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#2050039 True Grit: D/D Builds Discussion

Posted Milennin on 29 October 2012 - 10:49 AM

I've been running this build for ages: http://gw2skills.net...uxej7G5NDKObMpA
Although I sometimes swap out Glyph of Storms for Arcane Shield in dungeons if I know I'm going to face strong foes (really useful against Giganticus Lupicus for example).

It's a very balanced build + balanced equipment, can't really go wrong with it I'd think. It has decent DPS output, while offering enough survivability to not die in seconds if you get hit.

I always run in Air for the speedboost, and open battles with Ride the Lightning + Updraft (for awesomeness), then switch to Fire and charge back at my foe. After BBQ'ing I smash the remnants into the ground with Earth, using Earthquake + Glyph of Storms, then if I feel like it, Churning Earth (foes will be blinded by storm, so can safely use it), followed up by Ring of Earth. By this time, if your foes are still alive, will somewhat recover from everything you've thrown at them, I switch to Water, use Frozen Burst and kite them around a bit while blowing Cone of Cold at them. Use a dodge roll or Cleansing Wave to heal yourself back. After that I continue to swap Elements around and just do whatever I can to bring down their HP as fast as I can.
That pretty much sums up an average fight against an average foe / group of foes.

Video of some gameplay as dual dagger Elementalist that I made yesterday using the exact same build as described above: