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In Topic: Gem prices, acceptable or unacceptable?

05 December 2012 - 06:14 AM

I still remember when forum posters were saying how the gems were so cheap and how they will continue to be so cheap after the game launches. OH THE NAIVETE. Wish I could dig up some of those posts it would be hilarious to read through them right now and to see who exactly said it.

View PostNuclearDonut, on 05 December 2012 - 04:35 AM, said:

I think it's a little bit ridiculous right now. 10 silver for 3 gems? That makes it virtually impossible for me to get more bank/inventory slots without spending real money or an insane amount of in-game gold. This wasn't exactly what I expected from being able to succeed without using real cash.

In Topic: ESL to pick up GW2 and Guru - SotG reminder!

30 November 2012 - 06:57 PM

View PostGilles VI, on 30 November 2012 - 03:56 PM, said:

When talking about e-sports we're talking about sPvP/tPvP, not WvW..
And tell me about the difference in LoL e-sport?
One good worked out game-mode trumps any amount of boring matches (TDM,...)
This can be summarized quite easily:
1. Match sequences are lacking
2. There are no objectives
3. Deaths don't mean anything

The summation of these 3 major points equate to a stale and boring sport. Players pile on points, cap and die or leave. Respawn in 15 seconds. Or toss a bunk and afk while points are added. There are no beginning, mid or late game sequences (excluding temple). It plays very much like TDM and there's a reason why those games don't attract the same attention or viewer base as RTS/MOBAs. The most important factor is lack of consequence in actions. Opportunity costs are slight or non-existent.

In Topic: AMA Post-Mortem Discussion, What You Got Out of It

27 November 2012 - 03:58 AM

Can't believe I waited so many years for this game. In hindsight that was a stupid idea!

In Topic: Anet Coverup? CC deleted 20 reply topic asking whether world pop includes peo...

14 November 2012 - 12:19 AM

View PostSenatic, on 13 November 2012 - 11:52 PM, said:

Seriously, just pm a mod and ask why the thread was closed.
This rarely works anywhere. It doesn't even work on Guru. Trust me I've tried.

In Topic: Disappointing "Personal" Storyline (SPOILER)

15 October 2012 - 02:37 AM

I actually thought a little bit about the personal story today and why a lot of us felt disconnected with it, and here's my poke at it: we never had an opportunity to sate our connections with many of the "important" NPCs, e.g. Traherne, the Order leaders, and other side characters like Efut, Velasquez, and the Priory 2nd in command. Aside from the NPC that you spend roughly 3 missions with, like Tybalt or Forgal for example, we got to learn quite a bit about them, we fought with them, we "played" together, but most importantly, it still felt as though we were diamonds in the rough just taking on every opportunity to impress our senior. The small jibs and jabs make that connection real. The story and chemistry between our characters felt good, happy; real.

Then it goes downhill. They kill off that connection we made, the first real connection we made in the entire course of the personal story thus far, the only character that we care about. I know a lot of writers like to kill characters that have strong impact on the viewer for evoking emotions, but really? In terms of length, this character lasted at most three chapters. And you go and write them off. And you bring in Trahearne, the most monotonous character ever created in history, and I put A LOT of blame on the voice actor, sorry, but you did a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE JOB in voicing this character. Trahearne was supposed to be our bridge to close that personal gap after we lost an important friend, but the bad writing combined with the shoddy attempt at voicing threw off the importance of this character.

Before I continue onto berating the Trahearne character, let me go back to the Orders and why I think most of us didn't care about the other Orders outside of the one we joined, and even then, why we didn't care much about the Order we joined. We never had the chance to learn about the other orders. At all. None. Aside from the first two quests that introduced us to the Orders, we never had any form of communication with them. I hate to bring up filler quests, but I think this is something that was lacking for the personal story. If we were able to do quests, fulfill something for the other Orders, learn about their history, we would have cared more. But no. The Orders were simply there for you to make a friend, for Anet to kill off that friend for story (failed btw), and for the Orders to create the Pact so the dragon could be defeated. I'm suddenly the highest rank in your Order? Great. But I still feel like a hired sword. Why exactly am I Warmaster again? And to top it off, this pretty much concludes the Order chapter of the personal story, never to be heard of again.

In terms of story, it would have theoretically worked -- on paper. In the game, it plays very badly. When the Pact was being formed, at most I cared was that I got more able bodies to defeat the dragon. I didn't care what this Order did or accomplished. I would have taken mercenaries for pay. I didn't know who was in the other Orders let alone my own Order. I never had the opportunity to connect with any of these characters.

In addition to this, the pacing of the personal story was off and I think this is how it went for many players: Assault on Claw Island, grind levels, forgetting much of the story (which was already weak on its own), your friend NPC is killed off leaving players bewildered, more grind for levels so you don't get 1-2 shotted in the next mission, trying to forget the bad writing and voice acting, defending the assault on LA, more grind, foreshadowing of Trahearne leading the Pact to victory, more grind, Orders create the Pact. Trahearne takes over. Everything is suddenly about Trahearne. Trahearne is our new master. We report directly to Trahearne.

It's exactly like the Kormir syndrome. It's absolutely invasive. Except even worse -- its much longer than the Kormir syndrome. We're stuck with this guy for the rest of the game. In OUR PERSONAL STORY. I don't like Trahearne, I don't like how he's stealing my character's spotlight. My character is supposed to be the attention whore, not Trahearne. They need to acknowledge my character, not shoving me aside. I'm the one leading US to victory, NOT Trahearne. He's my lackey riding MY thunder in MY PERSONAL STORY. And yet the story is about Trahearne. It's almost as if I were Batman and Robin is showing me up and taking credit for the job I'm doing. Same goes for the secondary NPCs. They simply don't give my character any acknowledgement other than my title. "<Title>, do this, do that." Very checklist style. Except I'm suddenly Commander. Great. Why exactly again? Then I learn that there are other Commanders. AWESOME. I'm just a statistic. A number. Great personal story.

At least with our partner in our Order we took the time to talk to each other, have conversations. These secondary characters don't even acknowledge me. At all. So why would I care about them? Or if they are killed off because they sacrificed themselves to save us? Something I disagree with by the way, because it makes me feel weaker. That I couldn't save them, even though I know I CAN. But I'm not given the chance. All this just because the creation of the Pact to defeat the dragon was written in the script. Good on paper, bad in practicality. Trahearne feels more like my boss than my friend.

tl;dr: Anet never found a way for us to care about their characters, AT ALL. And when they did, they killed them off.