
Posted Image
Posted Image

Unknown to me:
Posted Image
https://docs.google....TWZ1dVNPRTRpM0k (742 x 836)

Unknown1 (Update: 2012-08-05):
Posted Image
https://docs.google....eG45MUFYdG5WM3M (2032 x 2056)

Unknown2 (Update 12-07-30):
Posted Image
https://docs.google....LTgxbHU4YzU4OFU (3268 x 2772)

Unknown 4 (BWE1 I think. I mixed upper and lower layer to see the map better):
Posted Image
http://www.fileswap....k/PVE2.png.html (3392 x 2904)

Posted Image
https://docs.google....ZEYxTVdWbnJuWGs (8192 x 6177)

Placing of all Maps in the PvP World (Update 12-07-30)
Posted Image
https://docs.google....WjNLOHltekNuRGM (15360 x 12288)

Hall of Memories (BWE1 Client) (Not sure if it's still called like that)
Posted Image
http://www.fileswap....mories.png.html (1791 x 1792)

Full Map:
Posted Image
https://docs.google....d0tLQjlnM1RubWs (10240 x 7168)

Jumping Puzzle (No Downloadlink):
Posted Image

Battle of Kyhlo (BWE1 or 2):
Posted Image
http://www.fileswap...._Kyhlo.png.html (768 x 768)

Forest of Niflhel:
Image with Icons: http://i.imgur.com/NkaHA.png
Posted Image
https://docs.google....R0pCUnFBY202cWc (1023 x 640)

Legacy of the Foefire (Update 12-07-30):
Posted Image
https://docs.google....aXRoX1o1WmRrNms (896 x 1152)

Raid on the Capricorn (Update 12-07-30):
Preview with Icons: http://i.imgur.com/GuMlR.png
Posted Image
https://docs.google....bDJKU19aNldweW8 (768 x 768)

In Topic: Zhaitan Fight and Story MAJOR SPOILERS

18 July 2012 - 11:01 AM

View PostLordkrall, on 18 July 2012 - 10:48 AM, said:

Any proof, what so ever, that this is legit? Nothing points to it AT ALL.
Of course it can be in the Gw2.dat file. But like asbasb said these strings are in no order. Beside that you can't even say who says something / where the string is ingame or if these are visible ingame to us.
There also are encrypted strings which i guess ANet doesn't want us to see :P

Just looked into a file for proof that these are in the Gw2.dat

EDIT:// So in asbasb posted files it's for example in 109609.txt (btw 388061 is a newer version of that file but it's not in there. It came with today's update) :P